Happy birthday to me!!

I'm depressed, offshore on my birthday, no cards or pressies till I get home in 3 weeks and I can't have a drink either.

And I missed my long run this morning.

At least I don't look 36 I suppose.

Ho hum...


  • Happy birthday
  • happy Birthday sarcy, you young b--er you!

    Would you like a toenail?
  • Hi Sarcy !
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! No mermaids about then?
  • Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday Sarcy - Vet Sarcy surely?
  • Happy birthday, Sarcy! Hope it's a good day for you!
  • Sorry - just re-read the title, I thought it said 4 days until 40, hence the Vet comment.
  • Happy Birthday mate. there's nothing wrong with being 36 (says she who passed said milestone in April), '67 was a particularly good year.
  • Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Sarcy
    Happy birthday to you!

    Have a good one!
  • Sarcy!
    Mwaaaahhhh!! And a huge birthday hug!

    Happy Birthday! :o)

    You should have an Ebirthday card somewhere winging about....

    Will have a beer for you later! (All heart I know!!)
  • Happy B-day Sarcs...and I sent you an e-card to arrive today..and just sent you a big virtual hug too... ;o)

    Guess I'll never know what it feels like to be 36..I've been stuck at 29 for the past several years... :o)
  • ..oh...and you don't look 36 either..not with that boyish smile... ;o)
  • happpy birthday,mine was yesterday!
  • Happy Birthday Alex!! (better late than never!)
  • Happy birthday matey....don't worry I'm sure you'll make up for the lack of alcohol when you get back to dry land!

    My birthday on Sunday and I'll have 6 years to go before the big 40 and unfortuatnely I do look my age!

  • Wolfy.. :o)

    Hope you have had a beer or three in respect for the Alexs' birthdays.... Don't let the team down and all that!!!

  • Tigs...;-)

    Hi there. Have had about 6 bottles of wine in respect for the Alexs' birthdays!

    Feel very pickled today and need to detox!

    Will email you with update on things!

  • I had a margarita to celebrate the big day.... :o)

    .....Wolfy...how ya been doing? Hope the detox is going well today...lol
  • Thanks you lot, I feel better now.

    I'll get the cards sometime later Tig and MT,

    Wolfy, you lie surely - 27 'd have thought.

    Hippo, has your nail grown back then? Did you keep the old one somewhere safe?

    I just realised, I'll be 37 soon...
  • Not for another year....
  • And.... we'll help you through Sarcs....

    Cos we are the SUPPORT team!!

    ConneUltra here we come...
  • BTW...

    Wolfy well done Bud, proud of you, never one to let the side down!!

    Way to go.... :o)
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