Sunday 1st June 2003

LestradeLestrade ✭✭✭
20 miles for me, 16 of which will be x country.

probably about 0830

Between Nottm and Derby

Conne Ultra March 2004 (oh and Edinburgh Marathon in two weeks)


  • Long run day!

    What: 18M
    Why: pre marathon build up
    Last hard: yesterday's hills
    Last rest: Fri

    I shall go in the sea after my run this morning for my cold bath, it worked last week. It might be the my whole body this time, as my neck & shoulders could do with the treatment!

    This afternoon I need to look at my marathon training plan starting at the begining of July.

    Enjoy your racing or training today folkes.

  • G'Mornin',

    what: 10miles hilly
    why: coz it's Sunday but will increase the lenght of my run in July.....
    last rest: Yesterday

    Good Luck to all today :)
  • B.Tim, good idea...., that's exactly what I have planned to do in my holiday .... run on the beach and then go in the sea (just the legs tho...!)
  • 6 laps of the running track in 12 minutes at Whitchurch Sports Centre inBristol.

    My 2 mates are football referees and they have to do that as a fitness test pre season ( plus some other tests as well, including eyesight?)and they are not really into structured running so I have offered to train them to do it.
  • 3 slow miles
    6 miles walk later
  • 9 miles "Run to the Pub"

    Because the running club organise this, and provide transport to various starts, 5, 9, 16 miles; with choccies,drinks and allsorts of yummy stuff once we get to pub! Sound like a good morning out!

    Meeting family at pub, hubby running a mile or so with kids towards end so that they can be involved and join in on the choccy eating!!

    Probably nice and slow as so hot!!
  • where do you live happyrunning?
  • Cycle touring this afternoon. Check out some road loops to run in the near future and recover from yesterday's long (for me) run. And enjoy the weather and the scenery and things like that.
  • Good morning everyone.

    Perfect running weather here at the moment as it's a little overcast and misty. Once that mist burns off though it's sure to be a scorcher!

    What:long run today of about 16 miles.
    Why:pre-marahon prep and I like to do 1 or 2 a month when not marathon training that way I'm always ready to race most distances under marathon.
    Last hard:this week some time, I've forgotton when I did what!
    Last rest:Friday
  • SticklessStickless ✭✭✭
    Run to the pub definitely sounds a good idea!

    What: Serious resting. Might start putting together a training plan for Abingdon, but that will require an extraordinary effort of imagination, because I still can't walk. (Tried going around the block, aborted at the end of the road.)

    Yes, we've been here before, and it's always got sorted, but every stinking time it scares me silly!

    A day in which to license unlimited forum gazing to fortify determination. Jealousy is a pretty good foundation. I shall read of your exploits and drool. Retire to bed with a well thumbed edition of Noakes and read the bit for beginners aspiring to ultra runs. He makes it sound so easy.

    Read, daydream, plan. Anything to counter the sour flavour of the noxious cocktail of disappointment, embarrasment, shame, fatigue and ennui that accompanies the return of the lurgy.

    So tell me of lots of lovely runs. I'm listening.

  • I had aimed for 3x6 mile runs for 18 miles. I got up at just after 5am as it's been very warm lately and I wanted to avoid it getting too warm. However, I awoke to find a thunder storm passing overhead. So I had to wait an hour before I could get going.

    The aim was negative splits. Lap 1 took 55 minutes, Lap 2 was on course for 53 minutes but I blew up overheated a bit at 11 miles and just abandoned doing lap 3. Oh well, lots of time before my marathon anyway (end of September) so I'll get back to Long Runs again after my holidays.

  • PPB! WOW! Thats v good going

    Hippo - I'm in Gloucestershire, its a really friendly road running club (NOT an ATHLETIC club!) and with near to 150 members - half female! And v sociable

    if anyone else out there is near enough?
  • Long 18M run completed & I felt really good for most of the way.
    The only real problem was the torrential rain that came from almost nowhere in the last 10min. I was worried it might come down as hail but other than that it was quite nice. When I got back home the water was coming down the path like a small but fast stream.
    One nice man did stop, wind his window down & offer me a lift. But I'm tuff!

    I skipped the dip in the sea decided it was not a good idea in the thunder & lightning. Will try again next weekend or if time permit's during the week.

    Now to relax!!!!!
  • Wow, everyone is doing really well. I opted for a rest day today but might do a short one later in the evening. Housework awaits... Hope the sun will come back out.
  • Long 13 mile run, but wimped out of the hilly route and went along the Thames instead.

    Utterly stunning morning. Ran the quieter bits of it with T-shirt off to a) Keep cool b) Scare dog-walkers.
  • Autolycus, if only you'd have your name written on your chest and a drawn on bra - that would have scared them good! (X fka PB, thanks for the entertainment :-)
  • Back from morning easy 25 mins with Matthew. It's v nice out there.

    Subsequent plans for late afternoon

    what: the standard 1 mile interval session - 4 x 1 mile off 1/3rd jog recoveries

    why: would normally be a long(ish) run - but change of routine in view of recent missed days & 5 mile race on Wednesday

    last hard day: Tue/Wed
    last rest day: Sat
    last longish day: last Sun
  • Morning to all.

    Expecting a glorious hot morning, but instead we got cloud and rain, but would much prefer the cool than the heat.

    What: 12 mile steady run

    Why: Wanted at least 15 miles today, but having two very hard days on thurs and fri, made me cut the run short.

    Last Rest: Weds

    Last Hard: Fri

    Good luck to those racing today.
  • 6 miles walk as well
    My legs know it too

    Stickless, Im sure youll be posting your training details in no time

    Plenty of time till abingdon

    Shall i move to Gloucestershire?
  • Afternoon All,

    well it's another belter here in Notts. Hope all racers had a great time, although IMHO it's a little toasty for racing.

    hang in there, it'll all come good again

    What: Rolling 14M around Newstead Abbey / Thieves Wood.
    Why: Fancied doing the Notts AC Sunday long run as I hadn't been out on this one for an age.
    Last hard run: Sometime last week.
    Last rest day: Friday
  • LestradeLestrade ✭✭✭
    Today, I be mainly being hot!! That 20 was reduced to 2 hours (c 14) but still x country, due to the temperature
  • Greetings all. Still not managed to get back into a proper routine yet though I did make it to the gym this week.

    What - c 10.5 miles steady
    Why - building base fitness for autumn marathon
    Last hard - too long ago to remember
    last easy - Thursday

    Warm and overcast here in Surrey today with occasional very light showers. Sun beginning to burn through now though.
  • Hi all - have stuck this on Events as well...

    17 degrees @ just before 8 o'clock. A scorcher in prospect.

    Big queues for toilets at the start, even with about 4 sets.

    1st mile steady enough, 6.06, Drew in sight up ahead. Did not see mile marker 2 so 11.45 for the next 2, settling into a nice rhythm now. 6.08 next mile, feel heavy. Next 2 miles 12.22.

    36.22 for 1st 6; nowhere near pb pace but we have been climbing a bit. 6.14 for next one. It's not my day is it, let's just try and run a fast training run.

    6.13 but we turn and see the runners in front passing the other way. Spot a rival from Rotherham and decide to dig in a try to catch him.

    6.01, reeling in people up ahead.

    Next 3 miles in 17.40 (5.53 ave), taking people for fun now, feeling strong again.

    Last 2 miles, someone shouts `23rd'. Let's dig in for a top 20 finish. Pass two then the guy in front of me is slowing. Just ease up behind him then cruise past by the stadium. Guy from Rotherham too far in front to catch. He's run well.

    Finish in a time of 79.27. Pretty poor time, but it was just one of those poor days. Maybe I could have run harder for miles 3 to 7 but my legs felt heavy. Perhaps too much hard training over the last 3 weeks. Perhaps I don't run well in heat.

    Get a results sheet (very efficient service) and find out I'm actually 13th (they must have included the full marathoners when shouting out positions). Just sneak a prize (10th senior) on account of 3 vets in front. A Reebok bag.

    So an enjoyable run. Nice to pass people in the 2nd half but maybe this training will pay off more at a later date.
  • 79 minutes for a half marathon??

    (hippo collapses in awe)
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