VLM 2010 Survivors

Just thought I would start it off as Hash is obviously too shy image


  • Wahoo, thanks Rioimage

    This needed to be a separate thread - if we'd put it in any of the existing ones then some people would have missed it, or maybe felt awkward about jumping in to something that's been established for a few months.  .

    Now the main event's over, loads of us have said that we'd hate it if we all just lost touch and drifted off.  There are people who I know will be mates for life, but there are loads of others from my thread, Pixie's, Lucy's, the support threads,not to mention the rest of the super six lot who've got to know each other and been a massive source of support and encouragement to each other over the past few months.  

    A bunch of us from my thread and support group 7 are hoping to meet up and run the Birmingham half on 24th October an/or the Bedford half in December, just as a starter.  Even if you can't make either of those, no worries, we can always fix up others, maybe at different parts of the country so that everyone can make some of them.  We've had a really special thing going between us over the past few months, so let's try and keep it.  What do people reckon? 

  • I think it is a fab idea.

    Or for a fast flat half with pb potential there is always Cardiff Half on 17th October too image

  • I like the look of this new thread!!!

    Defnitely up for Bedford!!!  And a few of us are doing Run To The Beat in September if anyone fancies it- thats my new goal- I know I know only 2 days after the last one but if I don' have anything to train for I won't really be arsed to go out and doing any decent running!  Going to try and get under the 2hrs mark!!!

     Right off to help boyfriend to sort out papaerwork at work ready for his impending audit- just think he wants to see me walk down the 2 flights of stairs to his office image

  • Sounds good too, then hopefully people who couldn't get to one could get to the other.  Like the sound of "flat" a lot!

    Just off to give a few people a little prod in this directionimage

  • May I join here?  I was not a runner but I was a supporter (and list makerimage).  And I am doing the Cardiff Half in Oct.

    Also, someone on Sunday planted a seed in my mind about me being able to run a marathon (plodded one in 2005 rather badly) and I have been thinking about that comment a lot since.  I am thinking of either Edinburgh and/or Abingdon 2011

  • I'm definitely on for Cardiff half (did it last yr so have a target for that one), however if I manage to pursuade my other half the Loch Ness marathon is a good thing then I'll be doing that one instead.

    Any recommendations for a half round June time, preferably somewhere south or in wales?

    The good thing about having a disaster in your first marathon is your likely to get another pb the second time around! That's my positive spin anyway image
  • Of course you can lovely List Fairy image  I didn't run it either!

    Bedford Half sounds good to me image

  • Just to let everyone know I was looking at marathon photo website and they're starting to put up the pics and i managed to get this one copied and its doesn't have any of that copyright stuff on it so head on over


  • I'd like to join in with this thread if that's okay? I am planning on doing Cardiff half in October.
  • Nice one Vik!  Get over there quickly everyone before they realise image
  • Just thought I'd join in the fun on here now.  Thanks for the tip Vik - quite a few photos of me, most of them ghastly.

  • Woot woot, it's workingimage

    Please can someone post up a link to the photo website?   I've tried googling it, but all I'm getting is mass shots rather than the individual ones

  • I'm up for both Birmingham and Bedford half races!!!image   As Bedford is up the road from me and its just before Christmas I suggest nosh and booze round at mine afterwards!!imageimage
  • Sounds an excellent idea Pinks, and maybe a meet up in one of Bedford's watering holes the night before?  Bedford's got a Travelodge so we could make it cheap and cheerful and save anyone driving.   Who needs another PB, we've all got one alreadyimage
  • Morning All, love to join the thread, having completed my first Marathon, does anyone know of a good marathon to do in sept/ October,(a quiet, flat one) like to try and maintain this level of fitness, rather than let it all go and get under that 4 hours!!!

    A special mention to  Schmunkee, a massive thank you for organising the RW supporters and groups  at mile 17.......image

  • Hi Guys

    Does getting down the stairs in under 10 minutes count as VLM Surviving! imageI'm hurting in places that i didn't even know existed.image Great atmosphere, do all the pain again next year! 

    PS Fanks for thread tip off Hash.

  • Link to photo website please, I cannae find owt
  • Hash, you are welcome to crash the night before chez moi..................parteeeeeeeeeee!
  • marathonfoto.com

    There is only one of me so far


  • You can only save the thumbnail image (or I could anyway)

  • http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/members/images/189698/Gallery/vlm2010photo.jpg

    image...........only one so far of me!

  • I didn't bother with the finish line one.  Haven't for years!  Does that make me a bad person?

    I wouldn't have even if I had a pb.  Not paying silly prices any more!

  • I guess you have lots of them Rio already!  You must have tons of medals too - do you have them in a special place or anything?  Was it a nice one for IM, I don't think I ever saw that.
  • I only have a few photos - when I first started running.

    Most of the shots I have now are taken by supporters and G.

    My medals are slung in a heap at the bottom of my wardrobe! lol  Yes the IM one was lovely but again is not anywhere special.  The memories are worth far more

  • Technophobe here image How do you save the images and post them on here?? image
  • Save it onto your computer, or onto another website like Flickr or Facebook.  Then click the tree icon above
  • Right click onto the image and save it to your computer.  Then if you go to the insert picture button (next to the spell check button above. It gives you the opportunity to upload pictures from your computerimage
  • Much better said Hash image
  • Right I'll have a go.......
  • You'd never guess I'm not at work to day would you......image

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