Scottish Runners

Anyone concerns about the flights?


  • supposed to be flyin in to london on friday, guess i will wait and see
  • I've bought a coach ticket as back up.  Refundable if flybe are back up and flying.
  • who you get coach ticket with and how much(cheeky me)
  • Aberdoom to London £60 return (down overnight Thurs & back daytime on Mon) via National Express.  Refundable up to 72 hours before travel.
  • cheers for that tp will have a look, long trip for you
  • Just an hour by plane .... image .... 12 on the coach.image .... I suspect I may have to drug myself to sleep to get through it.
  • Megabus are cheaper but I friends have had bad experience with them in the past
  • i had a look at mega bus and its cheap enough, i can find rail return fair for £108 so not that bad

    i dont think i can sit that length of time on a bus..

    where you stayin in londin

  • With friends down in Surrey.  Train fare was going to b £200+ for me and that's too much.
  • feck sake £200 on top of everythin else
  • I looked and £100+ for a train is too much at this point.

    No way I will be getting the bus.

     Lets just all hope it will be sorted by then!!

  • Just spoke to easyjet and it is not looking good for flights on Saturday!

  • I'm meant to be flying with Flybe on Thursday but it's not looking too hopeful. I could get the train for £55 from Edinburgh but just read the Flybe website and they'll only refund you if your flight is cancelled. It would be just my luck to book the train and then find that the flight restrictions are lifted!

    What to do, what to do?
  • It looks as if the skies might be opened in time!!!

  • I'd still be looking at alternate arrangements to be on the safe side ?  There must be loads of you in the same boat - so sharing a car down wouldnt be that expensive. Just a pain in the arse but rather that than miss your race - surely ?
  • I think Cougie is right.  Anyone else thinking of making other plans?
  • Hope everyone managed to make it down one way or another. I'm driving down but only because we're taking a 5-month old and need so much stuff with us that it wasn't possible to fly. £55 sounds a pretty reasonable amount to pay as backup but more than that will be a difficult choice. Good luck!
  • I am travelling form aberdeen, meant to fly on friday but just booked a train ticket. only booked one way at the moment as frankly just want to make sure I am at the start line! My brother is an air traffic controller and he said book a back up as he reckons air space will be restricted again all weeked image. TP glad to see you are still going to make it to cheers us on..I was a bit worried you wouldn't be there to hand out my beans and tablet! image
  • Looks like I'll be doing coach overnight on the Friday so get your stuff in here by lunchtime Thursday please sashabear image
  • excellent TP, I shall pop in tomorrow; and on another note.... if one more person suggests that I do an 'eddie izzard' and run to the marathon I will kill them!image
  • That's not even image let alone image as a suggestion.

    Looking more hopeful for flying though.  I'm on the first Flybe out in the morning.

  • TP, All Flybe flights are cancelled until 1300 today. I'm meant to be on a Flybe flight from Edinburgh to Southampton tomorrow, hopefully that'll be ok!
  • It's Friday morning I am heading south so should be up and flying by then I'd hope.  I can phone them and check tomorrow apparently.
  • I was at Edinburgh airport today, although not everything was flying there seemed to be a fair few flights coming and going, presuming there's no more ash then you've got a good chance for friday.

     I't getting the train down tomorrow, but my wife's flying down on saturday...

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