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  • Oh lordy me. I ventured into a thread where I shouldn't have. image

    Sparkly B, I missed your reply from last night. Okay, if supersnails are allowed at the Parkrun (and you won't start a thread complaining about fat slow runners ruining your fun image) then I'll try and make it to one soon. I might even bring some friends. I've got a load of girlfriends who've developed an interest in running (or plodding) thanks to my marathon efforts. That's got to be a good thing, hasn't it? image

  • Absolutely!! MM you have inspired them!!! Brilliant.

    Love the parkruns - they are for everyone!! We get walkers at Gorleston.

  • Rod Goodwin wrote (<a href="http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/forum/forummessages.asp?URN=11&UTN=157994&cp=14#8530747" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">see</a>)

    Do you know there has not been one nasty post on this or Hash's thread to my knowledge.

    Don't tempt fate Rod!   Seriously, I'm so lucky that you lot and everyone on my thread is/was universally lovely, if I'd had a single you've-thrown-in-the-towel-when-others-would-have-tried-harder comment I really would have unravelled.  Three things kept me sane:  1) my lovely hubby Big Blouse, 2) the off-line support and understanding from Liz and the rest of the super six team and 3) the people on my thread.  The friends I have in "real" life are noticably absent from the list, not because of any failing on their part, but because if you aren't a runner you'll never understand.  If I had a pound for all the well meaning "good luck on Sunday" comments I had last week I'd be dining out for a month, even though they'd seen me staggering around like Lurch for the last three months

    Eeek Lostkat, that sounds painful

    Gatton, what a fantastic idea and a huge yes please

    *lays out wine, chocolate brownies and big comfy cushions for Bridget*

  • Marathonmummy I've just read what you wrote on the other thread, and the replies, then your response.

    I'm too jaded and wrung out with it all to have the energy to get involved in the debate over there beyond what I said this morning, but just to say a huge, huge, thank you and good on you, you've summed it up perfectly.

  • Hash they are very nice words, friends in"real life " are special and that will never change but you're right they don't really understand, no disrespect meant but they don't.

    You did the right thing deferring , say you had struggled on  ( I don't mean that in a nasty way) and got to the start, had a hard time of it. then the "experts " would have had a field dayand then you would have gone nuts at them image

    I have met some fantastic people through your's and Rios thread ( well Rio did start it!) and what is even better that it will continue, I love running it has certainly become a big part of my life, still like a glass of wine and the odd curry though that will never change image

  • Thank you Hash. I was biting my tongue, and after two glasses of wine this evening I'm sitting on my hands image

    I'm sticking to threads like this and the post vlm lose the lard thread. There be lions and bears out there on the other threads!

  • Ahhhh finally found this thread after worrying all had gone quiet on Hash's. *Manic wave to all*

    Now to catch up... 

  • Hey Gemma,  glad you found us.  How are you?

    We're off ooop north stupidly early tomorrow morning, so won't be around for a couple of days but will be lurking by phone.  Have great bank holidays all xx

  • Evening All,

    Since the race I've been working in Scotland, not ideal recovery, but feeling pretty good now.  My time was slower than I wanted by some 20 minutes, but I have had no problems from faster runners.  In fact my boss who is a sub 2:50 marathoner has been going out of his way to tell everyone how well I did.

    As I said the other night a picture of me at the finish.  'bout time I stopped hiding behind the diving gear.Must admit I look a lot better than I felt!


  • Blimey Scuba, I know you said you looked better than you felt, but had you really just done 26 miles????image

    I think just about everyone was slower than they wanted to be last weekend, it was stupidly hot at humid.  Really well done and good to see you back.

    Right, I really am off now.  Alarm set for 4am, but from the racket that's going on upstairs I doubt that I'll need it  The girls have their very own babysitter who will enjoy playing house rather a lot, but if he carries on snoring at this rate, they'll be erecting little placards outside the coop demanding peace and quiet.  Either there's an earthquake, or he's sleeping peacefullyimage

  • LOL Hash,

    Think my wife had some special filter on the lens.  I actually thought I was going to die!  Glad to be back, and liking the new thread.

  • Well done Scuba - nice pic too! You defo look chilled. That was the "after" shot, wasn't it???

    Hash - sorry I missed you at mile 17. Was looking forward to my hug! Enjoy "oop north"

  • Morningimage

    Tea's all set up and ready, Rod, Yorkshire this morning (need the strong stuff)  Just boil the kettle and the rest's done

  • Thanks Hash parkrun for me trip to Leicester first enjoy the frozen North image

    Good picture Scuba if someone can tell me how to put the photo on here I will get one of me with the medal to complete the rogues gallery! image

    Welcome back Gemma we missed you!

  • Wave to me on your way by Leics. I'm working this weekend image First time since I worked at Boots when I was at Uni. Rubbish!!

    I didn't realise we were supposed to be posting finish line pics. My useless mate hasn't sent me the one of me in my finishers t-shirt yet, but here's me in the t-shirt my friends made me.



  • Morning!

    Fab pics Scuba and Lostkat - neither of you look like you have just run marathons!

    Guess what............I'm off for a little plod!!! Very exccited, see you all in a bit!

    Hash have a lovely weekend - hi to Blouse!
  • Ok one park run completed I got it wrong was aiming for longer than 30 minutes but I could not run at that pace, my unofficial time 27.06 av 8.41


    1 mile @ 9.14

    1 mile @ 9.03

    1.12 miles @ 7.51

    I am going to try and attend each week this was a PB as I have never done a timed 5K image

    so that is 2 pb's in a week !

    Pinks enjoy that run it is a great feeling just running because you want to instead of  training for a race!

    How is the new gym?

    Kate good pic I am waving to you now from back Home at Stratford have fun working image

  • Now that is friendship...... it must come from this thread..... have a good weekend everyone... will be at Nun's Run Sunday if anyone is going..


  • Awwwwwww!

    5.5 miles - shattered! Legs felt like concrete and ache again now. Beautiful day though for it!
  • Afternoon, I've just watched the BBC inside sport programme about Major Packer(sp?) and his 3 peaks challange and London Marathon - what an inspiraton.  In fact once I've finished my cup of tea I'm going to dust down my trainers and have a gental run.  Fingers crossed OH has downloaded the latest marathon talk on to my iPod.

    Rod - PBimage

    Scuba / Lostkat - nice photos.

  • Is something wrong with me folks. I seem to be absolutely fine, todays Parkrun effort was ok and I could go and run tomorrow as I had planned but I am taking a day off and the advice of people on here and at the club and taking things steady, I guess we are all made in different ways, I do seem to thrive on keeping busy, when I was injured however that was the Body telling me to rest............

    Have a good run Suze, Pinks a soak in the bath I would say image

  • Unfortunately I am now in mega clean up mode after the builders - mammoth task!!

    Vino tonight should do the trick!
  • Finally got round to finding out what this thread was.... looks like you've spent quite a bit of time talking about not posting in the thread I've been posting in *G*  I think 'how could the super six scheme be improved' is a valid topic of discussion.  Shame it's gone a bit off course at times!

    Think I might sign up for Birmingham: looks quirky, and I like quirky.  I'll have to check dates, transport etc in more detail. My usual Autumn half is Swindon, which I recomend, but I probably should try something different!

  • Afternoon Rowan and welcome.

    Just back from my first run since Sunday.  Ran for an hour, 6.28 miles with an average HR of 171.  I guess I need my resting HR to see if thats high or not.  Will do that after my shower.  I'm a bit new to the HR monitor but think I am going to use it a lot more in training from now on.

    COME ON GILLINGHAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need to win today to stand any chance of staying up.

  • I did Birmingham last year Rowan and I'd recommend it image
  • Come to Birmingham one and all image

    The plus things are plenty of hotels not too expensive either, shed loads of places to Carb load, a pretty good course not too testing a bit of a hill at around 6 miles and one near the end, "big city race feel" good crowd support too.

    The slight negatives are the pens and the start were a bit of a shambles last year took an age to cross the line and the goody bag / medals at the end were being given out willy nilly and not all in one place, a fantastic medal though to be honest one of the better ones I have received.

    Suze the HR bit of the Garmin is fascinating, mine is missing again after someone walked off with my goody bag at VLM, the strap was in there as I find it's good to get the strap off after finishing, so I will now have to get another.

    As you all know by now I do love my stats image

  • Wow I appear to have missed loads from this thread!! Lots of familiar names now too!

    I'm going for my first run tomorrow, have an 8 miler planned and must admit I can't wait to get out there again. I'm still really keen to do another marathon in the Autumn, the whole idea of doing summer training appeals image

    I've just read through the last 3 pages so apologies if anyone has mentioned these but is anyone doing Bacchus or New Forest marathons in September?

    I went on the Super Six thread but got too annoyed. I must say my running club have been great and just as proud of me doing 5:32 as our fastest runner who did 3:13.
  • I was going out for a run, but I decided to catch up on a couple of threads first and now it's going dark and pissing it down....  Back to work tommorrow, but maybe I'll find time for one somewhere then!
  • Hi Rowan - I think we have met already - did you run for the Stroke Association in 2006??
  • Hi yes, and still working on the bloomin gold bond!
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