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  • *sticks head round the corner*

    Tippity toppity idea Rio/Hash (attribute credit as necessary)

    I'm in for some of that running stuff.

  • Morning all Hash where are you? image well it is 2 days since VLM I feel not too bad now, I have had 3 days of eating "differently" to normal but I think that is now over and I get back to a normal diet that does't include 2 trips to the chip shop in one day imageimage

    It will be nice to do some races together, the Birmingham one actually quite suprised me last year, much better than expected, my opinion is it could get up into onhe of the top UK halves if they did a bit of fine tuning, there was a pretty active thread too last year which I spent time in, a lot of the runners seemed to go to the Pitcher and Piano after which although a chain I found nice when I went in the one at Newcastle Quays before the Great North Run.

    Otherwise there is a pub called Penny Blacks at the back of the mailbox which does what myself and Blouse would call "real Beer" image

    Trying Hard you did well there the opinion of many is that the weather was pretty deceptive and made things tricky for some folks.

    Pip it's good you have dusted yourself down so quickly you will  go well in Berlin, I believe it was run in 24 degrees last year you may already have factored that into your plans.

    This thread has started well, I hope we can continue to share any training tips with each other, it certainly helped lots of us on Sunday who had not done the Marathon before.

  • Morning.......kettle on!!
  • I actually managed the stairs forwards this morning!
  • Hello everyone. I survived the VLM but didn't survice Hash's 4.30 thread as that target had to be, er, reassessed in February. Not posting my photo of me holding my medal as I look so miserable! I thought I was smiling.

    If anyone's looking for a flat marathon then Abingdon's the one for you - in October. Flatter than a steamrollered pancake. Hurry, it fills up fast.

    A very nice half is Burnham Beeches (somewhere west of London) in August - run through woodland so keeps the August sun off, and mostly on tarmac but not roads.

    Anyone near London looking for a flat, fast 5k or 10k in the next few weeks, Sudbury Court, in the shadow of Wembley stadium, on 16th May. Small race(s), friendly, cheap.

  • There is a thread by Fat Buddha called "thank you London........" which makes very interesting reading it starts about how busy it was and goes on from there, I only read the first few posts but it would sem that this year was the busiest ever and it made it hard for the runners trying to achieve our ( sub 4.30) type of time, I don't think it being less crowded would have got me round quicker, I did an extra half mile going past slower runners mind. Had it been less crowded I may have gone too fast and blown up earlier, my friend got to HM point at 2.02 compared to my 2.10 and finished behind me by a good minute and a half so maybe the slow first 3 miles helped.mile 6 was one of the busier places.

    I am feeling pretty upset I missed the support group at mile 17, you guys did so much for us and I managed to run right past. Now tell me I am wrong but Runners World are a pretty big player and well liked in general, maybe in the future they could have some more input and put in a bigger "pitch", from what Hash says they give the groups a banner and that's it, only a thought 

  • I missed it too Rod and Sparkly went out of her way to buy me stuff too image

    I think the congestion really hampered my running - my pace was all over the place and the few times I  had to actually stop to walk because it was so bad, it hurt like hell to start up again.

    My HM split was 2.05 and I was cruising along the bit after that at a pace too, but nerves got the better of me the day before and I was violently sick all day. I was sick on the morning too - worrying about stuff - and so basically ran on Body Fuel and a handful of jelly babies, couldnt stomach the thought of the gels.

    That said, for me to hit 4.30 on the nose, when I actually walked a bit of mile 25 is fab for me. I did what Pinks said and walked to soak up the atmosphere - it was worth it image

    This was never about times truly for me - this was about knowing that inside me, I can really do whatever I set out to do if I believe it enough...

    Looking forward to some of these events image

  • *swerves in, grabs tea (thanks Pinks), heads for the shower*

    Real life's intruding again today, got to go and do that thing that finances itimage  Have good days, all and see you (much) laterer.

    Rod/anyone can you recommend somewhere cheap and cheerful to stay in Birmingham that's somewhere fairly near to the HM start?

  • cheapest one which is ok is the Etap on Bristiol street I have used them in Europe basic but ok I would think  a 10 minute walk to the start or the Ramada Encore in Holloway Head will have a look at  the Travelodge site too but that may be more money leave it with me image

  • Looking Quickly Travelodge Broad Street £66


    Ramada Encore Holloway Head £63.75

    Etap Bristol, Street £40

    Etap is furthest away but not a million miles the Travelodge is the best position as it is right near the finish

    There are loads of others but some of the ones on Hagley Road are not so clever let me know before you book!


  • Thanks a million Rod

    Etap looks good to me.  If it's anything like the Travelodge, they ramp up their prices when more people start to book, so best to do it all in one go.  Anyone else staying over?

    Really really going now, hideously late as usual, bye!

  • /members/images/383509/Gallery/image_server.cfm.jpeg

    Hi everyone, great thread...

    kimfree your times are close to mine, i ran a 2:01 half  but i had a terrible 2nd half and ran/walked to a 4:29 this was my 4th mara and 3rd london... 

    can i be added to the southend 10k...please

  • Chipsy, I sat in the reception of our hotel with an American before the race, we were staying in the Clarendon by blue start, I ask everyone for advice he said take it steady even 10 seconds a mile can cost later, my Friend did the half in 2.02 and I did 2.10 my finish which was not great was 4.27.36 my mates was around 4.29 still good for a first time, shows the importance of a steady start image

    Still Sub 4 though were you pleased?

  • Intersting you read that Rod about congestion etc - I was disappointed I couldn't get going and into 10mm pace but at the beginning I wasn't too worried as thought it would space out after 6 miles - however that wasn't the case and I found it was still as busy after 20 miles!!  I hadn't tried to dodge round people early on but now wish I had and been faster!

    Having said that my splits are really even throughout and ran the second half 30 seconds or so quicker than the first.  I was just planning on doing the first half in 2:05-2:10 and not 2:15!!

  • Morning all image

    Lazy morning for me.

    Rod the thing you said about being the only one who feels like you do when things get hard is something I have turned around over the years.  I know everyone is feeling like you do (or worse) and they are keeping going so I feel I can too.  for me it is a motivator to keep moving!  The marathon hurts everyone!!!

    Well spin class for me last night.  Just one instead of my usual two.  Was not too bad considering though I did have to ease off the gas a couple of times.  But I am sure the resistance was higher than I usually have it so a good session. 

    Ache a bit today though so going to visit the horses and then do a bit of gardening in the sunshine before my 3-4 mile run tonight with my ladies image

  • Morning all- I managed to walk down the stairs forward this morning image

    Pinks can you recommend a hotel near you/bedford half as that way boyfriend doesn't have to get up too early to drive?


    this is a 600m to go- pleased t osee that sign or what?
  • Rio was going to ask when you would be running again!  When is everyone else going out for a trot?
  • Pinks it doesn't matter when anyone else is going.  Be guided by how you feel.  Take it easy and be prepared to walk/stop if you need to.  Just enjoy the running
  • Had massage last night and she recommended I go for a brisk walk tonight and then a jog towards the end of the week................to be honest my head is raring to go (especially as I now have several pounds of holiday eating to lose!!) but legs say no not yet!
  • This is all fascinating reading, you see pinks your 2.15 was good as your second half was about the same superb even pacing,my second half was more like 2.17 or 18 which is OK I guess.

    Rio I did feel bad but I used the fact that other people had given up and were going to walk for a fair time, I knew I would finish and wanted that sub 4.30 that kept me going, maybe I am just being hard on myself, it wouldn't  be the first time image 

    Pinks Rio is right I was due to go to the club last night I didn't I am nearly ready for a steady run but If I don't run till Parkrun on Saturday I ain't bothered, I will be doing that steady it will be my first one so a PB guaranteed    image

  • Everyones recovery is different.   I am lucky in that I recover quickly.  And in any case I have a half ironman in 5 1/2 weeks so no time for a rest!  lol
  • Morning!  No I didn't have a lie in but I have to do things like Scrabble and feed my penguin first thing image

    Eva - Abingdon is already full although there is a waiting list

    Kim - the only special bit I did to get your drink was write it on the shopping list, even going down the aisle wasn't out of my way as I needed diet coke as well!

    I am thinking that I need to get on and enter something as I am still wandering around finding excuses not to go for a run in the evenings.  Quite happy to run with club last week and to go out at the weekend but solo evenings seem to be a CBA zone image

  • Did an easy spin class last night - no resistance to speak of! Then swam 30 lengths. I was shocked to find that my arms were tired?????!!!!!!!!!image Maybe I tensed up due to the cramps??!!

    Took the dog for a walk this morning. Legs were fine before I went but when I got back they were aching????!!!!

    I seem to be all over the place!

    Got a 10k 2weeks on Sun and half ironman in 6weeks! Not sure I thought this through properly when I entered!!!!!!image

    Rio If you have any advice I would be grateful! image

  • Vik - forgot to say I will check out what is nearby re Bedford Half.  The start is actually in Wootton but think there are several pubs near there that do B&B and/or travelodge in Marston.
  • Thanks pinks and the immoduim has finally worn off- I was starting to panic a bit!!!
  • Rod Goodwin wrote (see)

    Chipsy, I sat in the reception of our hotel with an American before the race, we were staying in the Clarendon by blue start, I ask everyone for advice he said take it steady even 10 seconds a mile can cost later, my Friend did the half in 2.02 and I did 2.10 my finish which was not great was 4.27.36 my mates was around 4.29 still good for a first time, shows the importance of a steady start image

    Still Sub 4 though were you pleased?

    thats the one piece of advice I really should have taken on board i was aiming for 9m/m the first two miles cost me as they were around 10 to 10 and a half m/mi then decided i needed to get to 9m/m by 10 miles.... i managed to do it, i also managed to catch up the 9m/m pacer i clocked up 8: 40 to 8:50 m/m to get there though.. from 14 miles i totally broke down. I was utterly stupid , panicked that i would not catch up because of an army of walkers at the start... 4 marathons i should know better.. I felt pretty gutted -distraught maybe a tad strong word, but close to tears- i now sit here happy in the knowledge i`ve got a deserved medal, i raised a few quid for alzheimers ...and i got round...

    I was asked by my wife if i was going to give it another go next year, i said im never going to run again... i `m now chomping at the bit to get out running again, and enter the ballotimage i bloody love this running lark

  • Relaxed I would say that now you would be wise to drop the running to twice a week, one short fast session and one run of about 10miles if you can.  But you do now need to get the swim and bike thing sorted quickly.  It is going to mean twice a day training for the next 4 weeks.   Swim 3 times a week and bike 3 at least with swapping your long run for a long bike building to 60 miles over the next three weeks each long ride followed with a short 5k or less run.

    If you are stil going to do the spin classes (as I probably will) follow it with a run on the treadmill for another brick session

    Start getting used to eating and drinking on the bike now too.  You will need food on the bike so start trying things like jaffa cakes, flapjacks or for a savoury snack cheese spread and marmite sandwiches.  Everything needs to be easy to chew and wash down with some water or sports drink

  • Thx Rio image That sounds good to me! image Just one thing - where do you put food on your bike so you can get it easily??
  • Chipsy it is good this running lark indeeed image  The American just reiterated what I had heard loads of times about going off too quick, I still think I was slightly guilty of that but originally I was aiming for a 9.45 MP untill I got an injury which caused me to lose nearly 3 weeks of running from the 3rd week in March. This was my first and maybe only Marathon so I  decided to air the side of caution, I came out of it ok with a sub 4.30 up untill 21 miles I may well have done sub 4.20 but it was still a PB image
  • You need to get something called a top tube box like this


    They come in a couple of sizes.  Halfords are doing them at the moment though I cant remember the price (usually around £12 or so for the small one I think)  They will hold enough for you
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