Does anyone know if there is a system in place so that spectators and friends at home can receive runners progress by text or email?


  • Theres an advert for this in your runners mag ?
  • I saw that but this can't be set up until the 24th. Also there is a mobile rate charge. Other marathons I have run I have been able to set up online myself before leaving home at standard cost!
  • Only other option is via Facebook

    It will also go live from Saturday and you can track up to 10 runners.

  • Hi Guys, it’s Amanda from adidas.You can track a runners progress at The app will go live 24 hours before the race and will automatically update the runner’s position as they progress around the course at every 5km stage. You can access the WAP tracker via adidas running facebook page or to go directly to the app you can visit As in previous years, the WAP tracker can also be accessed via any WAP enabled mobile phone. Anyone wishing to use this service simply needs to text ‘RUN’ to 83040 after which adidas will send a link to the mobile tracking service.

    Good luck on Sunday runners x

  • do these services actually work? or does the message take ages getting through due o problems with the networks?
  • I used the text message last year to spectate, it did take ages and slowed down as the race went on, but it was useful to know when people actually crossed the start line.
  • Thanks - at least I can give my keen supporters some guidance.  good luck everyone. x
  • Anybody actually tried to use the facebook thing today (Saturday)?  My wife is trying to input my number and others as she has to take our son to rugby championships and can't be there to support.

    She can't get the facebook thing up on her 3G iPhone coz the page goes blank, and she can't input numbers as the 'page couldn't be displayed'.  Has it crashed or is she doing something wrong - it is a possibility image !

  • I keep getting *sorry runner data not available til 25 April* when I try via the link I was sent when I did the text thing.

    Let me know if it goes live [it said 24 hours before, so it's coming up to 5 hours later thana they said]

    Hope I don't forget to try again later!  

  • I have tried it and the wrong runner is coming out. Totally annoyed. I've emailed the details to lots of people who are trying to track me as they can't come. Any ideas?
  • Do it tomorrow morning.  I saw a conflicting message when I tried it again this afternoon - saying it will go live at 11:55 pm tonight for 24 hours.  So maybe worth another go later....not that I will be up then!
  • The last 2 or 3 years you have been able to track runners via the london marathon website under the results section -

    (sorry link thingy isn't working)

    Not sure if it'll be available this year with change of website but if so, just click on 2010 results (should appear when race starts) type in runners number or name and their time will appear as they pass each 5k as well as their half way split.
    If you just type in their club with no name/number it will show all runners competing under that club name.
  • Sorry about the problem with adidas tracking.  It is tracking the right person but you are getting the wrong name.  Adidas are aware of the problem and are working to resolve it
  • That's a relief.

    My girlfriend has just entered my race number and got a completely different runner. Hope it all gets sorted out.
  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭
    I cant even get on it. Adidas site has been giving me errors all day. Annoying....
  • All

    anyone using an iPhone will find that the adidas application does NOT work - it requires Adobe Flash, which is not licensed to Apple.

    would have been nice for Adidas to make that a bit clearer...

  • Further:


    is the Adidas 'wap' link (that you get if you text to 83040 - might work better for iPhones / small mobiles....

  • This does not work.

    Been trying to get on it all this morning and it's not connecting via our mobile phones or on the internet.

  • It gave me the right runner through the Facebook app but I'll be trying it on my phone later.

    Although, if '... will automatically update the runner’s position as they progress around the course at every 5km stage.' means that it'll tell me where he is in kilometres, that's not going to mean much to me.

  • Is there somewhere we can search by nae first to  get a runners race number?
  • Opps - nae means name!
  • its annoying that you need the number...last year I could just put in the club and it would give me all the details of the runners................or even a surname

  • is this working for anyone. my sis in law hasnt crossed the start line apparently ....
  • yes its slow.. but try coming out of the programme and then going back in from the start and it then updated the ones i was looking at
  • Official VLM tracker is here

    make sure you change split from 'finish time'
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