The Dublin Marathon

No disrespect to the other Dublin marathon thread but I thought it would be good to have an alternative one.

I checked out hotels for central Dublin. Decent ones seem quite expensive. Anyone found anything that is central but reasonable?


  • Hello out there.
  • Robert,

    I work in Dublin and will be doing the mara. this year. My Sister used to be a sales Manager with one of the Hotel Chains in Dublin. She is getting me some info. together and I'll post it on the site in the next day or two. If you want cheapie accom. You may have to go 15 - 20 minutes outside the city centre - but I'll post the info later with e-mail adresses etc., to check out.

    Can't have you all sleeping on the streets now can we.
  • Thanks Toirleach
  • I found expedia do some great hotel/flight deals (
  • What about tyrying the Youth Hostels?
  • Doesn't the Bank Holiday mean most paces are booked up and have inflated prices? I shall be sleeping on the ferry on the way there, and on the way back, then crashing out in Snowdon Tuesday I think.
  • I have been looking at the hotels through expedia as well and there do seem to be some good deals.

    My problem is that I haven't had confirmation that I have a place. I applied through at the end of July. How long did it take for other people to get confirmation?

    I don't really want to start booking things up until I know I am definetly running.
  • Fleegle,
    why don't you go on the website and send them an email?
  • Hi Matt,

    Tried that at the start of the week and I am still waiting for a reply. Do you know of any other way of contacting them?
  • As a dub my advice is to ring Juries Christchurch, as its cheap, decent(ish) and near enough to the start area.

    See ye all there!

    Christchurch Place, Dublin 8, Ireland. Tel: +353-1-454 0000 Fax: +353-1-454 0012
  • It took approx 5 weeks to get an acknowledgement of entry so you've a way to go yet.

    There is no ballot and it hasn't sold out, so you will be in.
  • Thanks Snoop
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