Anyone around this late hour?

Need a chat....


  • Ok, so to be fair it is quite late, just thought that some of the night worker bods might be about... going to say it anway...

    We've spend a really lovely day with friends and their gorgeous little girl. Came home about 2.00am , and unusally for me, I was wide awake while boyf, was v tired. So got into bed think I'd probably fall asleep any minute.

    till I was completely awoken by the sound of a woman having seven shades of sh*t beaten out of her by 'Damien'. whether she hadn't done anything, as she repeatedly screamed at him, or not, I don't think it's ever right for a man to use physical violence like that. I looked out the window and saw him thump her *so* hard across the back.

    So I called 999.

    I really hope I did the right thing. the police came while I was still on the phone explaining the location which was damn impressive, but I just hope that it has done some good and not made things worse for her. I'm worried I stuck my nose in and.... oh god. Certainly no nearer sleep than I was, now I'm wide awake. She really sounded like she meant it when she screamed for someone to help her and there wasn't a lot else that I could do.
  • Hey Scamper - You did right. One of my pet peeves is a guy hitting a female or child. Did your boyf sleep through this? Have a good evening.
  • No, he was woken by it too. i think most of the neighbourhood must have been.
  • Hi Scampermouse,
    I've done the same thing before. Woke up to hear some girl screaming and the guy yelling "I'm gonna f**king kill you".
    Called the police and to be fair they did come very quickly as you say. Of course as soon as they got there he was all apologetic. I think you did the right thing. Massive amounts of domestic violence is under-reported and apparantly 1 in 4 women will experience it at some point in her life. On average a woman will experience this kind of violence 35 times before she goes to the police. It's her choice, but at least you may have given her a choice x
    (Can you tell I have a ciminology exam next week?!)
  • No question Scamps, you did the right thing :)
  • Spot on Scampermouse.
  • absoloutley! I'd have done the same too
  • Well done Scampermouse. You did exactly the right thing.
  • Full support Scampermouse. You did the right thing.
  • yes well done ! you definitely did the right thing

    its too easy to just turn away and ignore it but thats how people get seriously hurt or even killed impressive response from the police

  • You're a star Scampermouse.
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