What did I do wrong?...

I ran my first 12k yesterday and it was....ummmm..... a challenge?....demanding, rewarding I guess, pleased I completed but in a naff time of 1.20mins

The run was xcountry through woods and fields and I'm asthmatic (allergy/pollen and exercise enduced asthma to boot!) I took my preventer in the morning and carried my reliever with me which I needed to use about 7k in when I had a minor asthma attack half way up a massive hill! Carried on but found breathing really hard too much (sorry to be gross) spit and snot, so was constantly getting rid of that.

First question is can I do anything differently to improve my breathing capacity? I am fit and on good days 4/5/6miles feels like a breeze but on bad (high pollen humid) days I feel like a wreak just going 100yrds image

Secondly I have a pair of 'Nike Free 50' trainers and get on really well with them on flat tarnac or fairly flat tracks, but yesterday's race was on rutted narrow tracks through woods (like little animal routes) and it didn't seem like I made a comfortable step for the whole race till the last 200yrds which was on the road. Today my ankles are in agony and pretty swollen, what can I do to soothe the pain?.....

 Do I need a different type of trainer for offroad?...

 Sorry for all the daft questions but that was my 3rd ever running event and it's a steep learning curve!

Thank you if you offer advice any tips are welcome image x


  • Firstly 1 hour 20 min is not a "naff" time on a hilly trail 12k.

    I don't think the "Nike Free"s would offer much support and protection to the ankle, or protection to the sole and you hit ruts and rocks. Best thing would be to go to your favourite running shops, show them your feet and tell them what kind of surface you are running on, and see what they advise for your particular needs.
  • Ditto re: the time, you'll be amazed how much anything other than a 'proper' footpath can slow you down, nevermind throwing in some hills.


  • ChloboChlobo ✭✭✭
    Thanks guys I thought my time was a little shabby but I guess yeah the terrain was harder than I normally run on, and it took it's tole on me, I have some serious 'CANKLES' today ankle is v swolen and I think the right one is starting to bruise image Will pop to local running shop and see what they suggest re - good traners. I love my nike frees for road but other thanh flat going they seem to just be uber painful
  • You'll be fine with the nike free off road if you're used ti running road in them, introduce some rough terrain into training and you'll soon toughen up. I run off road on pretty rough surfaces in five fingers which have even less structure than the Free does and my feet are toughening up nicely.

    It's more a case of preference really, toughen your feet/ankles up in the frees or get some trail shoes and accept that you'll lose being able to properly feel the terrain. Just go with whatever suits you best.

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