Brighton Marathon 2011



  • spen: to be honest I am praying it stays quite dry between now and then as I don't have tail shoes, (getting a pair for Xmas), otherwise will be hell in my road trainers! I am sure will have fun regardless, I always do! Good luck with your half.
  • SR - I am sure you will have fun, but road shoes on wet slippy mud, perhaps you could class it as a duathlon combining it with ice skating

  • spen: I have done 2 x twenty milers and a full marathon distance, muddy, hilly, trail races before back in February, March and April. Now I know road shoes were not ideal and yes you do slide all over the place, but I got round in quite respectable times, so am sure if I have too, I will do it again on Sunday. So will have to wait until Xmas for the trail shoes. Just adds to the fun!
  • TB I might just join you somewhere in a tri after Brighton. I just need to do one more long run this week, may have a bash tomorrow. Out and back would be better to stop me cheating (maybe i should run to Benfleet!) but then i have the toilet and fluid issue. Oh it all takes so much planning!

    TG well done on all your cycling. I really must unchain my bike from the lawnmower (security purposes!) and pump up the tyres.

    Dad I like running in the dark although i did take a tumble last year and holed my favourite tights image on a dodgy bit of pavement. I find that you are in your own little world somehow, you can't really see and no-one can really see you and i liked the feeling. I feel it's a bit dodgy tho as a woman by myself and Mr T worries so i don't do it any more. Not that i've ever heard of anything dodgy round here but you never know.

    Enjoy your tapering SR and Dad, I've just made flapjack if you want me to buzz you a piece over?

    Hi to UI and Toby and PP. image waves

  • And talking of trail shoes i have some Inov-8 Terroc 330's which i can highly recommend. Great in the ice and snow too.
  • TracyB - well done on your fabulous tri result. 

    I think I started my winter training last night. I didn't get the chance to do a long run this weekend so thought I would run home from work instead, which is 12 miles and first time I've ever run that far.  It absolutely bucketed down!  I was pretty slow, but at least I didn't give up half way and jump on a train at London Bridge.  I survived, but sadly my ipod didn't.  I'm hoping it'll revive once I've given it a chance to dry out.   

  • beetchawawa: well done on your 12 miles. It is a great feeling when you achieve new distances.

    Julia T: did you get out for your long run?

  • UI, OH was reading a cycling mag last night and pointed out a sexy bike. I said that's not sexy! That's nothing. I want 'that one beginning with C'. He said.. which one? So I found a mag.. and said Cervelo!! that's my dream image He said.. how do you know about them? Hope he doesn't think you told me image

    Hi Everyone, was just a quite note whilst at work. Keep up the training, recovery and good luck for the weekend's races image Got a club championship this weekend. 5m. Will be paired as slowest runner with top runner.. complicated, but I have to be the guys in front of me from club. Loved running in lashing rain last night, efforts with club. Although OH came along and helped me as I seemed to have been abandoned!

  • Tracy, I've a serious hankering for a Cervelo T3 track bike. Pretty much zero use for it, but damn is it sexy!!

    Back to reality; had the day off work to go mountain biking. More of that please. Sunny, pretty warm and most of the tracks were dry. Beats working!

    Well done on your 12 miles Beet. Put your iPod in the airing cupboard and hopefully it'll dry out. My mate put his nano through the washing machine. Worked fine when dry image



    One of these Tim? I can see why...............image That was a bit of porn for all you triathletes out there!

    Beet my I-pod died through moisture when i shoved it in my knickers as i did not have a spare pocket. Sort of spluttered back to life but it was quite old and had been going dicky for a while. It was a good excuse to update it though and get 4 times the storage space image Well done on the 12 miles by the way, you are nearly halfway there image

    SR YES!!! Thankyou i did 18 miles today so feeling very happy and confident for the 3rd. I lined up loads of bottles of lucozade and water and shot blox and tissues outside the front door and i nipped back every 5 miles or so for another. Worked welland i'm glad to be starting my taper now. How's the toe-nail?

    TB good luck for sunday, that sounds like a clever race ! A way of making a fair team i guess. How is H getting on at college? My baby is really enjoying it except some days she has 5 hours between lessons! image

    Ok, off for carbs now..............

  • Morning all

    Glad that everyone’s training is still going well the shin split seems to be getting there but i think i will leave it till Monday or Tuesday of next week

    the trouble is the lock came of the  biscuit tin and i have gained some weight so  i will have to make a concert effort to lose it again over the next three weeks if i can get down to about 12st 4lbs i will be happy as that’s about my normal weight to race at

     The tennis ball and the exercise seem to be helping but i am under no elution now about how long this is going to take to fix after all if i had done some ting about it when it first occurred back last year instead of ignoring it then it might not have been so bad

    it started while running the bath half last year but as i only planed to run the Bristol 10k and half that year thought nothing of it as it seem to ease off but the training for Brighton and Leicester this year has done all the damage and i did have to run walk a couple of my training run for Brighton due to my hip

    And at one time even thought i may have to have pulled out of that so i have learnt the hard away so here hoping by Monday i can start with a nice gentle run and build up from there the trouble is i just to stubborn and b***** mined to rest when i should do

  • JuliaT - flapjack gratefully accepted. Well done on the 18 miles, I can remember the feeling of the last long run and taper starts, good luck.

    traceyB - good luck with the 5M at the weekend.

    Toby3 - glad things seem to be getting better with the shin splints, I could only ever dream of being as low as 12st 4lbs.

    Beet - firstly well done and congrats on the 12 miles, soory about the ipod, hopefully it will revive itself when dry, if not I would buy a new one as a reward for doing the 12 miles

    For everyone else keep up the good work.

  • Julia T: the in grown toe nail is not an issue at the moment as causing me no discomfort. It is still there however and I will have to have it removed, but hopefully not until after the Isle of Wight! Just waiting on a  letter to let me know when. Other then that just the usual black toe nail on left foot next to big toe. For some reason I always have problems with this toe and think every since I took running serious this nail has never been right! Oh, and well done on 18 miler.

    My local gym is about to have there refit, so next time I go in there on Tuesday will have new machines to play with! There will be 17 treadmills instead of the 13 we have at the moment, so hopefully be easier to find a free one to use when busy in there.

  • Hey What do you know? Just picked up a grey plastic bag in the porch to find that it contains my Brighton Marathon Training shirt - Good quality too! And as an apology for being late a pair of Saucony running socks! Now that's how to run a marathon (excuse the pun!) image

    However, (don't you just hate it when there's a however?) I'm not sure that the shirt will fit image I'm 5'11" and 10.5 stone (at a push) and it's XL!! Anyone want to do a swap??
  • Ooh, forgot to mention, won't be back here until Tuesday as I'm heading to Newcastle tomorrow to run the 30th Great North Run on Sunday - wish me luck.

    BIG glossy brochure came with my running pack - 124 people have run all 29 GNR's so far: seriously impressive performances.
  • p/p got mine today as well got the socks as well
  • P/P must admit i haven't tried in on yet
  • PP / Toby 3 - not got mine yet, looking forward to the socks, PP did you order XL or was it a mistake in what they sent you, and good luck at GNR.
  • It's a mistake, I'm a medium, I emailed them at 11pm last night and they've replied and happy to swap it! Good customer service.
  • PP - good news I ordered a medium and am now worried that mine will be too small, as I am abit bigger than you
  • hmm and they say women talk a lot.......image

    Toby not much longer then you can go out again, stick with it. I now have problems with the cake tin, must not put on weight over the next 2 weeks!

    PP all the best for sunday, we look forward to your race report.

    Good luck to everyone else racing sunday too.

    This is my first non-running friday for as long as i can remember, i usually do my long run today. Weird!!!!

  • Hi All,

    Enjoyed club run last night of 6m, then followed on by self to do my 10m LSR - in 1:50 which is actually the best time since Harlow 10 in July 09 at 1:49. Sorry to bore you, but really pleased and felt there is hope! However, I hadn't really prepared so had no drinks for it. When finished 10m, body went into a kind of shock, like shaking and dizzy.... silly girl! Got home and refuelled, stretched in a wobbily kinda way.. then ate and tried to get warm as lips turned black/blue! All in all, a really good run for me image

    Thanks Spen image

    Good luck to all racing at the weekend too image

    Edit: Julia, that is soooo my bike image

  • WOW well done TB, great running. and you are not boring but I hope you are feeling ok today, blue black lips sound rather worrying image

    Just 5 fot me this morning then we went out for lunch for a bit more carb loading image

    Good luck tomorrow SR and PP and anyone else racing

  • imageTB - well done on your 10 miles. You have come a long ways since Great Baddow 10 image

    28 mile bike ride with hubby and son image

  • Did 12 miles this morning in lovely weather and went pretty well, although my groin did start to feel a bit tight right at the top, sorry too much info, so I didn't do my usual "quick" 1/2 mile near the end. Anyway I hope it recovers well, badly injured it last December. Will mention it to the physio on Thursday.

    Back to the earlier toes posts. I'm getting some black toe nails as well and quite a bit of bleeding on the longer runs. Not worried about it unless it's a sign of bad things to come. I ware size 10s normally and my running shoes are size 11s. Is it worth consider 11.5s or not?

    Good running everyone!!!!!!!

  • Morning all

    hope everyone’s weekend went well  i will be back up to Leicester next weekend as we have to take the daughter back to university  shine splint seems to have gone so i will try a gentle run on Tuesday as i am back to the phyiso on Monday and won’t have time

    Feeling old now as my son turns 16 this month so were off out 10 pin bowling and a meal later today it’s a bit early his birthdays not until the end of the month but we are now a way the next 3 weekends and he wanted to do something while his sister was still down here bless his little cotton socks

    And what with the daughter now 22 looking back can only wish i started running years ago but hay ho was young and lazy then

     Starting this weekend i am going to try and lose the weight i put on but as i said before when it comes to food i have no will power at all so we will see how that goes ?

    Tried on my Brighton T-Shirt fits nicely but there a gain i did order and extra large so looking forward to wearing that on my first run

    Running again well done on the run hope the groin turns out not to be serious at least you got the sense to mention it to a phyiso not like s certain person i could mention not naming any names Toby 3 why that’s me

    Waves to Julia T

    Tracy B congratulants on the run and hope the lips and legs have recoved

  • Afternoon all.

    Hope the run went well today PP. I watched a little of it on the tele. Not sure of the number of starters but the field looked massive. Is there space to run with that number of folk about.

    Toby hope you're healing and your run goes well next week. One of my mates invited me to Leicester uni's freshers week. I ticked that box several times when I was there; I really don't think my liver could handle it anymore image

    I had a nice 50 mile ride yesterday and just came back from 10 mile run. May sign up to another half mara soon to give myself another target to aim for...

  • Afternoon everyone, hope your weekends are going well.

    28 miles TG image Well done! I went and said hello to my bike in the shed today where it is still chained to the lawnmower for security reasons...........

    Well done on your 12 miles RA. Bleeding toes do not sound good to me, at the risk of being repetitive as this question may have been asked before, have you been to a specialist shop to be fitted for trainers?

    Waves back to Toby image

    Tim you've been very busy! How long does a 50 mile bike ride take you? Always good to have a target.

    Just 3 miles for me today, and lots of carbs of courseimage Toby i will join you on that diet in 2 weeks!

  • TraceyG, thanks.. think even end of May I was still recovering from Brighton! 28miles, great distance.. well done again image

    Hi Toby .. thanks. Definite improvement since attending Benfleet Running Club image

    Hi everyone else.

    Julia T.. well done on your 3 miles image Seriously, is IOW next week?? Get your bike ou! Relaxing cycle with the family is great image Saving for my C....something roadbike image

    5m at undulating Ingatestone today, PB at 49.32 image Well pleased, beat two people above me in the club list to earn 2 points for my team image Managed to 'pair up' with a 63yr old partially sighted runs every day otherwise he is wheelchair bound/legs seize up, and after taking over each other several times I asked if he could pace me image Really worked, he can't see hills or bends in advance, has photosomething with eye damage from measles when he was 16.. his pace was exactly steady whether up or down hill, or flat.. he paced me image His good turn, I helped guide him when cars came so one good turn deserves another... and PB image

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