Best Triathlon For Beginner - Needing a Challenge


Ran the LM yesterday and need a new challenge (4,46)

I have  this ridiculous notion that a triathlon would be a great idea......

I was hoping for an autumn triathlon could anyone advise, is this to soon for a sprint tri, was thinking about tatton park, have car will travel

Any advice for a complete newbie most welcome, i dont think i could swim much more than 4 lengths without stopping


  • Stratford do a great one in October I think. Well supported by pirates normally. Very well run and good value. Good prep for an ironman next summer! image
  • PSC - thanks for the tip, ironman next summer, very funny, next you will be telling me this triathlon business is addictive

    i will check the website for stratford and get myself booked in, better do it before my misses finds out, i think she was expecting our weekends back together after marathon had finished.

    October is quite a way away, do you think i should train for the sprint, or go for a super sprint seeing as its my first?

  • Where are you based?
  • Justin....I'm afraid that just by posting on here, you have committed yourself to doing an Ironman next year! As you may have seen there are one or two events that are very piratey and you WILL be going to one of them.....

     Just consider yourself lucky that there isn't enough time to get you in one this summer!!!

     Better get training......

  • CJ - Based in Oundle near Peterborough, so location fairly central

    Ratbag - training starting as soon as my legs feel like they are my own again, hopefully at the weekend, seems like im going to need it....... let the adventure begin

  • I'd start with a local sprint tri, that way you won't feel fazed by the swimming. April to October is plenty of time to get used to the swimming. Distances vary but I've done sprint races that are 400m swims.

    There are lots of pool-based tri's, not sure about ones in your area. Do a Google search or ask on here/Tri Talk.

    As and when you get to that stage - and it's a when, not an if!! - then try The Vitruvian, which I think is in your neck of the woods, It's a great half-iron (ish) distance race held in the autumn but entries fill up quickly.

  • Justin,

     Not sure whether the Vitruvian still has any places but is a really good 1/2 IM (ish) event an normally well supported by Pirates. It is in Rutland water so not far from you.

     You also need to keep an eye on the threads here to see where next years pirate outing will be....most of the European IMs fill up fast so you will need to be ready to enter as soon as they open up...

    All the advice you ever need and more (that you probably don't need) will be available on this just need to ask...

  • PACTRAC run their mini series at Oundle, they start towards end of May.

    PACTRAC coached swimming sessions on monday, wednesday and friday evenings.


  • Justin.. I felt the same after London 2 years ago... i entered a local sprint tri in the beginning of may... loved it and so bought a cheap racing bike and did Bala middle distance beginning of June and then in the July signed up for Ironman switzerland the following year....

    so it can be done.... i'm an overweight midle aged woman...... so whats your excuses...........

    just go and find a local sprint tri asap and do it with whatever kit you have......

    just get in the pool now practising as a recovery from the marathon...imageI had to learn crawl as i could only do breast stroke

  • Foggy - i have seen the signs etc round the coun try lanes of Oundle for this, i was worried it might be a little to serious/non - beginner - any advice  

    Thank you all so much for your support. It is really appreciated

    You are all so right, I just need to enter an event, get on and do it, that way there is a goal to train for

    It will also be a great way of losing some of the 16stone 3lbs i currently tip the scales at, despite training i seemed to be in capable of shedding the weight.

    Checking the internet right now and bringing my first tri of some sort forward from autumn to june/july.

  • Justin,

    PACTRAC have broad range of abilitys from begginers  upwards.

    Join the club and take advantage of coaching available.

    PM me if you have any specific questions.

  • Justin,

    Cambridge Tri (August) was my first tri a few years ago.  Not far from you, not a huge event but well organised and a crystal clear lake to swim in.

  • Cheerful Dave - unfortunaty im on my hols then

    Well i have just entered warwickshire sprint on 3rd oct.....the first of many i hope image

    Going to try and get to PACTRAC, want to get involved asap and try local events to get some experience.

    Thanks again for the encouragement.....Im in get in there.....legs still ache though

  • Hi Justin,

    It's Jemima here.  I met you at swimming a few weeks ago.  Are you going to do any of the mini triathlons on a Wednesday evening in Oundle?  I did one last week, which was good fun.

    I've not done a lot of training though.

  • i was going last wednesday but had to work away, are you going this week?

  • My other half is away with work, so need to sort out someone to look after the kids.  I will probably be able to convince/bribe someone to look after them though, so yes, I'll be there!

  • i have a couple of questions regarding the mini series, i will send you a PM

  • I have received your messages and typed a reply but don't seem to have a send button.  Any ideas how to activate it?
  • My other half is away with work, so need to sort out someone to look after the kids.  I will probably be able to convince/bribe someone to look after them though, so yes, I'll be there!

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