lower back pain when walking

Hi, I keep getting problem after problem at the moment. Been battling shin splints and numeral other calf pains so have been wearing orthotics for months now. Recently I have been getting lower back pain when walking, my lower leg pains just don't seem to go away despite cutting running. I think my whole biomicanics/posture Is screwed. Any advice? image


  • Hi, had the lower back thing too a while ago. Introduced a few new stretches and problem was gone in a matter of days. Must admit I was pretty lazy and hardly ever stretched at all before that. Good luck!
  • Hi....I have been suffering back and biomechanical problems for five months which originally surfaced as a variety of leg muscle injuries and it was not until s-4 months later that I had any back pain.

    If you believe it to be biomechanics, I would suggest maybe a good osteopath as first port of call as they can rule in and out the biomechanics versus possible lower back issues. You will probably be pleasantly suprised by what they can do.

    I have learnt by trial and error that trying to eliminate one thing at a time is the best route as if you go for all diagnosis and magic pills to start, then you will end up with nothing but confusion and prolonged injury.


  • I started off the same without back pains but just leg muscle pains. They started last July as what was expected to be shin splints. But I get all sorts of different pains all over my lower legs and ankles. I can't go to any more speciailists I seen a ostepath, physiotherapist and two different podiatrists. Was given two different styles of orthotics, had sports massages and accupuncture numeral times and spent over £400 on sessions alone without the £80 orthotics and I can't afford to carry on. I'm suspicous of a stress fracture but I'm trying to join the Army and have a week away with the Army In a month and don't want anything showing on my medical records as I've been waiting to join for too long. It's really frustrating image
  • Blimey...your tale of woe shares common ground with mine...I also have tried every treatment under the sun without joy including spinal injections et al. It is soul destroying and expensive. The complaint has cost me a very well paid job and my sanity so can understand your army frustration, you truly have my sympathy for what it is worth.

    Ironically the most progress that I have made is by stopping all treatments, resting, reduced alcohol intake dramtically and walking 3 miles for exercise everyday. Dare I say it but I have have had symptom free days in recent weeks. In two weeks I have got further than all four and a bit months of physios, osteopath (although he was the best), doctors, bowen therapy, specialists etc...

    I am also going to ask for blood tests as I have met a number of people who have had similar problems and only after having blood tests have they found the true answer.


  • Yep It sure sucks! I get periods where I will be pain free but as soon as I do any long distance walking or running It comes straight back. I walk around all day at work and have no car so I'm for ever on my feet. I'm going to try stretching my full legs every morning, afternoon and night as well as ice every night for 2 weeks and attempt not to put too much weight on my feet when I can help It. Hope for the best, hope you get yours sorted as well! I as well stopped alcohol consumption, I used to get loads of cramps mainly In my upper legs and I thought It could of been due to alcohol dehydrating my muscles which It did help.
  • I might add the only advantage to this problem as I started to focus on upper strength In the gym and now I'm hooked to the bodybuilding lark.
  • The past few days I've stopped wearing my orthotics constantly (ie not at work ect) and will wear them now and then whilst going out ect. Instead of ice I've been applying deep heat at night and I've notice less pains already and less cramps/tightness In the muscles. I find the regular icing contracts the muscle size causing them needing a lot of stretching and pulling pains. Just thought I'd make this a little progress htread for myself.
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