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  • You were flying Mark!!

    Hash I can't drink beer but will definitely have a glass of vino of G&T on Tuesday!!!

    Got a killer speed sesh tonight after work with one of the girlies who is a fair bit faster than me...........better go and have a lunchtime lie down in preparation!!!image

  • Mark I think you are me............image

    That's a good run in my eyes it is nice to get a shift on at the end, that was my one disappointment at VLM there was nothing left but interestingly my slowest section was 11.29 the last mile and whatever .

    I won't be overdoing it either my plan is flexible and I can scrub the HM if needed, the club event does come first.

    Pinks those speed sessions  are the hardest thing I reckon, they do get you stronger though , thats the only reason I am doing the 5 and 10K races it gets you used to running at a higher heart rate and so on which must be good?

  • You are right Rod - its just when you get a text saying 'you don't want to know about the session tonight' ie coach has got a toughie lined up for us you feel like you are dreading it coming, lol!!
  • Oh Yes Pinks but one thing I have learnt and am still learning, that is to try harder with the things one finds hard and to face up to them, that way when they are conquered it is one less thing to worry about, that is why I will do "Race The Train" and at least one off road session at the club each week which will improve my running.

    Then there is the cross country my one attempt at it resulted in a poor time and a second from last image

    In mitigation I had hit the Claret a bit hard the night before. image

    At the end of it Pinks you can only do your best.

  • I think you have a good point there and somehow the facing up to it and conquering it then seems more of an achievemnet and an even bigger sense of satisfaction once the session is over............I'll try to remember that at 6pm tonight lol!!

    I love the idea of cross country but my back has another agenda!  Just depends what kind of terrain it is for me - I did a 16 miler fairly early on in the VLM training this year which was predominantly cross country but lots of rough ground, muddy fields and uneven surfaces coupled with the undulations did not do me any good!  Maybe I need to find a way to toughen up all round and its just my girlie side getting the better of me!!

    Something else I found interesting is that the coach I have ben going with recently (he is retired but still runs 6+ times a week and in his day did a 2:30 marathon pb) says you need to do a good bit of hard speed work after the marathon to get the marathon out of your legs or you can end up running slower and slower.  That has actually happened to me before so will be interesting to see if these little short sharp speed sessions do the trick without affecting general recovery.

  • Pinks what your coach says seems to make sense, the relief of actually being able to run something other than slowly  has been a great feeling for me since VLM.

    I would say you did toughen up in the fact you had all those rubbish flights from the hols and then battered you marathon time and ran without stopping, impressive.

    something your daughter said to you nreally stuck in my mind was it "come on Mum man up and get on with it" can't remember exactly but thats  what you did  with great results image

  • HT telepaticallly (spelling?!?) sending over some Arnica cream for your knees.

    Hash was thinking about your running style, yes some runners naturally have odd styles and do great times but now not counting them. When I was training and competing in track and field our coach used to film us and our techniques which we later watched and tried to change to the correct one.

    So it might be an idea for you to let someone film you from the front and back when you are running. A weird style could be naturally to you, or a reaction to your injury or possibly what caused your injury. So filming it and then trying to run as one "should run" to see how it feels might be an interesting experience. Not saying that you necessary have to change running style but it might be a worthwhile experiment.

    BTW yes you are allowed to kill loud early morning birds.

    I still haven't run a single step since VLM but got the all clear to start training slowly again, so yesterday wobbleboard, core strenght and a fast long walk image

    Aiming for sub 3.30 marathon next year, looking back on my training the last 2 years it is possible as I am and rightly should be ashamed of the lack of training I done so far. So bought a training log to get a structure in.

    Will probably join you in the Run to the Beat race and if I don't get a place in VLM 2011 then I'll probably do Rotterdam or Hamburg.

    As for the autumn marathon I really can't decide between Amsterdam, Mallorca and Casablanca. 

  • well as with all good plans my "double run Sunday" is now a single one!

    Our relay team has one injury and one runner called up by one of the other teams so I have to do a full 10 mile leg! Ah well maybe for the best image

  • Rod I think that may well be a blessing in disguise and now you can give the 10m your all and enjoy that for what it is. image
  • Yes you are right it will be a tough 10 miles too not called the "Hilly Hundred" for nothing, I am on the 3rd leg which is apparently not as hilly as leg 2 which I was down to do half of.

    Enjoy the speedwork image

  • Rod I have to thank you for your earlier comments re hard sessions - it really made me approach it differently and I loved it!! Did a 1 mile warm up and then 9 x 400m repeats at 6.30 - 7.15 pace!!! 1.5 minute walk recovery in between then 0.75mile cool down. Really hard work but felt great!! image
  • Evening!  Manic day at work so although i'd planned to head over to Pitsford following a home visit I junked that idea, brought Waitrose pizza for tea and headed home instead.

    I'm going to do my very first track session tomorrow.  There is a track up at Stowe that the MK club are using for a 'Satellite Athletics Club' on Wednesday nights till early July (probably when term ends).  Although they are after 10 - 16 year olds it also says adults welcome so I plan to pitch up and use it for speedwork.  Just think completely flat and smooth image

  • Anyone up.... kettle is on........image

    Sounds like some good training going on here...... keep it up peeps. looking forward to joining you soon

    Thankfully will be in bed in about an hours time   .image

  • 'night Gatton
  • Morning all Gatton I have missed you image

    Bridget the pizza sounded like a better idea to me!

    Pinks good running I'm glad the comments helped!

    Did my 7 miles at the club last night, a mixture of road trail and field, I found parts of it quite hard average pace 9.47, at one point we ran through a field with grass that was about a foot tall, that was tough seemed to really take it out of me image You have to laugh really do VLM with all the trials and tribulations of that and let a field of grass get to me .

    I am due to race tonight but today feel a littlke tired, the joy of my job is I can go out laler, so I will take it easy this morning and go out this afternoon, the race may not be done, best not over cook it eh?

  • Well done on a cracking speedwork session Pinks, glad you enjoyed it! I feel the same as you generally about speedwork. It's much better once you've finished it and can feel proud of yourself image I also think what your coach said about speedwork after a marathon is bang on, even though I admittedly didn't really slow down that much to marathon train. I'll definitely be doing a lot of speedwork this summer if I want to get to sub-4 by October image

    Think you've got the right idea about today Rod. If it's going to affect your performance for your hilly 10 mile leg at the weekend,then best knock this one on the head. Do you run cross country in your regular trainers or do you have some trail shoes? I find cross country much more difficult in my road shoes. Not sure why. They can't be that different!!

    Have fun at the track session Bridget. I like them once in a while. Going round and round a track is very boring, but speedwork seems to liven things up and it's very springy, so lovely to run on.

  • Lostkat I bought some trail shoes but I liked them so much they are worn as normal shoes now so yes I am running in road shoes, I will be getting some for race the train though, The Hilly 100 is actually a week on Sunday but I just feel not 100% today there's always tomorrow maybe get up early and do a 6 miler, want to do a 10 Sunday but i think there may be a trip with the bike club into Wales, I would like to dom that, I did say May would be a resting Month but actually I am still plodding on, I want to maintain rather than go bonkers, sometimes my enthusiasm gets the better of me image
  • Hey Gatton - bet I've missed you by now!! Night!

    Bridget that track sounds perfect! Let us know how it goes.

    Lostkat I really feel better for doing that session even this morning so maybe it has burnt everything out of my legs? I had a good nights sleep too so whether that was the speed session knackering me out or the new comfy bed I don't know but I feel more rested thank goodness.

    What is the difference between regular shoes and trail ones - sorry for daft question. I always find cross country so hard going so wonder if they might help.

    Right best get on with breakfast and go wake little Pinks up!!
  • interested to hear responses about shoes ... I've always done road running/racing, and I'm planning to do a few 'trail' type runs, not sure just how 'off-road' they'll be.
  • Trail shoes got nobbly bits on and a different tread. Tyres for snow, tarmac and tyres for formula one are all different and so are running shoes. Most shops have both now go try and see and spend more money!!!

    I run on a disused railway line, the Monsal Trail and that is crushed stone so I just wear my standard Sauconys but for the fields I have some more sturdy fell shoes.

    Did another 3 miles so a total of 7.68 yesterday all at a decent pace. Cycling today and trying to persuade my boss to let me buy a road bike on the cycle to work scheme! I want a full carbon road bike to go with my mountain bike full carbon hard tail, I built two years ago............greedy or what. Dont want to put road tyres on my mountain bike it looks abit daft and the North South Ride is beckoning...........

    Mondays Cycle.........TUesdays Running Wednesday Cycling and Swimming Thursdays Running Friday Cycling.........Saturday Rest Sunday Running........... Busy week now though I miss the focus on the marathon.

  •  Just a quick lunch time catch up with you dedicated people.

    *Hangs head in shame*  I've only managed to get out for a run once last week and its looking the same this week too.  Maybe I can squeeze a short run in on Friday but just very busy at work and home at the moment.

    Must start to focus on the Bupa 10km at the end of the month.  Determind to put last years slip up behind me and get my liquid levels right this time.  Stopping for the loo in a 10km can only lead to a dissapointing time.

  • Afternoon all

    Just nipping in for a burst of sanity, anyone got any going spare?

    Blimey Mark, that's good going

    Well done on the speed session Pinks

    Suze, after the last few months you're entitled to ease up a bit don't be too hard on yourself

    Zaba re what you said about wonky running a page back, I saw my physio last night and she said exactly the same as you.  Basically if it ain't broke don't fix it, and if I'm shuffling along happily and not doing myself a mischief, who cares if my running style looks more like someone dancing the Charleston!

    Four miles for me pre-physio last night, which were lovvverly, up and down and across fields with a decent, runnable footpath.  Oooh it's good to be back, even if it's only baby distancesimage

  • Hi all I feel a bit better now so off to work in a bit, no running today as I am going to rest maybe in the morning the run last night has stiffened my legs up nicely!

    Mark thats a busy schedule but if you have that cycle ride you need to get on with it really so good on you.

    Hash 4 miles is perfectly respectable  image

  • Hash 4 miles is fab! Not all runs are long ones - I rarely do more than 4 or 5 in the week even when marathon training! And you are pretty speedy too image

    Rod hope your legs are ok - def best to take a day or so out if you are not 100%. Do you do your resting heart rate before you get up in the morning? That can be a good indicator if something not quite right or hatching!

    Suze don't forget a mile a day recovery after a marathon so you are doing the right thing taking it easy.......some of us on here are just bonkers!!!
  • Sorry Rod, thought your race was this weekend. D'oh! Where abouts are the bike club going in Wales? I think as long as you listen to your body and don't keep plodding on when it's saying "NOO MOOOORE', then I wouldn't worry too much. If it needs a rest, it'll let you know and you must listen image Same goes for all of you mad loonies back up to silly miles again already image

    Glad you're feeling better after a good run and a nice sleep Pinks image Sounds like you needed to get it out of your system.

    HT, like MS it's about the tread mainly, but trail shoes also generally have less support than road shoes. You're running on uneven ground, so your legs are wibbling all over the place to compensate. Wearing a support shoe really has little effect. I prefer less support offroad anyway because it's harder to run in my support shoes because I'm not so close to the ground (a few mm's really do make a difference). I just have some cheapo Adidas Kanadias that I bought from Chavs Direct, but they're great image I love getting them muddy!

    Suze - as the others have said, don't worry about not getting out. I ran today for the first time since VLM and it was only 3.8 miles (so Hash, YES 4 miles is perfectly respectable image ). Will do another 5 or so on Friday, but I'm the same as Pinks. I generally don't do more than 6 miles on my weekday runs, even when marathon training.

    Felt nice to be back running tonight. Bit of a boring route because it was too short to get out into the nice peaceful lanes, but it was just good to be out there. image

  • Well done Hash four miles is great. I am only doing shortish runs to work and back due to family and stuff. Fitting in the cycling round work and nip out at lunch too.

    What is next on the calendar for you folk?

    How did the VLM charity efforts go has everyone done there goal target who was on a charity place? I am a few quid adrift but the baliffs have not been round so hopefully with the other things I am doing I might get some more in later in the year.

    No charity efforts for me next year just enjoy what I can do and enjoy the runnng instead................

  • Must be a lot of pressure on you to raise money AND train at the same time Mark. How much did you have to raise? Was it hard work? I was really lucky in that I got a place with my club. I had a charidee justgiving page set up because so many people asked about sponsorship, but it was nice not to have the pressure of raising a certain amount. The stress of training was bad enough!! image

    Anyway, next races for me (ignoring shorter stuff & league races) are the Newark HM in August and then Leicester Marathon in October. Marathon training starts at the end of June, so I have a month or so to relax and do what I like really. Feels a bit odd not training for an event. Not quite sure how far I should run on Sunday. As far as my legs feel like going I think image

  • Warning I need to moan image

    Ouch my knees they hurt imageimage and I miss running image

  • Hi People,

    Not abandoned the thread, just been a bit busy. image

    I'm only doing short distances at the moment and enjoying it.  Was also very interested in Pink's and Rod's discussion about doing some hard sessions after the marathon to "get it out of your legs".  I was really surprised how much my speed (not that I had much) had declined over the last 4 months.  I am doing my old pre-marathon training 4 mile routes and am much much slower than I used to be, frighteningly so.  It's funny though I feel I have plenty in the tank stamina wise and my recovery after the run is much quicker, its just that I can't run fast enough - weird! 

    So I'm doing at least 2 faster sessions a week, am enjoying it and hopefully starting to see a small increase in my pace.  It would be nice if I can keep getting faster, and as a result of the marathon training end up a better and faster runner....... Hmmm, think I'm getting a bit optimistic here, and there goes that flying pig again! image

  • Hi all Scuba welcome back image Its funny but the club run last night was an effort at nearly 10 minute miles but yet I can do the 10K race and Parkrun at 8.02 and 7.55. Only today did I feel tired so have taken a raincheck on running, I may get up and do an early morning 6 tomorrow but no pressure.

    You will get faster Scuba!

    Hash where are you? 

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