Couldnt get out of bed
So a short plod before the long hozzie walk
Oh well, it does seem to be cooler today


  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭
    I am off for my 90 minute long run later, looks cooler thank goodness

    Have a good day
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • 3 miles
    Better than nowt
  • Morning all
  • Last day of my holiday :0(
  • Morning peeps. Sassie - what rat news??
    btw does anyone fancy doing the 15 mile Rottingdean walk (see Events)?
  • Hi Meer - just answered on Mature. Not good I'm afraid :0(
  • Thanks for the post, Sassie.
  • Morning all
    Posted slightly more rational view of yesterday's Trailwalk trial.

    A few tender bits and certainly no running today but overall not bad really.

    Out for lunch today so lots of house tidying to do for the next couple of hours - Mrs Nick will be home before I get back so if it ain't done a blistered heel might the least of my worries :)

    Have a great & slightly cooler day everyone, take care
  • Hi all!

    Barbecue for me today (not *on* the barbecue, I'm going to one!), hope it's cooler than yesterday otherwise I shall just end up flopped on the ground!
  • got to sleep about 430 after the horrors last night. having breakfast as didn't have anything past lunchtime yesterday.
  • Your scales give you a reason as well?

    Sorry to heaqr that EP, remember that weight fluctuates what with liquid etc, mine went up 3kg from Friday to Staurday,a dn it can't all have been boozing.
  • scamps just spotted the reference to last night - you were so right, I think you did exactly the right thing, heaps of respect to you
  • Okay, fair enough Pix, you've been stuffing your face and that's where it's all come from :) Unfair though that it goes back on that easily when it takes weeks of restraint to lose.

    Scamps - re the other thread - of course you did the right thing :)
  • Bah! Women - you say one thing and they dispute it, then when you agree with them they don't like that either!! :-P

    Are we going to get the "blip" on the graph?
  • Morning guys,
    Hope you're all ok. Just to update you all on my mum. She came through her op. well, but she does have ovarian cancer. The doc has removed both ovaries and the fatty lining of her stomach. He said he had managed to remove 90% of the cancer and the rest will be dealt with by chemo. He said the tumour was massive and showed with his hands the size of a football!! Mum's stomach (which was really swollen), is now as flat as anything. Unbelievable. We have all taken it pretty well though - I think we were strangely relieved at finally being told what we (me/brother/dad) had suspected and now we know it's all being dealt with by a fantastic doctor/hospital, we all feel a bit more secure. Mum looks the best she's looked for weeks! (apart from the massive weight loss). We're just all taking each day as it comes really. Going to the hospital today again. My cousin Steve (who you may remember is also suffering from cancer), is feeling much better and is finally managing to eat and has actually put some weight back on.. which is fantastic!
    Hope you all have a good day today and thanks to you for all your kind words over the past couple of weeks. 'Speak' to you soon. Love M xxx
  • Fasntastic news Michelle - obviously still very tough but glad to hear your mum is looking better :)
  • Hello all
    Thats a 6 miles walk done, and 3 patients sorted out

    Michelle, big BIG hugs
    Now you know what the problem is, you can all start dealing with it

    Pix, no WAY have you put on 3llb of real weight in 3 days

    SM, you definitely did the right thing
  • Well done that hippo!!

    Scamps, while I know what you mean, the more I think about it the odder it seems. If we saw someone getting beaten up on the streets we wouldn't hesitate to call the police, why should it be any difference because it's between a couple in private?
  • Clouding over here too
    Glad Ive done me bit for the day
  • cooking for sisters birthday tomorrow at her house
    Worrying about it a bit
  • Hi peeps!

    Barbie has got delayed a bit :( Probably good news as I'm in a frantic rush!
  • hello
    I must still be low
    just done a load of handwashing
    probably avoiding thesis:)
  • The social Friday was fun - are you going to make it to one soon?
  • i would LOVE to

    My bro in law lives in londodn, maybe combine it with that, so the mr can visit while i party
  • Go on Benzy, go on! WW was there, as was Meerkat, Smitch, Caz, me, Armadillo, Alan, plus Minky and a whole host of others.
  • have to negotiate with hubby, and im also working more weekends now
    when im not working, im racing, oh bollox!
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