The Un-Marathon!!

I didn't get a place in the VLM this year 2010, so am running my own marathon the day before the Real Thing! I am running it around where I live, have mapped out my own route and asked people to be on route at various places on the way for moral support, drinks,  bananas, cheers and the like. My brother and sister-in-law are going to hold up a bit of ribbon for me to run through at the end! Along with friends and family who are coming along to the finish.

 The next day, I am going to watch the VLM on the telly while I recover!

I ran a disasterous marathon last October - my first ever (5hrs 40 at the Eden Project in Cornwall) - and really want to do better in this run.  Am aiming for 4 hours this time.

If you would like to sponsor me, no matter how little, then go to my web page: I am still trying to raise £1000 for MInd mental health charity, so even if only one person sponsored me, that would be amazing!

I am running my marathon in North London on the Saturday before the VLM 24th Aprilo, and am starting at 10am. I can't wait!

 Thanks so much for reading! And, for anyone who's lucky enough to be running the VLM on Sunday, Good Luck! That'll be me next year hopefully!

 Happy Running.



  • Good Luck Cathyimage

    please fill us in with how you do.

    I worked for MIND for a number of years voluntary and paid. They are a great organizationimage


  • Bless you Stu! Thanks so much for replying. My sister has schitzophrenia and works as a volunteer for Mind in one of their shops, so the cause is close to my heart. I'll be sure to let you know how I get on. Have had a quick look at your website. Looks interesting! I followed the Eddie Izzard feat with great interest as he is one of my favourite beings. =)

     Enjoy the sunshine!


  • human beings, I mean!!
  • thanks Cathy.

    nice to see your sister has found a little niche (much needed I guess as some things can be isolating)image

    coasters has really taken off and it just started as an idea I hadimage

    loving the sunshine. You take care and enjoy too.

  • Good luck Cathy.
    Hope you enjoy and get the time you want!!
  • Thanks, Suerunner, that's really kind of you; encouragement is key with this kind of thing, huh? A group of friends are definitely coming to watch me finish. That makes it feel more real and exciting now, like it's really happening!

     Have a great week!

     Cathy =)

  • My run went really really well! I ran 42.9K in 4 hours 10 minutes and all but the last 2K which were really hard work, were just fine. I even managed to almost run a negative split! Amazing. Lovely weather, if a little hot. I think that the conditions were slightly better than the following day - the real VLM of course. I'm looking forward to applying to the ballot for a place next year. Am even considering a charity place, if I can get my work place involved to raise funds.

     My fan base were fabulous - kids at school to give me water after the first quarter, brother running with me for the first half to be pacemaker, as well as a fabulous group of friends to whoop me across the (home made!) finish line at 2.10 pm in the park!

     Best of all, I'm only about £120 away from my £1000 target for Mind that I started to raise back in October. 

     Thanks for your support, guys! 

    from Cathy

  • Well done, instead of going "oh noes, I cannot get into London wot is the only marathon ever!" you put on your own marathon - fantastic, what a wonderful example!
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Brilliant, I'm glad it went well, I was wondering how you did.

  • I'm bowled over by your kindness! Thank you So Much, Fido2Dogs and Mr Puffy for your comments and sponsorship! Fido2Dogs, you are that one person!

     Happy running! And thanks again. I'm smiling from ear to ear!


  • Hiya CB. Just catching up on things RW and found this thread. Fond memories of being your pacemaker and your fabulous finish.


  • Heh. That's smashing. Yes it was such fun wasn't it? And the support made such a difference. And Fido is one of my dear friends now on my regular running thread and only made the connection a while ago.

    I still often think of that run and have to convince myself that it really was that time. I wonder how your race went today, brother Cicero??!

  • I'll let you know. Meantime what is your "regular running thread"? I might join in a bit if I'm allowed (?)

  • Ooh, yes that would be nice. Some guys with similar 10K PB as you. It's in Spring Marathons and it's called something like 'Sub 4 if anyone would like to get together' started by a guy called Alex Popplewell. Would be super to see you there, though I'm sure you can find a more appropriate one.


  • Everyone is very super friendly and fabulous, though none more so than me, of course.

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