Brighton Marathon 2011



  • Ok, i've read it all but too much to reply to individually BUT......

    PP shame on you - you made me laugh!

    2btiny sorry to hear about your injury again image Lots of rest is the only way i guess. I'm joining you on the diet by the way....

    TB i don't mind you stalking me! How did your race go?

    TG Brighton AND London! go you!

    SR sorry to hear you wasted a nice meal image I managed to have a nice shower and a chill out before we ate! Yes would have like a ribbon but i've pinched one off a charity 5K i did that matches nice. I thought the last downhill was a pig, i couldn't stop and my legs went to mush! And the sponge stations were funny weren't they. But i thought the marshalls were absolutely fab, and several old ladies at bus stops clapped as i went by image Have you seen your photo by the way on the website? Very nice.

    Right, off to stir the beef stew. Waves to everyone else

  • Afternoon all

    just back from the gym did 10 minutes on the bike to warm up then 4 miles on the treadmill 3 miles at 9:13mm pace then a recovery mile at 11:58mm pace then in for a swim

  • Hi all

    Well done Julia and Solent Runner for the Isle of Wight marathon.

    TobeTiny - sorry to hear of your injury, I hope its all better soon.

  • Charlotte well done on your PB's, always a good feeling. I have a habit of shouting YES! quite loud when i manage to get one image

    UI image

    Good evening Toby <<<<<wave wave>>>>>>>>>>>

  • Sorry to iterrupt guys!!  If anyone hears of a Brighton space going?? - I'm really desperate to run this with my Mum who's hopefully managed to get a place through a name transfer! Ta muchly xx
  • Morning all

    Off up the gym again today to do the same as yesterday and that will be me until Sunday

    We are travelling up to Leicester on Friday night then taking the car back to Roberts on Saturday morning hoping to check out a couple of cheering locations for the wife and daughter then back to the hotel to use the heath club

    PinkSparkie new Pb had a place going have a look at the previous page

  • new pb already gave his or her place to PinkSparkie's Mum!
  • Julia T: Just had a quick look at the IoW photos, and another one of me looking worse for wear, but with a Police car in the back ground this time! Not one for the photo album.

    Been down the gym these last few days and back to doing my usual workouts after 4 weeks of taking easy due to races at weekend. Am getting back into it, but forgot how much it tires you out! Getting withdrawal symptoms from not having a race this weekend! Only 2 weeks until my next though, only 10 miles at Great South Run. Will have to get some beers in the fridge ready to take an easy one this weekendimage

    P.S. There seems to be a lot of people looking for places at Brighton. Glad I signed up when I did.

  • Morning all

    Well off to Leicester later today so may not get a chance to post again though they do have internet connection in the rooms so may well take lap top with me

  • Toby3 - good luck, the weather is meant to be sunny so just have fun, I am sure you can do it.

    Well done SR and JuliaT, SR have a good rest this weekend and a few beers, I have the Great Eastern on Sunday.

    Take care all.

  • Hi all,

    As previously mentioned, was thinking of Bath Half in March as  run up to Brighton, but have just read info for Rhayader Round the lakes 20mile, which is also at beginning of March - am quite tempted to do this instead.It seems a bit hilly for first 5/6 miles but then mostly downhill! do you think this would be better prep? Bearing in mind furthest I've ever run so far is 14 miles, it might be a "landmark" distance to aim for in my training, as motivation, before I start easing down towards April.

    All advice welcome.Ta

  • Virago, if it was me I would opt for Rhayader simply because Bath half seems to get quite a bit of bad press.  Whatever you opt for you will need to get some long slow runs in so try not to wrap yourself up in too many races. If you do Rhayader I would use it as a training run and nothing more...but build up your milage slowly towards that distance.

    Might look at it myself. image

  • hi Dips - you over the injury now and back into running??

    Virago - what Dips says makes good sense as there is a danger of trying to race a 20 when in reality your experience says you're better suited to racing a 1/2. if you do Rhayader, then use it as a training run. I've run the Bath 1/2 - sure there were issues with it when I did it but it's not a bad event, although very busy.

  • Hi everyone, blimey can't believe how big this thread has become! Only problem is now I can't seem to locate the info about the this the right place for that stuff? Just trying to find out how hilly the first half is and secondly, whether anyone has been or is going to one of the training days. How long is the run and how useful is the info if you've already done a few marathons (albeit not particularly well!). Thanks K
  • no to the training days - don't see I would gain anything after many marathons. is the info about them not on the BM website??

    as for the course - yes there are "hills" in the 1st half but they are nothing to worry about. I would call them "upflats" rather than hills. don't worry about them

  • Hello FB image  I'm getting back slowly and not quite so surely. Did the Causeway Half Marathon last weekend and really struggled with the distance so definately need to get a bit more milage in my old legs. Been umming and arrring about Barns Green Half or if to simply 'enjoy' some shorter races until the New Year whilst building a better base to launch from.

    I'm also umming and arring over the Evans Ride it Sportive at Gatwick!!

  • Continuing my injury come-back, I ran 7km last night and felt ok. My calf is a bit sore this morning but all in all, seems not to have suffred any further damage so looks like I'm going to be ok to start running properly again.


  • Hmmm,

    Bath Half is 6th March, so might aim to "race" that one, and then Rhayader is about 16th of March, so I think I will take your advice and do it "just for fun"! To be honest, it is the scenery, and the challenge, that appeals to me rather than being "fast"but having something to aim for motivates me much more than just plodding away. Do you think doing both would be overdoing it?

    Dips- would love to have some company, as long as you're not too fast!!image I'm aiming to do Brighton in 4hrs.

  • Have just noticed they do a 10mile race in November at Rhayader too, a less hilly part of the same circuit, might have a go at that first, so I know what's coming!
  • " new pb already gave his or her place to PinkSparkie's Mum!"

    Actually Ironwof, he didn't! (Wish he had)

    Both of us are still looking for places, so if you know any injured runners or those who may have a VLM place and only want to run one...please get in touch asap.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Helen, long time no see!
  • Hit the treadmill in the gym earlier for a speed session. Managed 10 miles in just 1:10, which I am pleased with, but feel more training effort is required to nail a sub 1:10 in race scenario. Also did some weights, rowing and swimming.

    toby & Spen: good luck with your half's this weekend.

  • Hi Redhead and Ironwolf (waves) - who else on here have I hugged?
  • Hello Redhead........Hello, long time no see you too!!!!
  • Virago...the only thing I'm fast at is knocking back a glass of vino image . Whilst I would love a sub 4 at Brighton I will wait and see how the training goes and my foot holds out.  I may join you for the 20,  just need to work out a few logistics.
  • Helegant - I do hope you get a place, it would be lovely to see you again, it's been a long time. Hope your ministry has turned out to be all you wanted it to be.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hello 2btiny. Hope to see you again at Brighton image
  • Thanks IW - thebest job in the world. Running is finally coming back together again too after more setbacks.
  • Ha ha SR, do police cars often follow you then? Oh no, hang on, it was going the other way.....At least the man on the bicycle slowed down a bit so he was not in my picture!

    Good luck for sunday Toby and Dad, and indeed to anyone else racing.

    Virago, a HM or 20 miler is a great way of getting in a long run in company, just be careful you're not tempted to push too hard and either injure yourself or take too much out of yourself before Brighton. (just my opinion though)

    Hi Dips, nice to see you again, are you running Brighton this year?

    Welcome aboard Kaly. Bit of an incline in the first half up to Rottingdean school but nothing to worry yourself about.

    Hello FB as well, nice to see you again too image

    UI good news that you can start running again

    Redhead was it you who knitted last year?

    I am still having a nice rest after the IOW, planning a little plod on sunday to see what the legs feel.

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