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Surely the girl on the front cover is not really a runner?? She doesn't seem to have a runner's physique. I reckon she is actually a 'babe' put on the front to boost sales. Am I right? Come on, Runner's World. Please don't turn into Zest. I can overlook the fact that the front cover nearly always features a woman and not a man, but this is just one step too far!!!



  • MoraghanMoraghan ✭✭✭
    Not sure about the mag but your name makes a good Spoonerism!  No offence intended.
  • Have they ever had a runner on the front?
  • Doesn't have a runner's physique??? Surely everyone's different.
  • Mine had Seb Coe on the front this month, nice change to see a proper runner on the front, although I gather this was for subscribers only.
  • If she was in front of me I'd run faster LOL
  • Being saying this for years      put a real runner on the cover and ditch the obvious airbrushing   it all looks just soooo  false.
  • Putting a real sweaty runner on the front of the mag is the kiss of death for sale. Hell - I've never bought a race photo of me, so I'm pretty sure the public dont go for it either.

    I'm happy with the pretty photos thanks !

  • got to be honest and say that i'm not really that worried about the picture on the front as long as the articles are helpful and informative.
  • I don't mind the photo too much, as said above it need stop sell afterall. But Can we have an equally good sculpted dressed in shorts and T male as well sometimes? The female eyes would not mind image
  • Mine had Seb Coe on the cover too. 

    Apparently the people on the covers are actual real life runners sometimes its just that they are airbrushed beyond all recognition...  They do bob a man on there occasionally but he's never dressed as skimpy as the girls are... He always has a baggy t-shirt on... image

  • I'd love to know how to get on the cover! Are RW accepting photograph submissions?image 
  • brilliant
  • I dont think anyone who buys RW does so for the picture that is on the cover. I do think tho the shorts and crop top is way overdone here,every single RW mag has a pretty girl wearing that. Boring image
  • I can't believe I've only just happened upon all these replies to my observation! By putting my own name into a search engine.

    Re: My surname, gosh! I'd so never noticed that one! Thanks for pointing it out, Moraghan!!imageI did actually try to change my online name to something other than my Real Name, for anonymity purposes, but they wouldn't let me!

    The reason I mention the photo thing, is not cos I'm a fascist - I'm all for cool pics on the front, it's just that the people on the front *do* usually 'look like' runners, so it really stuck out.

     That said, point taken, Rebecca Allen 6, runners Are all different - am feeling chastened. =)

  • Ps, Storm Girl: Hear, Hear!
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