New Improved Runners World

I was discussing how repetitive and boring RW magazine was with my 6 year old daughter and she suggested some great ideas :-

1. Design your own running shoes - an article would describe how to buy some plain white running shoes and how to customise them using felt tip pens, stick-on sequins etc. She suggested some suitable themes might be Barbie Princess for the ladies and Star Wars for the men.

2. Make your own waterproof cap - a freebie on the front cover would be a peice of polythene marked out where it could be cut and glued or taped together to make a free waterproof baseball cap.

3. Fictional stories e.g. the man that runs 10,000 miles a day...

Perhaps you can see where the inspiration is coming from, but she assures me that you would read it until August with all that in it !


  • I took my 6 yr old nephew for a little run as he was asking to come with me when I was heading out the door. His running style was to run flat out for about 50 yards, then stop and take a theatrical inhalation of his asthma pump, then another flat out stint and so on. I informed him that Paula Radcliffe also has to use an inhaler, hoping to fill him with hope and enthusiasm, to which he responded that he knows someone who can run faster than her...
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