Running London and Edinbrugh

After a bit of taper advice... i'm running London next week and then Edinbrugh a few weeks later, how long do i need to rest after London? Do i squeeze another long run in inbetween or ease off? Be intrested to hear from others doing the two marathons.


  • Hi Donnie,

    I am doing the same.  Going to rest the full week after as I am carrying an injury anyway.  18-20 miles on the 2nd Sunday and 13 miles on the Sunday before.  I will include a few speed sessions.  I don't think there is enough time to improvement fitness or speed.

  • i did this last year and although finished both comfotably --- i did feel it on the last few miles, dont know if it was all in my head as i hate this run and the problems with water didnt help, but good luck, after doing london the abscence of supporters was hard
  • Which is the best course for a time?
  • they say edin is the fastest course in the uk......possibly

    london is way too busy with peeps i.e. slower runners not moving to outside

    if you havent done london before i would simply enjoy it and forget a time

    edin would be the place to get a pb, as in my opinion you will want to get it over with

    watch out for the shingle

    good luck

  • Are you doing them both again?
  • nah just london this time

  • I'm doing Stratford and Edinburgh, so same time scale - I'll be doing similar to supersonic image
  • good luck v76

    dont forget to trip all the relay runners...its your duty

  • Cheers guys... first time running London what i've heard not very p.b friendly so just gonna try and enjoy the day and soak up the atmosphere. Ran Edinbrugh last year so looking to get my head down and improve my time there.Good luck supersonic and v76 and like Home time said...keep an eye out for the relay runners!!

  • It's my second Edinburgh, but my first since they changed the course.

    Is tripping relay runners the new sport? image

  • I am running London and Edinburgh.  My first two marathons.  I'm bit worried about what to do in the weeks between,  Was going to have a complete rest the first week, then do a 15 and a 10 as my two long runs the two Sundays before, but wondering if I should try and do a longer run maybe.  Would be interested to hear what others are doing/think.
  • Also planning on running both, my training has been good but have suffered with the cold TWICE recently so London's not going to be as fast as I'd hoped. I'm going to go down and enjoy the day and then get prepared for Edinburgh. Don't think I'm going to run more than 13-14 miles in betwen.
  • I ran both a couple of years ago, using London as an easy long run which I trained through. 

    In my opinion you don't need another 20+ miler in between the two.. there are only 4 weeks between the races and 4 weeks before a target race is about right for your last long run. 

    How much rest you need after London is really down to what you're used to, how hard you run London and how good you feel afterwards so it's difficult to offer any specific advice. 

    On the which is faster debate I suspect in terms of elevation they're pretty similar.. both largely flat after a descent in the first few miles.  With London if you're in the pack then your pace is pretty much determined for you - ok if you're in the appropriate part of the field I guess.  With Edinburgh you've got the coastal wind to contend with.  I've only run Edi once though so I don't know how likely that is to affect the race - it blew something mighty along the prom on the way out.  Most of the course won't feature more than a handful of spectators but that's not necessarily a bad thing!  

  • Well, one down, one to go! Pleased with my run yesterday, 3:26. Not as fast as I'd hoped a month or two back but very happy in the end. Preparation for Edinburgh begins now, although still not sure what's going to be the best way to go about it....
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