Ex- Eastenders



  • Roly the poodle and where's wellard been recently?
  • May I remind you all that Eastenders isn't real... ok?
  • What do you mean Jon? Of course it's real.
  • Jon... you have just shattered all my illusions,I was saving up for the train fare to go and see little Mo,oh and dont you dare say that Emmerdale isnt real............
  • Jon...not real
    This from the man who had to be surgically removed from his remote when Big Brother was on......
  • Dont start me on BB
    It was worse than this forum for addictive qualities-I think
    Ask me in 9 weeks
  • Benz
    Are you minging?
  • What happened to that bloke who had the club called "The Dagmar" and attacked Cathy, Wilmott Brown thats his name, was he killed of or did he leave ???
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