if you plod like this, then your children will be next


Can't really be 1st at this hour can I?


  • ive done 3 miles plod
    Now for 6 miles walk
  • Well done,done bugger all. Didn't dare ask what a 60 mile trailwalk was, for fear it involved countryside and sheep's droppings. Surely takes a week to go that far?
  • I think that pretty much sums it up FLR - except that they've only got 30 hours to do it, and I think I semi-volunteered to support the nutters while they do it!

    Great title BTW!
  • 'morning FR.
  • Morning chaps - going for a run/plod in the rain in a minute, probly a 5km easy. So glad it's cooler than yesterday. Happy to see grey skies after yesterdays temperatures.

  • Where did the sun go? Not plodding today, again, but as an excuse I'm going to don whites and chase a ball around a field
  • I'll have to plod sometime today to get over what will undoubtedly be a very traumatic morning service (for me, at least) as I will have to turn up the volume on the organ to drag the congregation through a tune the deacon who leads the singing claims he's never, ever heard before but which I've known all my life! If they all grizzle too much I'll threaten to go back to the Baptists - at least I know all the tunes there. I'm only on loan to the Independents.

    After all that ranting I definitely need to plod.
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    yummmm...men in cricket whites, ooh don't you just lurrrve the cricket season girls?

    Great title FLR, glad you beat All Nuts.

    Off for 10 mile plod with club (if anyone turns up today that is)
  • Charming!
  • need some advice from fellow beginners and plodders, am up to 15/20 miles a week now,but have developed a 'twinging' at the back of my left knee at the start of my runs,it also re-emerges when i put my feet up on my faithful old stool. slight twinge,teeth gritting, slowly eases. am at a loss.
  • WelshpoppyWelshpoppy ✭✭✭

    Back from what was too be a 80 minute run but at 60 minutes my right leg and buttock went numb and could not run so walked the 20 minutes back felt cross with myself it felt thick and heavy like lead...but I had lots of energy tried out an isotonic drink before running.Hope that was not the problem???
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • isotonic drinks dont do it for everyone on every occasion, tried them a while back...just made me belch all the way out and back, good old fashioned council pop does it for me anyway.
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    mooningtroll, have you tried mixing the drink with water? I have mine mixed 2/3rds water and a 1/3 lucozade (I find it a bit sickly on its own).

    mooningtroll - not sure about that. Are you stretching after?

  • Hi mooning troll

    Piccie please:))
  • Benz - why do you want to see a troll's @rse?

    Lucozade Sport is generally acknowledged as sickly, or at least the orange flavour, some of the others (e.g. the berry one) aren't as bad. Be careful diluting them too much or you may not get enough carbs.

    Sounds like it could be a hamstring problem.
  • well ive never seen one fruity

    I dilute my sports drinks half and half
  • Neither have I, but I don't want to see one either!!
  • I bet trolls have cute little botties:))
  • poor Mooningtroll
    it wont ever post again
  • Benz you perve!

    Come back Mooningtroll, we're not all mad (just Benz and me!)
  • I still want to see a piccie

    bet its a blue troll
  • ooooops
    the troll is male

  • I keep gettting this wrong
  • In that case Hippo, isn't diagnosis easier with a bare bottie??!!

    Well my training starts this week.....eek, but I think Monday is a rest day heehee. Pain started in knee this evening, I think it knows what is coming.....

  • ah
    psychosomatic pains
    great arent they
  • Well if it's an excuse for a drink to get rid of it............( sound like a raging alcoholic!! Oh well)

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