I am heading to Oasis in a few weeks time and wondered if anyone knew what the runnin g opportunities around the Parc itself were like?Anyone got any tips for good runs without having to travel too far away from the parc?


  • Been to Oasis several times. The park itself is fairly good for running cicuits (it is hilly tho!). Certainly it's good for cycling and skateboarding (I know, at nearly 40 I should have grown out of that!!) as the tracks are largely tarmac and fairly traffic free. If you prefer running off tarmac there are also plenty of opportunities. I think that it is possible to do something like a 4 mile circuit? There are also footpaths leading off site.
    Also, an OS map of the area will show many footpaths around the area, so it really depends upon what sort of running you like. Getting on and off site in a car is a lot easier than other centerparcs.
    In summary, I doubt that you'll need to go offsite to run, and you will probably see other people doing some fairly serious running there.
  • bit long winded wasn't I?
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