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When I first started plodding, I had a resting heart rate of 95. I was surprised to find in the hospital the other day that my resting heart rate is now 70. I consider this an improvement, it shows I'm definately fitter than I used to be. I want to know if there is a set figure or range for a healthy resting heart rate. I plod 2 -3 miles, 3 times a week.


  • Hiya TGCS. I'm not really the one to advise on this (although, yes, the fact that you're down from 95 to 70 is definitely an improvement and great stuff) but I just wanted to say that I read an article yesterday about Tour de France riders and one of them - I think it was Indurain? - had a RHR of 28!!!!!!

    Anyway, not very useful, but mad.
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    indurain won the Tour 5 times so don't think is a good comparision example, unless you are Lance Amstrong
  • a healthy heart rate is generally considered between about 65-85 but it depends on the person as i have low blood pressure so a high heart rate would be bad for me. my resting heart rate is about 50bpm give or take a few beats
  • 28!!! Blimey!!!
  • I know, crazy isn't it. But like Jose says it's not actually a useful comparison. Just a mad little anecdote.
  • my resting heart rate is just under 50 bpm and has been for years as I have kept up the same level of fitness.

    If you keep up the plodding TallGirl you may find that your heart rate goes lower until it settles as mine has. But I don't know if there is a level below which you should start worrying. If Indurain survives at 28 bpm and could churn up those mountains in the Tour looking as if he was out for a Sunday stroll then I'd imagine that it's down to the individual.
  • Generally speaking the lower the resting heart rate, the better. Resting heart rate will decrease as the heart becomes larger and stronger with training - enabling the heart to reach a higher rate during exercise.

    Women tend to have faster heart rates than men. Below 70 beats per minute for a woman indicates a high level of fitness, for men the figure is 60BPM.
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    like the sound of that bazza! high level of fitness ...

    my resting heartrate is about 54 at the moment, and 49 when I am training properly. Thats gone down from about 75 when I first started running, and using a heart rate monitor, a few years ago.
  • When do you measure this? I've tried the old first thing in the morning but the effort of putting on the chest band seems to raise it too much.

    Don't tell me you sleep with it!
  • annajoannajo ✭✭✭
    I set the timer on my watch so that it beeps every 30 seconds, then first thing every morning (that I remember, that I don't wake up late, etc...) I set the timer off and take my pulse. usually fall asleep again mid way through counting it, at least once!

    nice meeting you on friday by the way, chaos, did you have a good night?
  • U sussed it chaos!! ;o)

    Mine has gone from 72 down to 49, the hrm is good motivation when you can see that you are getting fitter!
    Then theres those days when u feel tired, look at your monitor and think.. "move your a**e your not!!"
  • So I'm still very unfit then?
  • For the doctors out there, I also had blood pressure of 200/95 four months ago, main reason was inactivity. It has dropped dramatically to 159/70. A reduction in salt intake has also helped. Is this a healthy range, or does this need to improve further?
  • TallGirl - you are in a state of flux. Moving from being unfit, through to being in good shape, then being on the verge of becoming Super Fit!

    Keep up the good work and you will soon be among the elite. Remember, anyone who runs regularly is already among the top 10% of the population - fitness wise.
  • Cool!!!
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