Updating Garmin software for Forerunner 310XT

I know most people will be enjoying a nice Saturday night out, but I'm hoping someone can help when they return from the pub.  I'm still in my pre-London abstenance and am looking forward to getting re-aquainted with alcohol next weekend image

I am trying to download some updated software for my Garmin 310XT with no success.  The furthest that I have got is where it says that the software has been sent to my ANT agent for transfer to my device, but it won't transfer to my device.  I thought it would be automatic.

I can download data to "Garmin Connect" from my 310 but not download software onto it.

I have tried using the web updater it says that it can't find the device, reagrdless of whether I use the USB connection or the wire one that you can also charge the unit with through the computer.

The instruction manual is useless image


  • Could be worthwhile checking that your Ant Agent software is up to date 1st

    Current version is 2.2.9, you can check by right clicking the icon in the systray and the About section.
  • I've got 2.2.9, but thanks for the suggestion image 

    I read about people having issues uploading data and downloading software when the 310XT came out last year, but I'd have thought all these problems would have been ironed out.

    My 310XT went mad yesterday.  I did a 7.5 miler and everything was fine until about 4 miles when the Garmin Connect map looked like a small child had scribbled on it!  At one point it said I was doing 2-minute mile pace.  I've been training for VLM really hard, but I don't think I'll be breaking any records!  A sub 53 minute marathon could make me some money and get me in the record books! image

  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭
    I had the same issue and found that I had to update the Garmin Communicator Plugin as well. Once I'd done the the upgrade started immediately.
  • Where can I get that (I'm feeling hopeful) image
  • On the 310 update page, under System Requirements Option 4

    Click on that and it will ask you to update
  • For some reason when I first set up the Garmin, I don't think the Communicator plug in loaded (something to do with internet security options)

    I tried the webupdater to download the latest 310 software but it couldn't/wouldn't find my Garmin.  Using the ANT Agent to do it and it is downloading now.  It's taking ages (will be 10 mins) but I think my Garmin had the original 2.60 version software instead of the most recent 2.70, apparently there is a big difference (I'm not a techi type!)

    The 310 is great when it's working but Garmin don't make it easy for you do they!  Least it's working now - roll on VLM.

    Thanks for your help, much appreciated  x

  • It works image
  • Excellent, well done image
  • Just when I thought my turbulant realtionship with my Garmin 310XT had settled down....

    I am trying to update from Version 2.70 to 2.90, but so far unsuccessfully.  When I go to Garmin.com it says "Software update successfully sent to Garmin ANT Agent for transfer to your device", but the ANT agent won't send it to my watch.

    I think when I managed to do it before it must have been a fluke.  I can upload my workouts no problem.

    I have tried most things I can think of.  The Garmin help just points out the obvious.  It really shouldn't be this difficult to updat the software.

  • Also had the same struggles u did in april, and was all sorted out by downloading the updated ANT agent. There are some "trusted websites"you need to set up in internet explorer(this is in the instruction bit on the update page), and once I'd done that and resent the 310 update to the ANT agent, it updated automatically, not without an email or 2 to garmin support tho!

    Hope u get sorted(although this is a couple of days old....you may be sorted already)

    Good Luck

  • I've been struggling too.  It appears even though the garmin instructions are for vista users (therefore I ignored them as I have windows 7) you need to add the trusted sites on windows 7 too.  My update has uploaded onto my 310xt without any problem after I did that.
  • Hi, please can someone give instructions on how to update the software as my Garmin has stopped downloading workout data to my PC.

    I have spent all afternoon downloading various Ant Agents, Garmin Connects and the software but still failing to get the data from the Ant Agent to my 310XT.  It will say transferring data but not actually do anything and then fail

  • My 405 did a similar thing.  It had uploaded no problem but stopped doing so.  I also checked I had all the latest software but it still didn't work.  The way I got around it was to do a manual upload. Press the upload button (top-ish right) then select upload new activities.  sometimes I had to do it a few times to get the activities to download but it always worked in the end.  The other trick that helps is to create a new activity-just start it for a minute or so, then reset it.  Sometimes that helps if it's being tempremental.  Good luck with it.

  • HI there, thanks Alison, I have been trying for a while but I am still having problems with my Garmin and uploading the software so that it will download my run data.I have got version 2.2.11 of the Ant Agent, it keeps claiming its "Downloading fitness data..." hangs like that for a while, meanwhile the Garmin is saying "Transferring Data" but it keeps saying "0% complete".  Then eventually it will say Data Transfer StatusLast transfer with device etc etc failedI'm getting very frustrated with this, anyone got any ideas because the Garmin helpdesk weren't very helpfulMany thanks
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    Hi Matt, I've been having the same problem with my 310XT for quite a while now. I've given up trying to solve the issue - not that I actually tried too hard anyway.

    I really don't think it's a problem with the 310XT itself - all the data files get transfered to the PC, they just don't automatically upload to Garmin's website. You can do a manual upload from the Garmin website if you want to, or you can upload to any other site or program you choose. I've switched to using Fetcheveryone for most runs, even though I'm not a great fan of the way the site analyses the data. So I do still upload to Garmin occassionally as well as using SportTracks 3.

  • Cheers, I'll have a look.  Where does it save the data files on the PC?

  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭

    You should find a .tcx file for each run in c:UsersusernameAppData
    oaminggarmindevices3600941139history. The files are not much use on their own, but any program or website should find them automatically.

    As I said you can do a manual upload from Garmin Connect without having to repeat the upload from the 310XT itself to the PC.
    My best guess is that there's some issue with user account authentication with prevents the automatic upload.

  • Hello, sorry all.  I'm back still trying to update the software on this stupid Garmin.

     I have the latest Ant Agent and Plugin but cannot seem to get updated Software onto the device.  When I click about on the watch it says Software 2.40.

     Please, please can you let me know if you've done it and how?

  • They can be little buggers can't they image

    The other weekend I was uploading some runs to Garmin Connect and had given up trying to update my software which was version 2.7, the latest was 3.2.  I had left it for a while and it spontaneously started downloading the software updates onto my Garmin device.  I have no idea how I did it.

    One thing you can try which may have been what worked for me is go to Garmin Connect (without the USB thing plugged in)  click to download your software, which it should then say has been sent to your ANT agent.  Then plug in your USB thing and turn your Garmin on.  Leave it for a bit and it will hopefully work.

    It may take a while for the software to download if you are still on version 2.4.

    Good Luck!

  • Just an update...

    Since the initial post I've still had problems updating software.  My friend said that it might be to do with Microsoft Internet Explorer as it isn't compatible with some programs and to try using Google Chrome as my internet browser.  I downloaded it for free and the software updated immediately.

    Just thought I'd pass on the tip as it might help others image

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