Behind me in the checkout queue today

Old boy looked quite good actually. Surprised to see a hearing aid though.


  • What supermarket?
  • If i had done half what he had-id be dead!!!

  • M&S, Covent Garden. He had a bottle of wine (probably cheaper than getting one at home), two racks of spare ribs and lots of salad.

  • was he wearing a thong?

  • May have been.

    Under those slacks.

  • How you feeling Waapster.. still in shock?
  • With his fingers... [Eerie silence]
  • Stingfellow was feeling waapster???

    Read all about it!!!!
  • Barkles. sent mail to you on home email!
  • Why?

    actually just as well, work one isn't working..
  • That's why!
  • oh right!
  • So it might be an idea to check it...
  • can't check my home one. not at home..
  • Surely you can log onto the thingy externally?
  • Dunno.. never tried.. and dont have details here..
  • ok, never mind.
  • done!

    tee hee...
    I've just up- skilled meself..
  • Sorry waapster you were saying about being touched up by this old bloke in tescos??

  • Errrmmm... that's not quite what I was saying.
  • sat opposite Kym Marsh (ex hearsay) on the tube on thursday morning, silly mare nearly missed her stop at Piccadilly circus.

    also sat opposite David Baddiel a few months ago, he was off to TV centre, fat boy, :)

    pushed my shopping trolley accidently into some girl who was in Neighbours a few years ago (she was quite fit actually ;)

    Linford Christie was walking next to me in Hammersmith park last week at lunchtime with his little boy...

    Geri Halliwell, passed her in Oxford St few weeks ago. she's v small, and also Angus McGowan in Soho Square

    list could go on...

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