Top of toes blisters


I have looked to see if this has been discussed before but was unable to find anything to relate to the specific type of blister i have been having, but apologies if this is repeating any previous threads.

I run frequently and last week completed my first marathon. After the race, i noticed i had blisters on the top of my toes. They are around the end of some of the toes but mainly on the top,and extend under the toenails. This has also happened to me before, a year or so ago, during a half marathon, but doesnt really seem to happen the rest of the time, even during long training runs. The trouble is, when i do get these blisters they put me off my feet for a looong time and make it painful even to walk.

I am wondering what causes them and how can they be prevented- i am sure it is not that my shoes are too small, as they fit well. I am also pretty sure it is not that my toes are slipping and hitting the end of the toebox, as i actually have a really large big toe compared to my other toes, and i dont get it on that toe- only on the 2nd and 3rd toe of each foot.

Any ideas?


  • I get the same.

    Pop them with a sterile needle- the relief when the fluid drains is great, but leave the skin attached-it'll form a nice hard layer, and you'll be able to run again in a week or so.

    I have gone up by a half size for my shoes for any run over 10 miles, and it's been a big help- doesn't totally solve it, but definitley better. My shoes weren't too small either, but your feet do grow a lot on a long run.

  • i had that too, i got a half size bigger shoes and still got them on my third toes - so i now use (used to - injured at present) gel toe caps - from superdrug, this has solved all my blister probs, hope this helps.
  • I usually suffer with vey sensitive and blisted toe ends ( 2nd one in from big toe ) due to clenched toes and the gen shape of them.

    I recently purchased some gel toe caps from Boots 3.99 each and concentrated on relaxing my toes whilst running.

    I have had a 95% improvement.

    Good luck

  • this is very interesting. I clench my toes when running and get painful under toe and top of toe blisters. I've had my gait analysed and had my shoes fitted by a specialist running shop, aswell as purchasing twin layer wicking socks. Another thread recommends duct tape on the areas where blisters are likely to happen. May try that next time. Have also just laced my trainers using the locking method, will see if that helps too. But when you get blisters it really does put you off and makes any subsequent training very painful.


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