Brighton Marathon 2011



  • Have you looked at the RW training plans on here?

    Depends on your goals for the season and your training background. Everyone is different as regards experience and the training load they can handle comfortably. Personally I map out my "A" races for the coming year and mark them on the calendar, then count backwards to find the date I need to dedicate my training for each one, then work out a compromise to fit, not forgetting to add in the all-important recovery time. My top race next year is the Ironman triathlon in Regensburg on 7th August, 30 weeks back from there brings me back to 9 January.  I am concentrating on cycling at present with easy runs added, and winter swim training begins next week. Switching main emphasis to marathon training on 20 December . Recovery time easy training for a couple of weeks after Brighton mara, then back to tri training.

  • And helegant - such good news! We will have to agree on a place to meet up on marathon day. I shall wear a Pirate top.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Helen, that's brilliant news! See you & IW (and everyone else I hope) there image
  • I assume I'm in the everyone else group now Redhead??


  • Well I have actually known helegant longer than I've known you, FB!
  • off out now with Nemo for a run in this lovely sunshine.
  • Something in your eye GF?

    (and you had a point about the lack of crowds and the hills in the IOW, i remembered your wise remarks)

    Hi Helegant, glad to see you.

    Waves to everyone else.

    and anyone notice my new picture?image

  • JuliaT - love the new picture image
  • Afternoon all

    No running or gym for me today as we have guest coming over to night for a meal and I was under strict instructions from the O/H that i was to help prepare everything as it was my idea guess who’s the boss in our house

    Shall go for a swim tomorrow had a nasty shock when I got on the weighing scales today I was 13st 03lbs

    So as from tomorrow will have to make a concretive effort to loses the extra weight and get my fitness back up

    Julia T love the new picture and again great going  on the I.O.W

  • Julia - You look lovely and slim in your new photo image
  • 'Lo everyone.  Sorry been very lax in my attendance on the thread for aaaaages.  Hope everyone's doing ok.

     Anyone going to the training day on Sunday?

  • Kaz - I really cannot get excited about Brighton as it is a long way away yet. Hope you have a great day at the sea side. It is not meant to be very windy on Sunday, so that is good news.
  • Cardiff Half for me on Sunday - i went to a training day for this a while back and as a beginner found it quite interesting- physios etc. talking about the mechanics of running, and there were lots of free samples of different sports bars and drinks to try and to take home. Worth it for that if nothing else.

    I am also hoping for no wind, and pref. no sun on Sunday!

  • Been busy everyday this week down the gym. Back up to usual workout loads after numerous easy weeks due to events. Has not been to bad, but going to push the boat out again tomorrow and head out for a long 25 miler, which is something I have not done in training since start of last month so looking forward to seeing the route again now autumn colours have returned. Will keep this level of training up until next Wednesday and then begin a short tapper for Great South Run.

    Just entered a couple more marathons for next year, the North Dorset Village and Steyning Stinger, so my spring race calender is filling quite nicely now.

    Julia T: every time I look at your profile picture, it will remind me of all those hills over IoW image.

    Virago: good luck with Cardiff on Sunday. 

  • Good evening, 5 for me today, felt fantastic, like i was flying. My legs feel so strong after the IOW!

    Thanks Dad image

    Waves to Toby

    Tracey G thank you, the number did a good job of hiding my wobbly belly image

    Hi Kaz, nice to see you again. I would have loved to have gone to the training day but it's too far for me, have a great time and if you find out anything interesting .........

    Virago good luck on sunday, a gentle drizzle would probably be alright for you too - keep you cool?

    Blimey SR you make me tired just reading about your exercise exploits! I was pleased with the picture, the only thing is that i had to chop loads off it to get it small enough so i couldn't include as much of those hills in the picture and i wanted image

  • Morning all


    Well went over the gym yesterday with the O/H did 10 minutes on the bike 10 on the cross trainer and the same on the treadmill using one of the built in programs then a swim so begins the road to recover

     I really need to lose the stone in weight I have put on over the last two months but ideally would love to lose at least 2st but have been trying that for the last 2 year without much luck so have just joined the weight loss name and shame thread started by Julia T 

    Let’s hope with a bit of support I will be more successful

     I may change physio as every time I ask how long he thinks i should lay off the running he never seems to want to offer the advice and in fact when I said about laying off the running to Christmas got the reply the longer you lay off the harder it is to get back into
  • Virago - Regarding training plans I use the ones based on "Run Less Run Faster", just google and you'll find the website. There's a book with the same title which I've found very helpful. Hope it all goes well.
  • Julia T: I know what you mean with having to crop your photo's. You get next to nothing left, which is the main reason I do not have race photo's in mine. I am quite happy now with my latest picture. Was out on my long today and where I run along the beach is almost opposite Ryde, IoW. I was looking over to the hills at Ryde at about mile 22 thinking how much easier it was today with an almost flat route. Over the IoW, I was so shattered by mile 20, I was doing the marathon shuffle for those last 6 milesimage.

    toby: sounds like your having fun down your gym. I know from when I was injured that without the cross training and swimming, my fitness levels would all have dropped. So is worth the effort.

    Well went out for long 25 mile run earlier. Managed this in 3:28, so quite pleased. Cool, dry weather conditions made things pleasant.

    Good luck to anyone out racing this weekend.

  • 3 miles for me today.Probably more pleased with that than SR is with the 25 miler. It's a start. 
  • Proabaly not.

    I'm buzzing from all the endorphins that have been released into my system. What with my Who, cd playing as well, I'm as naturally high as I can getimage

  • Just back from a weeks golf in Portugal, never seen so much rain image ran a couple of 4 milers before my friends surfaced in the morning and ran three rounds of golf whilst pulling a trolley!! Not sure that counts as training but certainly got me a few strange looks. Hockey tomorrow, no beer then a long (90 minute) run on Sunday before a weeks rest for next Sundays Birmingham Half.
  • SR - Now it's getting on in the evening you may have come down????????
  • Good evening folks, rest day today, running tomorrow with Mr T. I have a hankering for countryside and the sea and hills and............oh s*d it i'm getting IOW sick image all we have here are factories and housing estates image Oh well we will be back over in 10 days or so image

    SR FANTASTIC run for you. I've been trying to come up with a who related quip or two but have failed. But i have now got magic Bus playing off youtube and will be moving on to i'm free soon. Weirdly i found the last 6 miles the best of the race, i think by keeping steady at the start i saved a bit. and the buzz of overtaking people helped too. My last mile was my quickest!

    Fab news on your 3 miles Helegant, have one of these image

    PP glad you had a nice time in spite of the rain. Always assuming that you DID have a nice time of course......

    Waves to RA and Toby and everyone else, good luck to any racers sunday

  • Running Again: didn't really come down all evening. Started to feel worn out and tired as opposed to high though as the hours pastimage I'm addicted to runners highimage

    Julia T: I started way to fast over IoW. In the first ten miles I was doing 7:30 miles and up to about position 15th. But by the last six miles having been over taken by a few people I was cruising ten minute miles. That last hill we went down did not make it easier for me, my legs were all over the place by then and my running gait was not smooth. Was glad to cross the line. 2 weeks ago now, seems ages. I did see Ryde Harriers are doing a 10 mile event first week in February next year. Am tempted, but not sure, so having a think about it.

    Peter Pan: sounds like you enjoyed Portugal, despite the rain.

    Went out this morning for 10 miles along beach, nothing fast as legs are still tired form yesterdays effort. 

  • Morning all

    New week new start I must try and get out for  a run this week I have managed to get over the gym at least twice last week and we have been swimming nearly every day but the calf muscle has still been quite tight it does now seem to have easing of

    This however is the longest it has taken me to recover from an H/M normally I run the race in the morning and is mange to go to work on the evening with no side effects but this time I could hardly walk for 2 days

    Old age is caching up I think and I did wonder when I started running 2 years ago how long the body would last before it fell apart

    Back to work on Monday or I would be if I didn’t have a 3 day first aid course to go to so I am on days this week which will make a nice change and it does mean I will be home on the evening for another week

    So I won’t be able to get over the gym until Thursday so I will either have to use the one in the garage or go out for a run the weight loss is going badly but now I am back to work it may help

  • just popped in to wave

    SR yes the last hill was a pig! i was like the runaway train and my legs screamed at me!

  • Little bit over 12 miles this morning in 1:39:20 always a bit of a tough one after playing hockey on the Saturday but pleased with it. Beautiful running weather. Rest all week and the Birmingham Half next Sunday.

    Enjoy your week one and all.
  • Only 5km run on Friday and 8km on Sunday, plus 2500m swum yesterday too. My calf seems to be holding up ok so going to up the distances a bit this week. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    I got an email yesterday about a charity race with dogs, did it last year with Nemo, we ran the 15km course. People without dogs can run too but they all start together. Handlers with dogs go at 1-minute intervals. That was when I found out that this dog doesn't have a competitive instinct, we got passed by a lab and a husky. Nemo paid them no attention. Not like Oz, our white shepherd - he wants to pass anyone he sees, whether with 4 legs or 2!

  • No running for me this weekend, or actually since last weekend. However, I did spend the weekend in Brighton, visiting friends and drinking far too much wine, beer and rum. Still, was good fun and its good to have time off. I kinda told myself that I would have two / three weeks completely off, where I can eat / rest and gain a few pounds that I lost over the summer! But I'm already itching to get back....

    PP all the best for next weekend. Take it easy

    Toby chin up. You went into your half injured; its bound to take a while until your back up to full strength.

    Julia I'm not sure where your from, but I always wonder how people get on with long runs when they live in city. Must be a lot of stop / starting at road junctions. Can you not drive out somewhere for better scenery?

    UI good luck. Hopefully you'll be fine!

    Everyone else Hello image

  • Good afternoon hope all are well, keep going Toby3 you will get their in the end.

    UI the dog race sounds good fun.

    PP - good luck next Sunday.

    Managed to get 14 miles done on Saturday morning and 7 miles this morning so got my enthusiasm back after the disaster of a HM, but only got until friday and then off for 2.5 weeks on holiday, for some sun, sand, pools, and good family time and a few drinks (but I will take my trainers)

    Take care all

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