The Great Clarendon Marathon

Doing Berlin the week before so wondering if this one will be a touch of madness!


  • Did it last year the week after dying at New Forest and will be doing them both again this year.
    It's an excellent event. Really well organised. Beautiful route.
  • I've just done my first marathon (Stratford) and am keen to do a second one in the autumn. The first was about proving I could do it and second will be about seeing how fast I can do it. Given that I'm hoping to go from 5h34m to under 5 hours, is the Great Clarendon Marathon a reasonable one to attempt? (My concerns are (1) will there be enough people at the same low standard as me so that I don't look stupid! and (2) is the route suitable for trying to improve on your time?)

    Any advice will be gratefully received.


  • I'd say it's not a fast course.
  • it's predominantly offroad and undulating, i did this in 2006 about 30 mins slower than my road marathon time but it depends on how you run in those conditions i guess
  • Cheers guys. Having had a closer look it's clearly not a course that will help me find out how fast I can do a marathon, but it looks like a lovely race to do. I'm very tempted by the idea of a race from A to B rather than the usual two lap course.
  • What kind of shoes would you recommend wearing for this race? Is it likely to be muddy (of course it depends on how much rain there is in the days/weeks before the race), requiring serious trail shoes? How much of it is on roads?
  • got a flyer for this the other night at a race. pondering doing it now

    not much on roads that i recall, think i wore road shoes the year i did it

  • I've certainly done it (or rather the half) in road shoes, and also in trail shoes another year. It can be REALLY muddy if there's been a lot of rain.

    It is really great though, and very well organised. Plan to do a leg of the relay this year, as I get back from holiday on 2nd, and don't think I'd be ready for longer distances!

  • I'm assuming I can leave it a while to decide about this one?  Not just whether my legs will be up to a tough run but whether I can afford the cost of a b&b after a week in Berlin
  • Thanks for the advice on shoes.

    Another question: Is it easy to distinguish between the relay runners and the full marathon runners? Does everybody just start together, or are the relay runners on one side of the start line, marathoners on the other?

  • Hello all, just entered the relay for this one and I'm wondering about the 'mixed terrain' also. Does anyone know a site (or person(s)) that give me a breakdown of the surface conditions.......I mean:- how much is trail/grass/road etc. It would be very useful to know.

    Thanking you all in advance,

    Mabel image

  • After this weekends' SD marathon this is very tempting, and almost too close to home to pass by.

  • After this weekend's SDW, I'm thinking my decision's been made for me!
  • I'm thinking of running the marathon but the sunday before I'm running the New forest 1/2.  Is that a bit daft with regards to resting between races?

    Ran the Salisbury 54321 30k in 2:53 so know the course or at least part of it is tough going.

  • Ho Ross,

     Everyone runs at the same time, but you can usually distinguish the relay runners from the marathon ones. If anything, the relay runners, with their fresh legs pull  you along a bit. The half runners go at a set time, so you either catch some up, or they could catch you.

  • Entered!


  • Does anyone have a view on what shoes are best for this race, in view of the rain we have had lately?  I have never run more than 4-5 miles in trail shoes, and am worried about wearing them for a full marathon.  If I stick to road shoes whatever the weather will the course be OK?

  • Footwear is a problem with this course - there is some tarmac - which is not suitable for fell shoes, trail are best, there is so much off-road - BUT - the chalky ground is treacherous in places if it's wet. It is like ice. I wouldn't want to be on it in normal trainers. In the past, I have done events like these in my trainers, after having fell soles put on them - Cheshire Shoe Repairs did them for me. Old trainers that have lost some cushioning, but are still tidy are ideal. They rip the sole off and put studded ones on. It used ot be about £20, and a very fast service.

  • Footwear depends on the weather!  Last year, road shoes would have been the best option, the year before serious trail shoes would have been the only serious option, so decide on the day! Enjoy!

  • I'm in. Surprised this thread's so quiet seeing as this seems like a popular off-roady thing.

    Anyone else planning on coming down by train? 

  • Hello All, first post here.

    So, my wife and I are down for doing the half at clarendon in just over a week, its our first event of any sort, and alongside the predictable 'readiness' worries, we've just had another look through the bumf and the website, and get the feeling its very much a run for serious runners, as opposed to people like ourselves, just running for some fun and to spend time together? we'd hate to feel out of place, until we're left behind at the start that is image

    so, to cut a long story short, is this run likely to be beginner friendly in terms of atmosphere, if you know what I mean?

    Thanks! Good luck all who are attending.
  • Doing the full myself. My first trail marathon and looking forward to it. not sure what pace to run, was thinking if I could do it in 4hrs I would be chuffed, did the kent coastal marathon in 3.40 and just did the Farnham Pilgrim half trail in 1.58 but ent off to fast and suffered on the last 3 miles.

    Will be doing it in my trail shoes I think.

  • John, don't worry. There's usually a good mix of people and abilities... There's a crowd of quite competitive runners but quite a few who just 'enjoy' the run.

    I will be way behind you .... that I can guarantee!


  • Possibly but I am doing the JW ultra tomorrow my 158th marathon/ultra and then the Clarendon next week, call  me mad, I don't think so.
  • Hi John,

    Pinkfelina is spot on. I've done the marathon the last two years there are a real mix of runners. Plus there is the relay so you won't get left behind. You have chosen a great race,just enjoy the day and views.

  • mordomordo ✭✭✭
    Hi hellyd
    I will likely do this as part of Elaine's birthday bash. What are the train times like ?
  • Hi mordo - hopefully I haven't got the wrong end of the stick and this starts in Salisbury as I've still got my timetable from the 54321. It's quite tight - the only train is the 8:15 from Waterloo arriving Salisbury 09:46. and it looks like a cab may be needed at that point as it's a bit far to walk to the start in time. It would be nice to see you all before Beachy.

     John D - what pinkfelina said. I find off road races  tend to be as competitive as you want them to be and generally there is enough of a mix that there are always people to chat to and often encounter again and again (eg mordo above!)image

  • John, its a very friendly event.  I'm doing the half and expect to take about 3 hours over it, so I am not fast.  I've had friends do the full marathon in over 5 hours and not come in last.  Support is great because there will be a lot of people at the relay change over points and everyone cheers the full marathon runners on.

    Helly, yes it starts in Salisbury.  I would estimate a good 15 min walk from the train station if you know where you are going.  Longer if you are the sort to get lost.

  • Thanks Supercaz, it's nice to know it's an option. Whilst I don't think of myself as the sort to get lost I have noticed Google maps don't always resemble reality.
  • Hi Helly d - see you there again. If you managed to navigate the Ridgeway I'm sure Winchester will be a breeze image   Although this year now with the changed parking arrangements and having to use the P&R I may well have navigation issues !!

    As far as the shoe debate goes - last year road shoes would have been fine, the year before wellies would've been best, so maybe this year something in between ?

    John Dowds - a good mix of everyone, don't worry.

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