Marathon pace advice please?

Hi folks
I'm training for the Windermere marathon in three weeks and I've just completed the second (and last ) of my longest training runs of 20 miles, It's my first marathon and I'm not really sure what pace to aim at.
Both of the 20 miles have been at 8.36/ 8.37 which seems to be my natural pace although in my head I was aiming at 9 minute miles.
Does that sound right? should I try to slow it down so that I know I can manage those last 6 miles? or should I just stick to my current pace?
My last race was Liverpool half marathon, a much flatter route but I finished in 1hour 38
Any suggestions warmly welcomed
Thanks x


  • Hi Nicola,

    I'm not a marathon runner, the longest race I've done is 20 miles. Even so I have been running for over 30 years.

    If you are happy to run 20 miles at 8.35 ish and you can do a half at 7.30 ish, then do the marathon at the pace you do your training at. I think you will surprise yourself.

    Good luck, though  i doubt you'll need it.

  • You are racing those 20 milers. They should be done at a slower pace - definitely over 9 mins per mile.

    For your marathon - double your half time and add 20-25 mins if you've trained well. With you just doing the 2 20 milers - I'd think its going to be more like an extra 30 mins - so that takes you to 3.46. It is a hilly one though so I would probably go out at sub 4 pace for at least the first half and see how you go. You will pb anyway and you'll not run as much of a risk of going out too fast and blowing up. If you do that - you can lose tens of minutes.

    Good luck with windermere - I fancy that one day.
  • Thanks for that, just getting round should be enough but it's really hard not to set yourself a time target!
    I believe the second half is harder so will need something left in the tank
    Will let you know how I get on, just hoping I can get rid of the big blister I brought home with me today!
  • I'm pleased to report that the Windermere marathon went really well for me today, I just went with the flow and didn't get too bogged down with my pace and struggled up and down the hills. Finished in 3 hrs 37 so very pleased indeed x
  • <green with envy>
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