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  • Oh that I will be Gatton.  I am far too much of a wimp to take too many risks.  I just know it is going to be hard and will hurt a bit too
  • Gatton, you're a star, thankyou for pointing out the obvious ... I live right next to the park, with rugby & football pitches, and it had never dawned on me to use this for intervals. Fab stuff. And if I run in the other direction then I have a hill of about .25mile that I can do some reps on too if needed. Darn, why didn't I think of that??

    Ventured to the gym today, for the first time since VLM .. and now realise why I hadn't been ... despite taking it easy my back is killing me. I believe chocolate is the only cure.
  • Glad it helped...........Thats what this thread is all about    ...... helping peeps out....... where we can.....image

    Right now to put that kettle on as I have another 5&1/4 hrs to do .....Have a good weekend everyone.
    Will be in Canterbury next weekend if anyone will be there.

  • Saturday morning - lovely sunny day outside and I'm at workimage

    I hope everyone else is making full use of the nice weather.  Thanks for the tips on the intervals.  Hopefully I will put some of them into practice tomorrow.  *Goes off to google nearest park with a football pitch*

  • Hey Rio glad you are back!!

    Had a lovely 6.5 mile run this morning in beautiful weather all off road by the river and golf course 9:30 ish pace. Joy to be outside this morning!!
  • Wasn't it just?  A pretty good day for a Parkrun PB by nearly a minute tooimage

    *waves to Rio*

    Rod, no the golfing laydees really weren't joking.  I'm thinking I might lay a hash through there, thoughimage

    Hope it goes quick Suze.  I'm working all next weekend - stupid hours, got to be there at 8am both days, and maybe if I'm lucky I'll get away by 4.  If it goes well it will be quite a laugh, but there's a few major stressy things behind the scenes that could make it look like one of my omlettes!  If anyone's near Letchworth and fancies a bit of foodie fun, give the frazzled looking woman with a mobile phone clamped to her ear a shout:

    Jenni - yep Jude's a wrong 'un.  Somehow they always are, another Leon if you ask me

    I'm off to get seriously sozzled in Surrey, have good weekends all 

  • Well done Hash image  I was on the scanner today
  • Hash I really wish I was near Letchworth next weekend. Food festival sounds fantastic!! Unfortunately we're in Brum for the weekend though, so completely the wrong direction. Rubbish!!! Well done on your PB yesterday image

    Are you off today Suze? Hope yesterday at work wasn't too painful. I'm on call today. Some of the guys are in and I'm expecting some panic phone calls because they've forgotten how to do something on the new system, despite them having a huge amount of training for what's a very simple task *rant*

    Haven't run this weekend as yet, but I was a bit achy yesterday after a hilly XC with running club on Friday. Loved it! I shall get out later, but have food shopping, grand prix & lunch to deal with first. Hopefuly the weather will hold out, but if not then at least I get to wear my posh VLM jacket image

    Hope everyone who's running today has a lovely one image

  • Great on pb Hash. I've had a bit of a foodie weekend so need to run again soon!
  • A very nice 15 done and dusted image  Felt so much easier than last week's 11 but then I'd only done one hard session this week not 3!  A few aches but nothing to disturb me and the last mile ended up being the fastest despite a sharp hill.
  • Hi All, Bridget that was a good run are you ntraining for anything at the mo?

    Hash good PB.

    A nice late finish for me last night after the gig IU did, around 3 when I got to bed and had to get some stuff ready for work so it was 1230 before I could run.

    10 miles  1.32.50 av pace 9.17

    splits   2.5 miles @ 9.1`7

                 2.5 miles @ 9.18

                 2.5 miles @ 9.19

                2.5 miles @9.13

    It was pretty hot out there it showed around 20 driving home.

    I think I am tired after the efforts of VLM, i suppose we all show it in different ways the last mile or 2 felt hard but then it was hot and it was a late night.

    Also I need to get my pace to that sort of time now, if it had been say 9.45 it would have been more comfortable . No HR readings as I am yet to replace the lost strap for the Garmin.

    I took one gel after 10K that is one thing I havn't missed since London, they are pretty vile tasting really image

  • Good going Bridget

    Rod, that's a cracking pace as it stands, although I know you're normally pretty speedy anyway.  How are you feeling now, a few hours later?  I've just realised I can say all sorts of stuff I haven't been able to for the last few months, wayheyimage   Re what you said about gels I wouldn't touch that Lucozade muck with a bargepole, which is why I turned up to Pink's run in March with a barrow-load of the stuff.  What's the point of trying to eat healthy in the rest of my life and then stuffing my body with acidic, tooth-rotting artificial chemical gloop when it comes to running? Oooooh it's nice being out of the spotlightimage

    Just winding down from a mad weekend - parkrun yesterday, then hoofed off to saaaf London for a 25th wedding anniversary do.  Danced the night away I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby - even if I am 47 on Tuesday - hoofed out of there on the first train, got back a minute before the hashers set off, 6 miles trundled through fields, chickens sorted, showered and finally flopped down and lit the fire, with the promise of Sunday roast later in the shape of a particularly scrummy looking joint of roast beef. If anyone phones I may turn quite unreasonable....

    Blouse is seriously unwell, manflu with a cough that just won't shut up.  Don't think he's slept since about Wednesday

  • Confession time - I am rather liking the Lucozade jelly beans as a change from jelly babies.  I ate 12 of them altogether today (6 each at 6 and 12 miles) alongside a bottle of raspberry LS and then water which I brought from the NT cafe.  I don't find the jelly beans overly orange but can't stand the orange gels.
  • Hash sounds like you have had a good if busy weekend image

    The gels are pretty yuk, I am an SIS boy have never tried the Lucozade ones, maybe the whole lot of them have us fooled..........

    I feel not too bad 3 hours after my run, yesterday was a long day, I think the heat got to me a bit. I am realising today I am an ordinary 52 year old bloke trying to look after my health the best I can not an elite athlete as such image

    I will have the roast later too and a couple of well earned beers I think.

    It is amazingly only 3 weeks since VLM so much seems to have happened, I'm pleased to have run 10 miles thats for sure.

    I hope Blouse is feeling better soon,

  • actually Bridget the jelly beans are ok, those recovery bars taste ok but I always make a sandwich and have a banana after a run.

    what was nice about today was that it was a "normal" training run where I just took the water belt and the one "token" gel rather than worry about having this at 3 miles and that at 6 etc!

  • Sorry Rod I forgot to answer your question about if I was training for anything.

    I have actually got round to entering yet but the plan is the South Downs marathon in 4 weeks time.  Having not done much in April for long runs I've done 10, 11.25, 15.1.  Plan for 20 next weekend then a road half and finally an off road half before hand.

  • I like that Bridget"Oh I'll just enter a marathon" image sometimes the best way though, with all the hype and excitement of VLM it sort of became a massive deal to those who did it, come the day when I was in that pen it was really just like any other race untill about 2 yards over the start line when the crowd participation started image You do seem strong on the long runs so I reckon you will do well.

    I am looking forward to the Bedford 6 I hope I can get a reasonable time .

  • Okay I quite liked the jelly beans as wellimage

    I'm supposed to be doing the Brandon Forest half on the bank holiday weekend, but it seems a bit of a leap from the 6ish milers I'm doing at the moment.  I suppose I should really knock it on the head, but on the other hand the thought of sending back another race number is too depressing for words. 

    Just plodding around gently and treating it as an LSR isn't an option in reality, I know how I'll be on the day.

  • Hash where is that race I could do that one we could plod round together if you wanted could ypou do it at around 9.30 to 9.35mm ? I know you can run that fast but you know what I mean, I need to see if I can get a place first! Just a thought, I am actually reasonably good at pacing someone else so long as they are not 7minute milers image
  • Bloomin' miles from you Rod, but if you fancy it then that doesn't half sound like a good plan:


    Also it's a two lap course, so you could nag me into stopping half way if it all went pear shaped.  What about you, though, wouldn't you want to do it in a time you could do, which would be a hell of a lot faster than my ploddy pace?

  • Plan B is transferring my race number to you and you belting the daylights out of it, which would be fine!
  • nah Hash I've got a place now was only 8 quid, I would like to do an event where I go slower to see how I feel at the end, if you are in trouble I will nag you to stop half way as you say, its a 2 lapper? Anyway I'm in and if worse comes to worse I've not even done a tenner, It will keep me fresh and be my first HM of the year, I can save speed for the 10k's image
  • *mwah*

    Guess what's waiting for you at the end in the cool bag in my carimage

  • Well done on your 15 Bridget. I am in awe that you can still be contemplating doing a marathon when it's only 4 weeks away. It just goes to show what an experienced/hardcore runner you are image

    Great pace today Rod, especially as we're *still* recovering. Don't think I could manage 10 at the moment, especially a quick 10!! I don't miss taking gels either. I don't touch the Lucozade either and stick to SIS blackcurrant, but I still don't like them much!!

    I love your honesty about the Lucozade stuff Hash, hehe. I bet it's refreshing being able to say what you think now it's all over. I do like their chocolate protein shakes though. Yum!!! Sounds like you've had a busy w/e anyway. Enjoy your roast and I hope Blouse gets well soon image

    Just 5 for me today, but I averaged 8:17 min miles, which I was quite shocked at since it wasn't a flat route at all. Hamstrings & glutes felt very tight so I lay in the garden and stretched for a bit afterwards. It's my first week back running after London and I've done 15 miles in total, which feels quite pathetic really. Ah well. It's better than nowt image

  • I got it Hash a Lucozade Sport Body fuel image

  • Love it Lostkat

    Blimey, how quick?!

  • Erm.... yep Rod that's right.  They've just changed their packaging a little so it reads "London Pride".   Sheesh, these marketing lovvies......image
  • LOL

    Hash, I was quite suprised at the speed... I had a rum truffle at lunchtime. Maybe they're the fuel of my future marathon training runs image

  • Aww Thanks Hash, yes Lostkat that is fast may be a 5 miler but that is quick. image

    If this was still the sub 4.30 thread we would be promoting you to the sub 4 image

  • Hash if , sorry now you are doing the Brandon HM will you do a longer run before the event say next weekend? Perhaps if you could do an 8 that would get you home, listen if it takes 2.30 I'm good with that we can go at your pace we can just go with the flow.image
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