Wallingford Thames 10K

I'm in for this one - anyone else running it?


  • Yep.  A great route with plenty to do at the start/finish.... don't expect a PB though!
  • Yip, good route, hopefully they have removed the style and the numerous farmers gates will be wedged open! Such a pretty little route
  • I got my race pack through recently and it said the stile would be gone for the race. 

    Is it mostly on the river path?  I can imagine it gets quite crowded if it is!

  • No, I don't think any of it is actually along the river path - would be a bit dangerous!
  • anybody got a number they dont want? will pay
  • Had an email to say they've changed the route a little due to a field of that lovely stinky oil-seed rape.  Stile is no more.  That took me about 6 minutes to queue for last time image.

    Nobby - I'm sure they said they were keeping 50 entriesfor onthe day.  I'll check me email.

    Yep, I quote -  "We have now received our 500 entry limit but will be accepting 50 entries on the day with registration opening at 8:30am. "

    Ladyboy - Haven't checked the route this year but in a couple of previous years it has been either cancelled or shortened due to high river/floods image.

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