gel belts

Does anyone know whether I will be able to find gel belts at the excel expo this week? I am running london on Sunday and I need a belt to carry all my gels image  Thank you!


  • I've seen them there - but which gel belt do you need ? They are usually different size loops for the different size gels ?

     Wiggle normally do next day delivery if thats any use ?

  • yes you will. there will be several stands selling them.

    I prefer the sis one as it fits most gels but check that the one you buy fits your preferred gels

  • I have been using the lucozade gels...

  • Thank you...
  • 6.99!! Wow, it was 9.99 a few days ago!

    Was gonna order one earlier and this thread has now answered my wonder about whether it would hold Lucozade Gels as well as SIS as I alternate between them on LSRs


    EDIT: !!! Free P&P too!

  • Take a sewing kit with you in case when you open up the packet any of the gel loops are coming loose. I had some downtime before the Malta marathon & went out & got a sewing kit and fixed up my SiS belt (which was coming unstitched in quite a major way). Now solid as a rock.
  • I agree with the sewing kit comment. My SIS belt started coming undone after a few uses.
  • My High5 belt has been fine for years - but I'll check it out before the race - just in case !
  • Never used a belt before... Now nervous it may come undone half way to race! Good luck to all of you running london on sunday!
  • I saw them at the expo last night image  I got my SIS belt from Amazon and I've found it really good.
  • My sis belt loops started to come undone so yes you may want to stitch as reinforcement.  I have changed to a belt called run and move and I did see these at one of the stands.  I changed because I am petite and run and move do a small which actually is still too big but does hold lucozade securely!

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