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  • Hashette wrote (see)

    Watched Dr Who in the town's only central pub-type-pub where there was a choice of either John Smith's or some evil local brew that was even creamier than John Smith's, to the extent that Blouse looked constipated after one swig.  The locals shut up when two strangers walked in, so we felt obliged to order in really bad fake Rab C Nesbitt accents and hope nobody noticed.  It was that or  STFU, which on reflection might have been a less dangerous option combined with pointing and pretending to be Polish.

    In the end we scuttled back to the hotel after one round and had a pizzaimage

    "You're not from around here are you"  or something similar comes to mind.

    Its always fascinating to go to another area and see how life is there.

    I recently was away and could have taken advantage of not having to get a cab back home as I was in a hotel in a town cenre.

    Trouble is I had VLM the next day image

  • Rod, yep that's exactly how it was.  We knew things were bad when the snooker balls stopped rolling across the table on their way to the pockets because the sassenachs had walked in....

    *pours top up for Pinks*

    Hope it's cute and romantic as opposed to being like sleeping in an iron maiden.  The other bit I didn't mention about Saturday is that the bed was so short that my feet were hanging over the end of it.  Blouse being well over a foot taller than me spent the night with his legs practically in the corridor.  All in all, it was soooooo good to be home and in our own bed on Sunday. 

  • I'll join you in that wine Pinks having had a 'discussion' with a therapist who has promotionitis!

    Hash - we had a similar experience in Wales in the 80's.  We'd spent the night of the Big Storm camping in a pub garden as we were walking Offa's Dyke path.  After an awful night and a comment from the landlady about the garden often flooding we decided it was time to head back to London and walked into Welshpool to find very few trains available.  We tried to take refuge in a Milk Bar but were pointedly ignored by one particular waitress and ended up walking out before anyone took our order 

  • Morning all I Parkrun for me in a bit need to better 27.06 but only by a bit, these sessions I am attempting to use as a way of getting my pace more even. Problem is with my lack of experience on short stuff is I tend to treat thenm like say a HM and go off slowere, you can't do that with a 5 or 10K, well in my case I do but it makes the latter stages interesting not to mention tiring image

    So lets see how it goes,

    Hash don't you love those hotels with "interesting" beds, mine at VLM had seen a lot of use over the years it seemed to lean to one side so I didn't sleep that well but I had the night before, have a good run Pinks and anyone else getting out today or this weekendimage

  • Morning all

    Have good runs those who are doing them.  Nothing for me today as I did 5 yesterday and got another 5 tomorrow, so I'm learning to be good and hopefully not overdo it again.   It doesn't come easy.

    Possibly back in the car for us today, one of our favourite folky twaddle bands, Little Johnny England, is playing at a festival in Cromer, so we're just having a dither about whether or not to go.   I think we should, we deserve it after all the pooh of last week.  Besides, someone came rolling home at 1am this morning after a "nightcap" in the pub and is declaring he'll never drink again, so that's the driving sorted.  Result!

    Besides, it's cold, damp and windy.  Perfect British festival weatherimage

  • 8 miles at 9:30 av pace for me - that certainly blew away some of the cobwebs!!

    How was the parkrun Rod?
  • Hi All good run Pinks isn't it great to get out 8 miles is no mean feat.

    Hash it is a perfect day for a festival, just need the rain and the mud now image

    Parkrun went well I thought, I had planned to up the anti a bit at a time and aim for 26 minutes of so for the 5K. The first mile was done in 8.15 so it went from there, I ended up with 24.32 really pleased.

    1 mile @ 8.15

    1.mile @8.10

    1.09 miles @ 7.24

    I am beginning to find that these shorter runs are more of a competeive thing whereas some of my longer races are more "events"

    Parkrun for me is ideal to practise getting those first couple of miles up to speed which I( did a bit better today, 7.24 for the last section was good for me.

    so 16 miles for me this week but more importanatly 16 quality miles image

  • Wow Rod that is seriously impressive, well done! I tell you my hamstrings are killing me right now!!

    Hash that sounds like so much fun!! Have you got your wellies and bin bag to the ready? And no going off for a jogette or anything...easy easy remember!
  • Thanks Pinks I now realise although I got to the start line at VLM I was not fully recovered, slowly now things are getting better,

    Hash,  Pinks is right take it easy, simple for me to say that as I am now under no pressure at all and can just enjoy my running, not that I didn't enjoy VLM and all the training image

    I was thinking about sticking my Post VLM thoughts on here at some point now I have had a week or two to analyze it all 

    I have concluded one thing though, that being that VLM didn't take it out of my body  half as much as expected, admittedly the longest run I have done is 7.5 miles but the speed is back which does suprise me, when you spend 4 months running at 10mm pace you wonder if you will ever get to run an 8mm againimage

  • parkrun for me too and I equally my PB from August 2008 with 27.10 image

    Hash - I hope Blouse was under the limit by the time you made your minds up image

  • Run To The Beat - 26/9/10
    Berry Nice

    Berlin marathon - 26/9/10

    Budapest Marathon - 26/9/10

    Loch Ness Marathon - 3/10/10

    Southend 10km - 4/10/10

    Cardiff Half - 17/10/10
    Troublesome Knees

    Birmingham Half - 24/10/10
    Basil Brush Mk II
    Hash (if loads of us are staying over the night before, otherwise it's a bit too far to drive and run in a day)
    Rod Goodwin
    Gatton ( & Mrs G as spectator. Will def stay over night and will be first race as a pensioner )
    Scuba Runner
    Rowant Green
    Mark Street possibly???

    Bedford Half - December '10
    Sparkly Bridget
    Rod Goodwin
    Gatton & Mrs G as a spectator
    Mark Street possibly........

    Wokingham Half - 13/02/2011
    Schmunkee (it's mah burfday)

    Autumn Marathons
    Dublin Marathon 25th October Sprakly Bridget says "Dublin is nice if you can ignore Americans saying 'Good Jawb'"

    Amsterdam Marathon 17th October Gatton says; "flat, flat, flat, flat"

    Mallorca Marathon 17th October Gatton says; "would be good family weekend"

    Loch Ness Marathon 3rd October jules4040 says; “I loved the actual run, quite hilly at the start and Inverness itself is pretty rough to be honest.”

    Casablanca Marathon 24th October

    New York 7th November jules4040 says; “New York and the crowd and atmosphere is amazing”

    Florence Marathon 28th November Sparkly Bridget says; "was nice, initial downhill but you never have to go back up" jules4040; “lots of flag stones in the later stages”

    Spring Marathons
    Rotterdam Marathon April supposed to be flat

    Hamburg Marathon 24th April supposed to be flat too

    London Marathon April brilliant atmosphere maybe not PB course

    Neolithic Marathon: Start May (week or two after London). Not flat, not crowded, still has chip time/water stations/great support and food and entry to Stonehenge at the end included

    Edinburgh Marathon Late May

    Brighton Marathon Mid April

  • Morning

    Yay, Schmunkee's backimage

    Wow you lot have got speedy!  Well done that's brilliant, especially the PB Bridget

    Sawston fun run with the hashers today.  Okay it's only five miles, but a race of sorts, and team T-shirts followed by beer and a barbie.  This normal life stuff's pretty good all in all!

    But first, the go juice.  English Breakfast with a couple of spoonfuls of Assam, anyone?

  • Morning

    Sb - well done on your PB!

    Hash - sounds like a good day planned...have funimage

    I seem to be developing a post VLM lurgy...had a terrible run yesterday and had to walk the best part of 2 miles home. Going to "rest" today and hopefully back out there tomorrow. Children have loads lined up today...better get on with it!

    Have a good day everyone!

  • Morning People,

    Beautiful day here in Lancashire.  Perfect for running. image

    Been doing a couple of easy runs this week to break myself back in as still have a few niggles.  Frankly I got bored, so sod the niggles I'm going out in a minute to do 6 miles or so in the sunshine as fast as I like!

  • Grey and windy here but I'm getting my porridge down me.  Think it will be long sleeves and legs today.
  • Sorry to hear about the lurgy MWW and take it easy

    Hope yours went well Scuba and Bridget.

    Blimey.  Well.  Don't know where this came from!

    1)  - 1m - 8:29(8:29/m) - 147bpm avge
    2)  - 1m - 8:38(8:38/m) - 155bpm avge
    3)  - 1m - 8:31(8:31/m) - 157bpm avge 
    4)  - 1m - 8:46(8:46/m) - 158bpm avge
    5)  - 0.66m - 6:01(9:06/m) - 160bpm avge

    Not bad for an old bird with a buggered kneeimage

    Erm...... can I have a me me me moment?  Rod, Bridget, you've seen me run, tell me honestly is my running style really odd?  I was tootling along quite happily this morning when a woman behind me said "oh you poor thing, that looks really sore".  I had no idea what she was talking about, and when I asked her she said something about me kicking my left leg out.  Now I know I do that, but it doesn't half make you feel paranoid when a complete stranger comes out with that.  Anyway, I asked a couple of the hashers afterwards, and the general opinion was that I look weird and do a sort of odd shuffle with my legs flying out sideways.  I really couldn't decide if the urine was being extracted or not.

  • Hi all Hash thats a cracking run you are on your way back for sure! image

    Right my assesment of your running style from a man who is no stranger to injury,

    From what I saw when we ran together you don't have an odd running style but because of your injury you era maybe running in a way to compensate for it thats all.

    I had this for ages last year and at the beginning of this year too, when you make a full recovery  things will be ok.

    I hope you don't mind me being honest, I have been there, Bridget may wish to comment too image

    Anyway I have seen some "interesting" running styles  on my travels, some of them though strange to some people are very effective, I couldn't keep up with them so what the heck?

    Hash I bet you are well pleased with that I would be image

  • Fab PB Bridget!! well done!

    Goodness Hash that was going some - what did you have for breakie - can I have some?!!

    Hash maybe your style doesn't matter as long as it is not causing any further problems - if that is the way you have always run and had no problems up to beginning of this year (and that was 'those' shoes) then no worries. I think everyone has a quirk to the way they walk let alone run!!
  • Thanks Rod, and much appreciated.  Much as I love my hasher mates if they scent the potential for a wind up then trying to get a straight answer from them is like trying to nail jelly to the wall.

    Pinks, yep, I think you're right.  So I'm wonky so what?  To paraphrase Tom Robinson, sing if you're glad to be wonkyimage

    And yes I'm absolutely chuffed to bits with those times.  I was really intending to just take it gently, but there's something about a race atmosphere, even a fun run, and some other me kicks in.  I was running with some seriously speedy people which helped, although we were slowed down quite a lot by the "fun run" element.  For some ludicrous reason they let the walkers go off 15 minutes before the runners, which left us all trying to weave in and out of them to get past.  Mind you, on the plus side, being irritated with people in the way didn't half take my mind off what may or may not have been niggling!

    A couple of pages back you were on about something in Bedford on 18th May.  Please could someone post up some more details?  I wasn't going to do it as it's my birthday, but on the other hand the problem with birthdays is they're a bit like Christmas Day - you can't clean the cooker because it's Christmas.    I'd really really love to run with you lot, and Blouse would understand.  How far is it?  

  • Hash - in answer to your question, yes you do look a bit wonky when you run but it doesn't look painful to my eyes.  Plus you can still run faster than me image  Every so often I see a race photo of me that makes me wonder if I move my legs in an odd way but as it doesn't cause me problems I just take no notice.

    I wonder if anyone ever made an odd comment to Paula about the head nodding!

    18th May is the Bedford 6 miler but as I'm opting for 5K I don't know more than this I'm afraid.

    Did just over 11 miles today extremely slowly but my legs needed to do that after a week of racing.  Going to build up the miles over the next 2 weekends and will then have 2 half marathons before the South Downs marathon.

  • Thanks Bridget

    When's the South Downs marathon?  It doesn't sound flat or road based....image

  • Rod Goodwin wrote (see)

    The race at Bedford is on Tuesday 18Th May at Bedford Athletics Stadium, that is the HQ and I think the race takes place nearby it says on traffic free so maybe where we ran before Pinks?


    That is the link you can enter on the night I believe we just turned up last night and paid and ran, I feel good this morning and will probably try and do most of the series, it is something different for me and not too time consuming. .

    It would be good if a few of us could do it it coincides with a club night but I think I want to do these competetive ones, if I am to get a faster marathon time in the future I need to mix it up a bit more.

    There you go Hash that would be great if you could run I know Pinks will do so that makes 3 of us from here and we will buy you a drink after! image

    Really everyone has a different way of running so long as you are comfortable with it does it really matter? 

    I always enjoy coming down to Bedford to run and the above will be no exception, even if I have a not so good one I don't mind, doing the Rugby 6 on Wednesday after the clubnight tuesday so that should be interesting. Need to get stronger and faster.........

    I am entered for the Buntingford end of year 10 too image

    Race wise for this year I think I may try to get my sub 3 hour on a 20 mile race, the Spitfire Autumn 20 seems a good on in October. It will give me something to train for and is I think 2 weeks after GNR. I think I can do the sub 3 and then look at another Marathon.

    In the meantime off road and short races are the order of the day

  • Thanks Rod, subject to Blouse being okay with it then I think that's the b'day sorted.

    Buntingford is my old club's race, if you've run it in the past then the frozen woman whooping and cheering on the corner of the housing estate loop at mile 2 might have looked familiar.  

    As far as 20 milers go I'd love to do the Oakley again in March, and if I can run VLM next year then it's the perfect way to get to the 20 mile L(F)R point.  So, this taking it easy and not being over-ambitious thing of mine  is going well then.... image

  • Hash how I see it is this. I got the start of VLM and came out of it ok really looking at how the day was for some. I was not  100% no way, it has taken till yesterday to work this out when I did the Parkrun feeling a little tired at the start and mullered last weeks time, I now would say I am getting there.

    My point is it hurts not for you to plan forward, one day hopefully soon you will be posting a similar thing here as you will be pretty well sorted  and running those 8 minute miles again.

    From my somewhat limited experience it just sort of happens and then you are ok again.

    i hope this makes some sort of sense, and no I havn't been drinking image

  • hello all image

    wow Hash - that was a super speedy run - well done image

    when I'm doing a race I'm always fascinated by the different running styles - I'm sure it doesn't matter  and it's certainly isn't slowing you down Hash
    in my head I'm a graceful athlete - so race photos always come as a bit of a shock image

    for some strange reason I'm doing windermere mara next weekend - with a few pals - plan is to run/walk - nice and slow hopefully - really looking forward to it image

  • South Downs is 12th June.  Almost all off road and flat in places (once you've got yourself up there).  Every so often it plummets to a road and then goes back up again.  Two years ago I was in my 'I must not walk' phase and didn't walk a hill until this one  after 17 miles. I am thinking of different tactics this time round.

    Rod - tempted as I am to do Rugby it is just that bit too far for a week night.  I have found out though that the MK club are using the track at Stowe until July on Wednesday nights to try to get some new kids in and adults are welcome to go there too so I shall do some track intervals for the very first time instead.

  • Well done on your park run yesterday Rod. Fantastic pace!! Well done to you too on your PB Bridget.

    Fantastic run for you too today Hash. Looks like that knee is well on its way to being fixed now. I wouldn't worry about whether you have an odd running style to be honest. If it works for you, then it's all good.

    Sorry you had a crap one MMW. Fingers crossed for tomorrow image

    Windermere Jenni? Crikey, you're brave image From everything I've heard about it, it's tough but absolutely beautiful. A few people from my club are doing it, but I didn't think it was wise to run VLM as my first ever marathon and then do Windermere less than a month later. Hope the weather is gorgeous for you!

    Not been around for the past week due to work getting in the way of important things (i.e. life). Yesterday was my first day off after 11 days working 12 hr shifts.. and I don't even get paid overtime *sob*. Anyway, hopefully all the hard work is done and I can get back to running again.

    I haven't run since VLM image First week or so was taken up by an infected and very painful toe and by the time it had healed, I was up to my eyes in work. I was supposed to do a HM today, but gave my number to someone else because I needed so desperately to rest. Now I'm feeling a bit more human and am ready for a plod tomorrow. A nice steady 5 miles I think image Nice to be back anyway!

  • Bridget that is a hill..........

    Enjoy that run Lostkat and thanks for the nice comment.

    That Rugby race is fairly local for me, also I don't have the restraint of kids and so on so I can sort of do my own thing, I need to strike while the iron is hot with the short stuff else I will be back to those lsr's again which I have maybe done enough of for the time being.  image

  • Yay Hash - a birthday run!!! That would be great if you can make it and we can have some kind of celebration for you after unless Blouse has something else up his sleeve of course!! At the rate you and Rod are going you may have a good 10 minute wait for me at the end!! Its along the Danish Camp route where we did our 20 mile jaunt and you hid the goodies so a nice off road track and flat other than the bit where it goes up over the bypass.
  • Bridget, would love your input on what you do to train for a hilly marathon ... I have only ever run London as a marathon, and I generally avoid hills wherever possible when running (unless Rio is in the mood for hill reps at club - but they tend to be short bursts). I've taken the bull by the horns and signed up for a hilly marathon .. call it aversion therapy! It's pretty flat where I live, so I'd probably have to get in the car / on the train and seek out some hills and new routes. Do you do hilly LSRs, or just hill reps?
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