south manchester running club?

Hello - I'm new round here...

 Was just wondering if anyone can recommend a running club in the south Manchester area?  I'm the absolute opposite of fast but would be nice to run with a friendly bunch of people every now and then....



  • I'm not in a club myself, but I know people in Manchester Harriers (Gatley), Stockport Harriers, Wilmslow, Altrincham, Belle Vue... and they're all good image image

  • mine

    but only if you are a laydee

    (waits to reignite the gender argument)

    Northern Sole

  • Where abouts in the South Manchester area are you Softy? 

  • snake-hipssnake-hips ✭✭✭

    any more for any more?

    Just moved to West Didsbury,

  • Hi, I'm in Chorlton and would like a regular run buddy to help improve my 10k and 5k times (50mins/ 24mins respectively. Free any time apart from Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
  • also in west didsbury , there is chorlton running club who meet at the chorlton water park sunday mornings ? they have a website worth checking out , or we all get together for a run every now and again ?!
  • I'm looking for a club to get involved with too, I live in West Point near Kingsway. Unfortunately I don't drive so have to rely on public transport to get anywhere, so some of the clubs are out of the question due to this. Noticed the Belle Vue Racers train at Sportcity, but even that is two bus rides away from me. I could do with somewhere closer to where I live.
    Also, I work til 9pm several nights a week on fixed days so I can only train with a club on Tues, Weds one week and Weds, Thurs the following week. I work 13 hour shifts at weekends so impossible to train those days image
    If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them.

    Many Thanks..
  • Hiya! I moved to Manchester a couple of years ago but still feel pretty new and struggling to meet people. any ideas of friendly running clubs that arent too serious in south of manchester (west didsbury preferbly)? 

  • Check us out.

    We also have a lively Facebook page and have pepple on run most days
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