Quiet supporter areas

Does anyone know how busy it gets for supporters round Canary Wharf?
My friends and family are heading to the Cat and Canary, will this be a good spot for them?


  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭
    It gets busy around the 15 mile area, near the pub (the flower pot?). They might be better to go and bit further down from here.
  • The Cat and the Canary is nr mile 19 I think
  • The Cat and Canary is on Fisherman's walk which is just off the North Colonnade and therefore just off the route. They'll have to go on to the North Colonnade to see the race. It's about a 2 min walk.
  • Too Toucan, is there a pub in that area that is on the route. My mum is on the knee replacement list so can't stand around for very long so would be great if she could get a seat close by.
  • Take one of those folding chairs ? They're lightweight and under a fiver last time I bought one ?
  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    Sit outside ASDA, it's one of the quieter stretches around 18
  • As I remember from a couple of years ago, Canary Wharf itself was the only silent point on the whole run - thousands of people looking out for their runners but not making any noise. It was disheartening!
  • Did you have your earphones in ? Canary Wharf is a wall of sound !
  • Will the Rotherhithe tunnel be open to pedestrians trying to go from saaf of tha rivah, up to Limehouse area?
  • There's a quiet spot around mile 17, near Mudchute DLR station.
  • TDB - if you mean the foot tunnel from Cutty Sark then it's closed on the day as a consequence of refurb work for the Olympics. Greenwich Council reckon it's too dangerous with all the scaffolding and volume of people who'd want to use it so have laid on a ferry instead. Alternatively use the DLR from Greenwich.
  • Apologies for the late reply Troublesome knees. Hope that you get this in time. The City Pride is right on the route. It is about 3 mins walk from Heron Quays DLR or about 5 mins walk from Canary Wharf tube. They have a balcony that overlooks the route too. The beauty of the location is that runners go past twice.  It is advisable to get there early though. See link below.


  • Tricky Dicky,

     I am not sure that pedestrians are allowed in the Rotherhithe tunnel but even if they are I wouldn't advise it. Too many fumes.

  • My apologies Tricky Dicky, 

    I have just found out that pedestrians are allowed in the tunnel and that a group of 20 hardy souls brave the journey every day. I wonder what their lungs are like.


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