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  • Evening all. Cycled 20 miles last night and 1 km swim so might be heading in a certain direction,even got some lessons on crawling from a very friendly olympic swimmer in our pool, she is very smooth in the water where as I am like a whale.

    Bedford Half is that on a Sunday? Keep me posted. I have the Bike ride to aim at in July now and then the GNR so my training will plod on through the summer. Wish we were getting up to do the marathon in the morning...................well some bits of it anyway.

    Not bothering with the photos what a rip off the prices are, have they always been that expensive???

  • Evening Mark I think we are all back in action now, excellent news image

    Bedford Half is a Sunday, I would say it will be 12th December not 100% on that but Hash is not normally wrong image

    You will like The GNR there is divided opinion on here its a bit of a "marmite " thing!

    It shares something in common with VLM they all want a shed load of money off you , the photos are dear really, there is a really good one of me crossing the finish at South Shiels last year but I didn't buy it, I can take it or leave it myself.

    A day off for me tomorrow, well I am working but not running, best btake it steady plenety of time to get going again image

  • Rod, or anyone else that use the gym, (Rio not sure if you are around at the moment) can you please tell me what make of spin bike/cross trainer etc you use at the gym and if you would recommend? Going to a fitness store tomorrow to look at equipment for the gym but would be good to have some recommendations.

    Pretty sure that 12th will be the date as was 13th last year - I'm a Bedford Harrier so will keep an eye on the web site and ask a couple of club mates and let you know. Typical that daughter finishes at B'ham Uni after being there for four years in 2 weeks time!! Otherwise we could have stayed with her! Rod where does it start/finish? Is there a route map on their site?
  • Rowan are you still running for SA then? Great cause! Trying to remember what your nickname was on the SA forum we had back then - seems like forever ago!!! Have you done London every year since? I did '07 and '08 then skipped a year and did this year.
  • Was it Moon something???
  • Pinks x training I use life fitness but they are dear and a commercial machine but then you only buy once

    Spin over to Rio.......

    Brum Half starts at the back of the NIA and finishes in Broad Street goes out of town up POershore Road into the back of Selly oak and back down the Pershore Road past the mailbox and into Broad Street its an ok route not Brill but a cracking event all the same you must come up.

    I am not sure if the site is in date but you could have a look I guess,.image

  • Evening!  i know I seemed to vanish into a black hole but mum's taxi duties, food shopping and suchlike intervened last night.  Today was parkrun, tap, MiL shopping followed by MiL birthday tea.  Home now image

    Still not got too far on that thread for the above mentioned reasons so not image yet.

    MM - A did her 6th parkrun today.  She took about 42 min but got a huge cheer at the finish as she was our first 100th finisher as we had a record field image

  • Yep pinks, probably was moon something!  This is the first London I've done since then: got a ballot place this year.  I seem to be an awful fundraiser (or have poor/tight friends!) so no way I'm doing another gold bond.
  • Did my favourite run this morning to get the legs going again and landed up running with one of our advanced runners at the club as no one else turned up. Considering my body surely must be knackered I knocked 2 mins off my previous best. More than happy with that image
  • Rowan - that is why I won't ever consider a gold bond place.  Not that I think my friends/colleagues are tight but more because of the sheer effort involved in fundraising alongside full-time work, family and training

    TK - well done!

    Ok, I did read that thread from start to finish and generally I don't think people were getting at either slower or faster runners particularly.  I think the question of whether the 'project' works is relevant and must surely be something the sponsors must look at each year if they are going to continue to put money in.  

  • Afternoon All,

    Fantastic run TK - brilliant!!!!

    Just been for my first post-VLM run image Tried my heart rate monitor for a bit of variety. Aimed at 65% but this seemed quite fast for what I'd planned to be a gentle recovery run. I got my 65% number by taking 65% or my working heart rate (max hr-resting hr) and adding this to my resting heart rate. Watch told me this was 75% of max heart rate, so which figure do I use? The HR pages on the training section suggest that my calcs are correct but even so it seemed like I had to work quite hard to maintain 65% level and that's meant to be an "easy" run! Does this mean I'm hopelessly unfit? Sorry for being so technical for a Bank Holiday weekend but hopefully someone here can help!


  • Sorry all.

    Been having a bit of a sulk lately.  Injured and it hurts lots image

    I fell off my bike on Thursday and have bruised my thigh.  I will try to upload the colourful graphics.  Finding it hard to sit, walking is ok, sitting is not and I don't dare try to run just yet!

    Pinks I will have a look at the spin bikes on Tuesday when I go. I have posted the make once before but cant remember it off the top of my head.   I would imagine that the sort of bikes that take that sort of abuse (in a gym) are a good couple of thousand so I am sure you will get better value from a home spin bike.  I will look around and see what I can find for you.  The company we used to get a bike at work is very good value and I know they do spin type bikes

    Anyway will upload the pic now if it will let me

  • http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/members/images/60177/Gallery/bruise.jpg

    My big ouchy bit image

  • Mitiog I would say it is nothing to do with your fitness levels but that the HR levels may not be correct for you.  (Even if you did the calculation correctly).  Or alternatively you are still recovering from the marathon or you are coming down with a virus.

    Lots of variables when using HR.   But it may be that you do need to slow down a bit also.  It will come with practice.

  • Thanks Rio - it honestly felt like I was running a 10K or something, not the "gentle recovery plod" that it was meant to be!!
  • Flipping heck Rio a nasty old bruise that, I would say a good rest but I guess you are in training for Bala? Even I am looking at these tri's now I won't do one though but they are very popular now..
  • Wow that's impressive Rio!

    I think I can see Jesus's face in it.

  • Tracey033Tracey033 ✭✭✭

    hoping to go for my first run tomorow my toes are finally ready to hit the roads again image . Intereset in what everyone says about GNR - it's my first one this year so any tips what to avoid would be appreciated.

     Also can't wait for Birmingham half - it;s the fist year I've been home to run it!!

  • Yes I was supposed to be spending this fortnight off training for Bala so not quite sure how that is going to happen now!  Think I will be getting some funny looks at the pool this week!   I am not going to be able to run for a few more days but I will have to do some biking - think I might stick to the turbo though (at least I cant fall off that) and if it gets too painful I can just stop rather than having to get home somehow.

    Had to cycle 15 miles home on the bruise which I am sure did not help.  Cut my hand too image.  Must remember to wear gloves next time!

    Tri is very popular but is never as crowded as plain running races.  And they are much more fun!! image

  • Tracey033 wrote (see)

    hoping to go for my first run tomorow my toes are finally ready to hit the roads again image . Intereset in what everyone says about GNR - it's my first one this year so any tips what to avoid would be appreciated.

     Also can't wait for Birmingham half - it;s the fist year I've been home to run it!!

    I've done 2 GNR's one bit of advice is don't get to the start too early. firsyt year I was there for 8.15 which meant two and a half hours on my feet , I would aim to get there for around 9.15.

    First year my mate met me at South Shields we got out ok but it can take an age.

    Last year I was stopping at the Mal Maison Newcastle Quay and left my car parked in the car park at the back of it, a 10 minute walk to then Central Sation then a stop or two on the Metro and another short walk, sounds a lot but it is easy.

    Yhen at the end I jumped on one of the buses and got dropped back in Newcastle thus missing all the traffic.The Metro queues at south Shields last year were very bad I heard.

    Running wise it is no busier than VLM this year, the pens were hectic as they upped the runners to 54000, Mr Foster if you read this stop it and reduce it to under 50K image

    Beware of the John Reid Road from around mile 8 to 11 it is not steep but it goes on.

    Above all enjoy it, it's not like vLM but it has a certain Charm.

    Oh and try and stop with Friends or family the hotel costs are high, more so than London!

  • Pinks try this for a spin bike.  The company are good about delivery and although I had to put the normal exercise bike we ordered for work together it was very easy to do.

    Sorry I can't comment on GNR.  There was nothing I enjoyed about it.  What I would say is try to ensure you know where you are meeting up afterwards as it is virtually impossible.  And be prepared for a long wait to leave and get home!  I stayed with friends and the queues were awful (this was in 2007 I think)

  • Yes Rio they seem to be well liked a couple of friends are doing the Stratford Tri I thought I may go and support them, good luck with recovery, it's ironic you got to the start of VLM a feat in itself gthen take a tumble! Ah well. I was  disappointed not to meet up with Yourself and Hash and all at Chandos, it was so busy, as it happens when I got back to the hotel in Blackheath not many of us were there so I could have probably hung aroung at Chandos, still I know now, nest year I reckon I can do it by train from Banbury to Marylbone and then to Charing x to Blackheath, the underground was shut this year else I may have done that, the one element of VLM that was not busy really was the start it seemed quite relaxed compared to the madness once we started image
  • That's an impressive bruise Rio
  • I am sure we will get to meet up before next VLM Rod image

    Thanks Sprakly.  I wish I could say I got it in an act of daring but alas no!  I was just pootling along and the back wheel caught a lip in the path and slid away from me.  Being clipped into the pedals I couldn't put my foot down and the whole thing crashed onto me.

  • Jesus appears to be wearing a beanie with a cross on....


  • Ah Rowan I see it's a busy day today image
  • Yeah, I can do a much better job when I've got time *G*
  • Lol

    Oh yes I can see it now!  A holy bruise!  That must have been why I fell.   He wanted me for a reason!

  • Hey, it's Sunday, maybe you should go to church and show it to the congregation.
  • It is always a pleasure to be in this thread no bickering and bad mouthing just harmless simple amusement (at the expense of Rio's injuries image )

    Long may it continue.

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