Brighton Marathon 2011



  • toby, we're much in the same boat, I'm running the Birmingham Half on 24th October then quitting for 4-6 weeks as it is the only way that shin splints will heal. I don't want to as getting fit/starting all over is a pain in the a**e! But your Dr/phsyio will tell you the same, if you carry on too much you could do more damage and then.....

    Good luck at Leicester
  • Clairuns: you will have to let the forum know if you get your charity place for Brighton. Hope you do.

    Went for a gentle 5 mile pavement plod yesterday evening in 45 mins. Followed by an hour's front crawl at swimming pool. Feeling good again and hope to be recovered fully for this weekend's race. Gym finally finishes the refit today, so will head up there at tea time for a cross training session. Trouble now is I will have to suss out all the machines again rather then just doing my usual set work out!

    Anyone else planning on racing this weekend???

  • I've the potential of a 10k race which was my first ever race when I ran it last year; so i'm tempted to go for it and see if I can produce a better time, image  alternatively I might go for a curry and a few beers on saturday night instead!  image
  • Welcome Claire, hope you get a place at Brighton.

    Will leave work at a sensible time today and get a quick run in before dinner. Nothing special, just an easy plod with a few sprints throw in for good measure.

    I hope to run a half mara on the 10th Oct, but I'm unlikely to get in many runs between now and then. I'll be in Scotland next week, spending the weekend in Glen Coe and then going to the Isle of Syke to the Cuillins. No running, but plenty of climbing / walking should be enough image

    Happy running / healing to everyone. 

  • Another short run with the dogs last night, only 6km but I think (whisper)  my torn calf muscle is finally healed. I feel ready to run.  image
  • Ultra Ironwolf - fingers crossed re the calf.  Take it easy with a couple more easy runs before you get too ambitious. 

     I'm out racing this weekend - the London Rat Race.  You have to navigate your way around as many checkpoints as possible, some with challenges.  Last year we covered around 10 miles I think.  Will take the garmin this year to get a better idea and count it as this week's long slow run. 

  • Afternoon all

    Will try another run today then rest again tomorrow

    We are off up to Leicester on Friday evening to take the daughter back to uni so i am going to take my running gear with me and have a run around the last mile or so as it meant to be a long uphill climb

    Beetchawawa the rat run sounds like it could be a lot of fun and as for counting at as your long so run that a great idea always remember fit your plan around your life not your life around the plan

    Ultra Ironwolf that is good news i hope you’re out running soon

    Tim have a good break enjoy Scotland which half were you looking at

    P/P a run or curry and beer tough

    S/R hope it doesn’t take you long to suss the new machines out

  • Beetchawawa: Good luck at your Rat Race.

    Well the gym has sort of finished it's refit, though they still have lots to do, there are enougth machines in there to get a taste of what things will be like, and I'm impressed. The new treadmills are a dream to run on. The board on which the belt turns it a lot stiffer then the old ones, so there is less bounce on strides which seemed to help. Only ran 5 miles, but got a feel for things. The new X-Trainers are good too, also new bikes and weight machines. There are also 7 bikes at the back that are like arcade games where you get to race each other, however these are not turned on yet, so have to wait to try them. All the cross trainers and treadys in the back half of gym have TV screens fitted to them now, but not sure watching TV that close is what I want when cross training, yet alone running. Other then that new carpets and more TV screens put up on the walls. Just got to get the rest of the machines in now and decorate. So all good, and am pleased I still got my membership.

    A rest for me now until Saturday when I will have a gentle 5 miler to get my legs going for Sundays Marathon.

  • Hi everyone, sorry for being a bad forumite and not posting, this tapering lark has been keeping me busy! Trying very hard not to keep eating image Off out for 8 - 12 ish tomorrow then just little plods next week.

    I shall now read back and see what you have all been up to.

    TB well done on your fantastic race, I am seriously in awe of that time girl! and wow how inspiring is that man you ran with!

    TG well done on your 15 miler , some runs are just not fun are they.

    UI horses sounds great, we had them when i was growing up and just the smell of the dung heap transports me back - good times! Sounds like a great cycle tour. Fingers crossed the calf stays healed

    image DAD!! fantastic race well done! and winning the trophy too - awesome image

    Tim that is an imptessive time for 50 miles image wow! Scotland and the Isle of Skye sounds like a wonderful trip

    Toby hope the cold is better. I get your reasoning for not 'dieting' as such. I think i will just try and go for it and blitz off the last stone as quick as possible after IOW tho, no major races for a while then and i figure i MUST get quicker if i'm lighter? Wo-hoo 5 miles! well done image

    Beetchawawa well done on your great run image and good luck in the Rat Race

    PP well done on your race image Handy you were near the big lads to get in the pen! and the Red Arrows rock don't they! And ditto Beet, 1:46 is a time i can only dream of. Curry and beer on a saturday night sounds like a plan. and if the race is on sunday you might run even quicker with that lot inside you image

    SR well done on your fantastic race image awesome time. Hope you are feeling ok with your PB assault looming on sunday image Just read on and you sound like you're feeling fab. Your new gym sounds great, i think i may consider joining one after IOW. Good luck for sunday if i don't get back here

    Claireruns welcome, Brighton was my first marathon too and comes highly recommended. I am just a plodder but i can tell you, the pride i felt being part of it and having thousands of people cheering you on is just awesome. Cried buckets all the way round and the last mile was the most incredible moment of pretty much my entire life! Good luck with the place.

  • Morning all

    Managed 5 miles yesterday run on the treadmill luck i did it had been raining on and of all afternoon i did debate whether to go out for a run in the end decide to use the treadmill just as well i got in to the last mile and the havens open up outside to say a would have been a drown rat would have been an under statement

    Someone was smiling on me yesterday

    The run itself went ok struggled a bit but as it only the 2 run i am not going to worry to much at the moment

  • I won't be running tomorrow - we have our autumn dog trials at the club, I am not competing this time as my younger dog won't be ready until the spring exams, but I have to be there for support functions and also take my older dog in case of last minute withdrawals. In that case Oz will be needed as a non-competitive, during the obedience phase there always has to be two dogs at once - one dog performing the test and another at "down-stay" 30 metres from the handler, then you swap over. Oz has passed three times so can stand in at a moment's notice if needed.

  • Well I had a super-dooper-awesome run today, I ended up doing 10 miles and finished feeling really pumped up and shouting (inside my head, not out loud), ISLE OF WIGHT - BRING IT ON - YEAH!!!!!!!!

    I started off listening to an old episode of marathon talk, the one talking about Brighton and they interviewed Paula Radcliff, then i switched to pumping music which started at 160 bpm and ramped up to 180. By the end i was really flying image A wonderful thing happened too, i was running round the edge of a housing estate which is 3 miles round and i passed some workmen. I passed them again next lap and one of them called out with increduality " is this your SECOND lap??" to which i replied yes. "But it's 3 miles round isn't it???" yes i replied to which he said "bloomin heck" or some such. I pondered whether to tell him it was a mere 10 mile run today, or to mention marathons but decided that he would not be able to cope with such news. So i left him with his mouth open at the thought that i could actually run SIX MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (it was tempting to take another spin round and pass him for a 3rd time but sense prevailed. i am supposed to be tapering after all) image

    Well done on the run Toby, bound to be a bit tough after the lay-off i guess.

    Enjoy the dog trials UI image

  • pmsl Julia T! I couldn't used to keep quiet when doing the half mile constant park runs to stay near the public loos... when asked how many times I'm going round, I would say 'it's only 10miles today, I'm training for a marathon'! Funny concept still that when you mention Marathon, people still think London is the only marathon around!

    Well done on your training and tapering. How great was it doing 'only 10'. It's getting closer!

    p.s. my time 5m race was 48.. not 49.32! The seconds have slipped off the scanned in results on the website though.

    Track tomorrow morning, then off to Clacton to support OH in Sprint Tri.

    Happy training/running/racing everyone image

  • TB I am getting fed up of people asking me how long the IOW marathon is. ....................DER it's a MARATHON. I say TWENTY-SIX POINT TWO MILES. SAME AS ALL THE OTHER MARATHONS. THAT'S WHY THEY ARE CALLED MARATHONS.


    And how ridiculous is it that I'm saying to Mr T, 'i'm not worried about the distance, i mean i can do 26.2 miles, it's the hills that are bothering me' image

    WOW that's some race you ran, you've really speeded up since the Bluebells image well done image Good luck to Mr TB in Clacton.

    sorry if that was a loud post, too much shouting!

  • Julia T - don't waste your breath dearie, most of the general public have no clue about race distances. I think it only means something to other athletes, for instance a 10km runner knows how far a marathon is, same as any triathlete knows an Ironman is 226km, or 140.6 miles. Most couch potatoes know nothing about sport, or if they do, it's limited to footy.
  • Very true UI, but I think I've educated a fair few people image

    SR I forgot to wish you a good race today and good luck for your PB attempt, hope it all goes well.

  • Afternoon all

    well were back from Leicester daughter safely deposited managed a 30 minute run while i was there run up new walk around Victoria park which will be the end of the race and then back down new walk and back to the holiday express by walkers stadium weather was perfect if it like this in 2 weeks I’ll be laughing

    When we got back to Bristol went out and joined the gym and then went for a swim

    Haven’t received may race pack yet will give to Wednesday then get in touch with the organizers

    Julia T well done shout as like loud as you like you deserve to laughs at the workman

  • No running for me this week-end. Physio suggested some rest would help my groin and that when I run again, Thursday, I need cut things down a bit but should be back on track the following Thursday.

    Also as I've had a fair bit of bleeding from some blisters on my toes my wife strongly encouraged me to go to the docs, not what I wanted to do, and I dutifully did. Anyway the nurse said I needed to stop running for a week to give time for the blisters to heal, otherwise I would get much worse and i wouldn't be able to run at all. I've now invested in some "blister healing plasters" and a roll-on that's supposed to help prevent blisters, let's hope so.

     So rest for me on two fronts.

    Keep on running!!!!!!!!

  • RA - they sound yucky, hope they heal rapidly and you're back on the roads soon.

    Was supposed to run a 10k race this morning but last nights extra half of Guinness wreaked havoc with that plan! image

    Bournville 10k next week instead image
  • ooooooo PP is that in chocolate country???

    RA image gross!! It's tough to have to rest but if it makes it worse to run then you have to be sensible i guess. Easier said than done though!

    Toby welcome back, glad you had a good time image

    Just 3 miles for me today then went to in-laws for a HUGE lunch image trouble is she always caters for the 5000 and there were only 6 of us today!

  • Woohoo... I've got my running mojo back! Since the BM I struggled to get out running least to enjoy it but ran the Run to the Beat today and quite enjoyed it so now onto April!
  • I ran the New Forest Marathon yesterday and am pleased to report I have a new PB of 3:23. This gave me a position of 45th out of 496, so all in all I am pleased with my result. Thought it was a lovely race to run, with horses to dodge on the road in places! and great scenery in other parts. Weather was kind with cool conditions. Went for a meal afterwards in a local pub, but did find eating such a large dinner hard so soon after running difficult! Only down point is I bust my zip on my running jacket I only bought back in summer, so will have to try and get a refund at JJB latter!

    Now time to get ready for Isle Of Wight Marathon this weekend.

  • SR - Congrats on the PB and good luck for the IoW.

     JuliaT - certainly is, and the running club serves great cakes afterwards - always one of the benefits of running the 10k!  image

  • Morning all

    well i done it myself this time walked into the corner of a self at work last night not watching what i was doing and now have bruised a rib i being to think someone’s trying to tell me something oh well get it all out of the way now and hopefully next year i will be injury free

    Still on for the H/F but am going to have to step the training up as i was puffing like a train after  the run on Saturday

    S/R well done on the PB sorry to hear about the jacket i hope you don’t have any trouble getting it swapped are local JJB sports went when they had all that trouble a while back good luck with the IOW marathon this weekend

    adjw glad the mojo’s back

    Julia T just put it down to carb loading

    Running Again hope the groin gets better soon and as for the blisters it a good idea to let them heal you don’t want to end up like Eddie Izarard with half your toe hanging off

  • SR - that's a great PB, well done. 25 mins better than I've ever run or ever will again.
  • image fantastic news SR, well done image I will not even be eating your dust on sunday then, it will have had plenty of time to settle before i get there image I am number 80, look out for bright pink socks and a wobbly belly and that will be me image

    Toby so sorry to hear about your rib, it can only be onwards and upwards now surely?

    PP cakes sound image you will deserve one or 2 after 10k after all image

    Adjw glad to hear your mojo has returned, how did you find run to the beat? I heard some not such good reports so did the 4 parks instead last year

    Another rest day, have cut back on the food.

  • Hello...... been a bit busy the last few months. Not had time to go to the loo let alone run or post messages about running....  I now feel fat, unfit, stressed, tired and irritable.... anyone want to talk to me? No don't blame you...

    Glad to see you're all still hard at it.

    I have sent myself an outlook invitation to go for a run tomorrow evening.... so it's in my diary.... we'll see



    P.S, Having not run for 2 months, will I have any fitness left or will I be starting from scratch now? I suspect I know the answer to that, I just don't want to beleive it.

  • Hellooooooooooooo BR, nice to see you again - of course we'll talk to you!

    Good luck with your run sure are going to need it! Haha, only kidding, you'll be fine but i suspect you may not be able to do a 15 miler tomorrow image (but if you prove me wrong i don't mind)

  • Thanks Julia,

    7 tomorrow hopefully. That is (was) my normal mid week distance so I'll be furious if I can't even manage that

    I'll let you know

  • I don't talk to fat, unfit, miserable, stressed.... oh! there you are! Hi BR! So how did your run go? I think not running for 2 months and work stresses may make you slower, may make your distance planned shorter but am sure there's some statistics somewhere about how long it takes you to get your fitness back but think it's only a matter of a few weeks.

    ajw, hi! welcome back image Did RTTB last two years, this year clashed with OH Clacton Tri, but to be honest, I didn't enjoy the route either of the years ... nor the music ... nor the rain ... Hope you had a good time!

    Julia T.. when's IOW Mara?

    Hi everyone else...

    Southend 10k for me on Sunday.. is my sub-60 race.. hopefully!

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