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Up until yesterday I have been running with a CD ( still at 5k level) and always struggled getting my breathing at a steady level. But read on a post that it is best not to have music and to concentrate on your breathing?
So went out last night without music ( seemed a bit dull to start!) and perhaps it is a coincidence but a brilliant run??????
Experienced advice would be helpful??


  • As long as you're not keeling over why not run with music? - if it takes the monotony out of it for you anyway.
    Running out on the road it can be dangerous to run with earphones on, though.

    Why not run without music until you get your breathing sorted then go back to it when you're happy?
  • It's best not to run on the road with headphones on. Listening to music detaches you from your surroundings and makes you far more vulnerable to being attacked or being hit by a car.

    In the gym...well, personal preference is the order of the day. Lots of people seem to run fine with headphones on. I thought I'd find music helpful on the treadmill, and the canned music in the gym isn't a problem now I go to a gym where it's not played at top volume, but after the first couple of minutes I have to take the headphones off because the rhythm of the music starts to fight with the pace of my legs and lungs.

    I do like to listen to music or watch TV when I'm on the step machine, though.
  • I tend to be the silence is golden type. In town i prefer to hear what it going on around me so i'm aware of traffic and other people. When out in the country lanes i like to hear the birds and animals, and occassional mad car driver.
    The music in the gym annoys me as it's never at the right pace for whatever i'm doing. When i'm on my own (it's a fairly small gym), i ask the staff to turn it off.
  • I would agree with v-rap that running in
    headphones is not very safe. As someone who (once I get going) exhales
    every fourth foot strike I find that you can
    build a tune you know in your head round that rhythm and that's a good way of
    maintaining momentum.

  • I absolutely love music and had always brought my walkman to the gym to workout with on the treadmill. Not only did it uplift me listening to dance music but it also took the monotony of running on the treadmill for an hour without going anywhere.

    However when I started running outside (approx 4 weeks ago) I was advised not to take my walkman outside for safety reasons. With that I decided not to run outside with my walkman and I would not have it any other way. I like to think about problems that may be on my mind and work them out so by the time I have finished my run not only do I feel fantastic physically but also mentally too.

    Sammy :0)
  • Totally agree with Sammy above - I love music too, but never run with a walkman - as V-Rap says, it's too dangerous. I like to be fully aware of traffic and nutters! I also use my time running to think about problems etc.. come back feeling absolutely exhausted..but happier!! Happy (& Safe) Running!
    Michelle x
  • Depends where you're running but I like to be able to take in my surroundings as that's one of the real pleasures of running for me. The gym is a different matter - at least if you take your walkman you don't have to listen to pants TV or other peoples dodgy choices!
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    Hard to believe that the OP only got seven replies.
  • I just love the fact that everyone is talking about walkmans and CDs - this thread is like an archaeological dig.

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    Even in 2002 it is hard to imagine people still using cassettes! I guess that as mp3 has made it easier to listen to music on the go the "dangers" of running with headphones are given less attention.
  • I must admit that I like to run with the radio on.  I run in the countryside and have it on a low level so I can still hear cars coming towards me or up behind and I can't say I've ever been surpised by something coming up that I didn't hear yet.  I should add that I'm uber slow though and being out on the road for a couple of hours without any music would drive me a bit nuts.  I don't always take it for shorter runs. 

    As for breathing I have to say that it seems to make any difference to me whether I have music on or not, my breathing is still rubbish!  I'm not sure that I need to lose the radio to concentrate on how I'm breathing either. Everyone is different and what works for some won't work for others and you just need to see what feels best for you image

  • I was well confused reading those first few posts about CD and walkmans before realising the thread started in 2002.

    I run with music. Might just be psychological but I find if mp3 dies half ways through a run then I struggle. Probably won't be popular for saying this, but I always have music with me on race days as well. I usually switch it off for the start / finish to get the boost from the crowd / support. I don't have it blasting and would like to think I've never bothered anyone with it (getting in the way, it being too loud etc). Just take extra care if you do wear earphones and keep the volume low.

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