sun protection

Now its nice and sunny what sun tan creamis best to use? Have looked in various shops for suitable sports sweat proof but they don't seem to be available. Am i looking in the wrong place or don't they exist anymore?


  • any cream is better than none he says with a skelping red forehead from Dumfermline 1/2
  • p20
    From Waitrose
    works in the sahara!
  • I've just looked it up on the web and it's the same stuff I've used in Lanzarote (bought it on the plane). It works well (I'm very fair skinned) and is non-greasy, which also means I need to use after-sun to stop skin drying out. But excellent for sport, swimming and windsurfing.
  • wish i'd taken my own advice hippo,my forehead is glowing like a bl**dy lobsters bum after sheffield.
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