Any petite ladies out there?

I'm 5"3 and having trouble find bottoms to fit me.  I'd like a pair of full length running leggings but all the ones i've tried on are at least 2" too long. 

Also can anyone recommend a flattering running top for an ample chest??  Feel really self-concious wearing skin tight tops, have been trying on mens wear!


  • I'm same height as you. I wear Ron Hills women's size 8 without the stirrups and they're just the right length. I have a 30" inside leg. Don't know what they're called but they've a reflective bit on the back of the calves and a rear pocket.

    Can't help with the flattering tops though.. being bap-less there's 'nothing to see there'! image 

  • I second ron hill (I'm 5'1") also like ron hill tops too I'm ample (30G) but I wear an enell which flattens everything.
  • Short arse checking in here. I like some of the M&S range for bottoms.  It's cheap and does the job. As for the boobage factor, make sure you have a good bra to start off with. I just run in some bike tops, with a Shock Absorber bra underneath.
  • Hiya!

    Im 5ft 2 ...I wear Gore 3/4 leggings which are great as you can regulate your temp well, or ronhill  lycra cycle shorts in summer. in winter I wear gore windstopper. (Gore products are expensive but they wear well)

     I have boobs 36dd sooo best bra for non bounce  M and S zip up front loader, followed by triumph triaction.   Favourite top..ronhill aspiration tank and salomon trail light T these are quite tight fitting.. if you are trying to cover your modesty, perhaps blokie tops are the way to go, as long as they are made of a good light wicking material.

    I used to get upset at being oggled, but then I figured at least I'm out here doing this and trying to get fitter, less people are looking at you than you think, besides if you are running they wont be there for long !!  Try and get a running partner and then there will be even less oggling image

    Happy running image


  • Thanks for replies, have got a shock absorber bra and it's brilliant, nothing moves and am a 34F so that's quite a challenge!

    Will have a look at Ronhill and try some on, am guessing most 3/4 length tights will be nearly full length on me anyway .   Think a blokie top is the way forward, until I stop breastfeeding anyway and then everything will shrink and head south image

    Marion, have looked for a running buddy in Derby but i'm a bit hit and miss when I can run as I have 2 young children and tend to run around 8pm at night.

  • I find ron hill 3/4 tights are about 3/4 length on me (not the capri's they come up really long and flap round my legs). I also have some Gore ful length tights like Marion but they do cover my feet I just pull them up a bit Nora Batty style but have to say they are not the most comfortable things. Ron Hill also tends to run large so a ron hill aspiration tshirt may be ok (not the powerlight as they are tighter) I have a long sleeved one and it's quite loose and long you could always buy a size larger than normal. Mens tops always hang like dresses on my 5'1" frame, ocassionally worn OHs when I've run outimage but then again he is 6'4"image.

    Good luck with the running. Ouchie image though, can't imagine doing it while still feeding makes my boobs sore just thinking about it and my youngest is 17!

  • Hey another short arse checking in .... 5ft 3 with an inside leg of 28" image.  I too lurve Ronhill leggings ... I find that if I buy their full length running tights and then turn them up once at the bottom they are just fine and dandy and do not budge.  Any other make is just far too long.  Large chest here too ... 28F ... I've found the main thing to avoid is any top with a built in bra shelf thing, everything just gets too lumpy.  In the summer I wear NIke running vests which are not too tight and have plenty of room for the baps, in the winter Helly Hansen stuff is great, nice a stretchy where stretch is needed.
  • so here we have a group of petite ladies with large fun bags all into their running.....heaven!
  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I'm short but I don't have boobs.

    I have a pair of Salomon long legs that aren't long on me and a pair of Asiscs. The only had one pair that didn't cover my feet as well and I don't know if they still make them.

    Ronhill do kids stuff if that's any good. On the top front, try Thoosa or Under Armour. They have some flattereing ladis tops. I saw some others which looked quite good as well, might have been Nike or Adidas.

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    hi missfliss!- on;y just found this thread- bit late  but never mind. im a size 4 , and have a heck of a job finding things to fit. i got my running leggings from karrimor age 11-12 and they are great.  my reflective jacket for winter is also age 11-12 and cost me £8!! as for tops ,  check out tk maxx. they do Nike quite often and i found a bright red sleevless top size 4-6 womens for a fiver!! sometimes its great being small- with big boobs as adam6177 thinksimage
  • MadameOMadameO ✭✭✭

    Another shortarse here - 5'2" and size 8. I get on fine with Adidas and Nike stuff (my full-length tights are Nike and perfect in length), and recently discovered Sugoi (invested in a running skirt after chafing my thighs to buggery during the VLM).

  • I third Siance's Ron Hill recommendation and I can't remember what they're called but I bought 2 pairs. The back pocket is so useful.

    Siance, from your description of yourself, you could be my twin!
  • Hi, I'm a short arse too, with boobs! However I'm size 12-14 and find all but the Ron Hill or Karrimore 3/4 length end up being far too long. I am very partial to Ron's aspiration tops too, they fit a treat round the boobs,although a bit snug on the hips. I found M&S good as they have the petite range in all sorts of sizes, but their Capri pants are cut really strangely around the waist.
    Having melted in the heat wearing the OH tops the year before last, I've given up on looks and now aim for comfort!
    Happy hunting! image
  • Leggings from Nike brand fit me perfectly. You should try them
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