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  • Pinks - I was thinking of getting another foot analysis done so will mention it then.

    And yes it will be nice to wear wedges and heels again.

  • Suze78 wrote (see)

    Pinks - I was thinking of getting another foot analysis done so will mention it then.

    Permission to wibble?  If they suggest a significant change then please get a physio's advice first, so that they look at the whole you and not just what's happening with your feet.  You may have a wonky running style - so what, if you're happily running wonkily - just don't end up in my situation.
  • Hash - message understood!

    OMG - I've just seen the prices for the official photos, what a rip off. 

  • And isn't an independent shoe stockist better than a specific one for the same reason??
  • Which reminds me, I need new ones now and the last 3 pairs I have had were the same and they are discontinued!image  It's never the same when they upgrade them to the next model!
  • Pinkerbelle wrote (see)

    Question...I don't normally check out/post on multiple threads and until i joined Hash's sub 4.30 a couple of months back I had really only been on the FLM Virgin thread and had been there since 2005!  But I got a little curious about the whole super six thing so had a little read of the thread recently started about whether the whole system for selecting 'candidates' etc should be changed.     Now, is it just me or are a large proportion of faster runners really negative about slower peeps like me???  I read a few pages of posts and to be quite honest wished I hadn't!!  I may be being defensive or over-sensitive but got the impression that the faster runners felt they were 'proper' or 'serious' runners and the likes of me weren't worth the time of day and had possibly turned up with little or no training 'expecting' to achieve a target picked out of thin air!!! 

    Admittedly I am a late starter having never 'run' before turning 40 in 2004, and I am female, BUT I have spent the last 5 years running 3-5 times a week and this last year have done more, including strength training etc and I can tell you I take my running VERY seriously!!!  I wish I was faster and could achieve times such as sub 3:30 marathons and I don't know why some can and some can't but it's not for want of desire or trying!!  PLUS us 4:30 ish runners are out there both on 'long' runs and the actual races so arguably are putting MORE time in with MORE effort and have to be more serious about the whole thing!!

    OK, rant over.  It's just i was feeling rather pleased with my achievements over the weekend (especially as I have taken over an hour off my original marathon time) until I read that lot which made me feel very insignificant and demotivatedimage

    Pinks just echoing what's already been said, yours WAS an amazing achievement, and the same applies to anyonen who actually finished, regardless of the time they ran it in.   In many ways I think it's harder for us slower runners than it is for the greyhounds - we spend much longer on our feet, for one thing.

    Not all faster runners are negative about slower ones, but I know what you mean, it can seem like that.  Certainly some of the stuff that went on on Christina's thread would have had me running screaming to the hills, there was loads of stuff about stats and times and is-60-miles-a-week-enough.image  Over on my thread, and Pix's and Lucy's, it was nothing but support, encuoragement and cracking good chocolate brownie recipes.  We shared all sorts of other stuff that was going on in our lives and I know which I'd rather read, and who I'd rather chat to. 

  • Thanks Hash!  I don't mind those that are geeky about it - there are always going to be real anoraks in any hobby/sport/interest but what I do take offence to is the negativity/prejudice against those that are in their eyes 'not as good' just because they don't run as fast and the assumption then that we don't take it seriously or try hard enough.

    Hey-ho, get a life is what I say.

    Ooooh can I have the brownie recipe please, I LOVE cooking!!image 

  • *gasp*...................the updated model of my running shoes now comes in pink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Chocolate brownie recipe  - essential post race recovery fuelimage

  • Have you noticed how much running gear is pink at the moment?  Matches my face on a hot day, I supposeimage
  • Fab, thank you! Guess what I'm doing tonight!
  • Whilst Pinks floats off into seventh heaven ...

    VikW - LOL at your dad crying, and having cramp!  Unsympathetic mum that I am the children got short shrift on Sunday when they said they needed to sit down cos they were tired!  And you've reminded me of a story - apparently, at the 25m mark, Mr Thistle was there cheering the runners on, yelling "you're all heroes, you're brilliant" .. and crying ... til my two lil'uns told him he was being embarassing.image

    Zaba - I'm no expert (but there are plenty around on this forum) but IMHO that's a v tall order  to achieve sub 3:30 in a year.  A friend of mine runs HMs in about 1:35 and did VLM in 3:34.

    Suze you've made me laugh about your medal.  Mine still isn't out of the yet to be unpacked suitcase.  Doesn't matter, I've got blisters to show off instead image

    Pinks, are you down from the pink running shoe cloud yet?  Lots to say ... don't venture onto other threads ... well seriously, don't fret, just ignore it.  I can get p'eed off about the 'fun runner' comments about VLM - as if I just got up one morning and thought "I'm going to go out and run a marathon today".  And if all 36k ppl ran at 3:20 pace, just imagine how crowded it would be.  I'm invariably back of the pack for smaller club type races and middle of the field for big charity half maras ... I'm never going to be fast, but I love it, I'm out there running, and when I find the going hard I think of all my school mates who teased me for not being able to catch/throw/hit/run and think of them with their middle age spread image and remember how much I love running.  Even if it's not everyones idea of running.

    And there's a bit of a theme with our times I think .. I did 5:08 in 2008, 4:39 last year, and 4:31:42 on Sunday, my half mara time had been gradually knocked down to about 2:03-2:05 until last autumn, and since  then I've done 1:58:26 and 1:56:55, I was over the moon when I went sub 2.   I should point out that in 10 years of running and trying to get better times, the turning point may have been joining a running club (women's running network) three years ago, and meeting Rio.  Ah ... now I know who to blame for this marathon madness. image


  • Wow HT we are really close on pace/race times!!  That has really encouraged me as maybe i can do a bit faster than 1:58 on the half marathon!!image

    Yes, I think if I hadn't met Rio on the thread in '05 and in person in '06 I may well not have continued....................THANKS RIO!!!

  • Hurrah!!!!!!!  Just got email with £5 off voucher from sweatshop - they must have known I was dreaming of the pink running shoes, lol!!
  • Apologies for threas-hogging (still can't focus on work!!) but just been told that Lidl have an offer starting today for swiss/gym balls - £2.99!  Fab for core stability work and if you are desk bound, great to swap for your chair!!image
  • Suze78 wrote (see)

    Pinks / Vik - I started reading that thread and gave up, in fact it was Gattons comments that made me think, why am I even bothering with this.

    Suze 78.... i hope I didn't upset you by my posting ... If so I apologise. it was just my thoughts.
  • Hi all unusually I have not been on today as it was a hard days work first, Pinks you have put more posts on today than me even! image

    with being slightly slower it doesn't matter , I know some faster people have no time for us slower ones butactually us lot who do a HM in around 2 hours are actually far from slow so lets forget going in the more intense threads and stay here talking about all sorts.

    I am going running tonight weather permitting just a slow one to see all is well, I guess my training will start in earnest next week again, I have eaten so much since Sunday image

  • Hairy Thistle wrote (see)

    Zaba - I'm no expert (but there are plenty around on this forum) but IMHO that's a v tall order  to achieve sub 3:30 in a year.  A friend of mine runs HMs in about 1:35 and did VLM in 3:34.

    Thanks for the reply image Yes am aware of it being a tall order, just wondered if it was possible if I put the time and effort in and remains injury free. (Am 30 btw since someone asked before). Really have not trained as I should and if ITBs didn't give up in the LM I might have done around or maybe even sub 4. Am sort of thinking if I can do those sort of times though miss behaving what would I be capable of if I behaved???

    My friend did his first marathon in Berlin 2009 with sort of 4 months training and did 3.50 and then in LM 2010 finished in 3.15.

    Just hoping that it would be possible if I put the effort in image

    Pinks don't listen to what evil fast runners say I know several elite runners who have maximum respect for slower runner and says they are impressed with slow runners stamina to be out for so long.

    Berlin is a massive race with about 40,000 runners but their streets can take it because they are very wide, I did not feel cramped at any stage apart from near the water stations.

  • Gatton wrote (see)
    Suze78 wrote (see)

    Pinks / Vik - I started reading that thread and gave up, in fact it was Gattons comments that made me think, why am I even bothering with this.

    Suze 78.... i hope I didn't upset you by my posting ... If so I apologise. it was just my thoughts.
    what did you say Gatton?image
  • Pinkerbelle wrote (see)
    Apologies for threas-hogging (still can't focus on work!!) but just been told that Lidl have an offer starting today for swiss/gym balls - £2.99!  Fab for core stability work and if you are desk bound, great to swap for your chair!!image

    Wow thanks image

  • From super six thread.

    Gatton wrote (see)

    Surley the whole point was to choose six lucky people ( rememeber the postings after they were selected ) who agree to put their lives under scrutiny for the duration and beyond.
    Can you remember the pressure that we put on ourselves when we tell our families that we " want to run a marathon" What time ? do you think you will do, they ask. Then we do the pressure bit and tell them, and that is where it starts. However we can keep it on a low key not publish every last step we take to the masses.
    It is about how others join them and go along for the journey. About  reading about thier exploits and either joining in via the threads or just reading them and taking on some well intentioned advice. If the people who read the postings would reply I am sure many would agree they  appreciated the advice given and helped most to have a better idea as to how to run a marathon either for the first time or to make it easier to gain that all elusive PB.
    I for one think that a great part of the "super six" ideal is that so many runners of all abilities have now become good friends and will stay so even after the event.

    As to mentors putting in their share. i can only speak as i find and Liz could not have been more helpful. Not only to her people but to many others on the threads. She always found time to answer people's questions and was around to offer her support even when her own training didnt go according to plan..

    A marathon is a long journey and some people require all sorts of support and if the "super six" can gererate interest to others who may never even have thought of starting out on this journey  via the mentors and whole lot of other very experienced marathon runners ........then that is OK for me...

  • OK I like a laugh and so on, I tell you now I was deadly serious on Sunday, no Oggy Oggy Oggy  I spoke to no one as such on the course I focused on getting home and making the time.

    A whole years training on my own for the GNR would indicate I am serious, we all are in our own way, if any fast runners would care to come here and debate why they feel we are not I am sure they are welcome.

    That's not too controversial a rant is it?

    I wouldn't want to be censored by RW image

  • Ooooooh I'm exhausted trying to catch up on here! Going for a rest now!image

  • Right! Any opinions on this..........Rio image, anybody else welcome to comment too! image

    I have done a spin class (all be it with no resistance!) and swam 30 lengths this week. My legs feel fine (to be honest they haven't been too bad at all, perhaps because the cramp slowed me down??) Anyway was planning a 25mile bike on Sat and about 8mile jog on Sunday....but have seen a local pool based sprint tri advertised, 500m swim, 19km bike and 6km run on Sunday. Should I potter round this instead??? image

    By the way if anyone looks down on your acheivements, their opinion isn't worth having. Be proud and happy! image

  • Relaxed...If I was in your place I would go for the sprint tri. If you have any problems whilst doing this at least there will be help at hand...........if you go out on your own there will not be !!!    good luck let us know how you get on...

  • Rod when I got to the last underpass on Sun I was feeling low and the cramp was relentless. The whole atmosphere seemed to be low too and I was willing some one to Oggy Oggy Oggy!!!! As no one did I did it myself! Everyone responded and cheered and the atmosphere improved!! It got me thro the next mile image We were still serious about finishing!
  • Thx Gatton image
  • So Toenails seem to be in the thread again, the small nail next to the the right big toe has been not right for ever, over a year for certain a fungal infection sounds worse than it is, I am still applying the varnich (clear Suze) apparently it will take 6 to 9 months to recover, anyway this is my point. It normally is ok till around 18 miles, on Pinks 20 mile training run it was really painfull at the end but once I had got the shoes off it was fine.

    On Sunday the pain started at 10 miles there is no reason for it and it hasn't gone black and fell off it's never really grown properly. Mind over matter saw me through after 22 miles it didn't matter as I was struggling a bit and the toe was forgotten. image

    I am at the physio tomorrow just to check the calf is ok, an appointment with a podiatrist will then be made as I don't want to be going on like this.

    I went on that forum this morning and put a post on, I will not probably spend any time there as I like it in our Snail house image

    I think the guy who started it is a good runner and makes some interesting comments mind.

    It is actually my opinion that had Hash been able to start the Marathon she would have done sub 4.30, that would have been 2 out of 6 who achieved the target time.

    It has always seemed to me that at our level; and maybe higher up some days we run a lot better than others, a bad run can often not be linked to bad nutrition or hydration, I still have no idea why these happen they just do.

  • Relaxed I di a lot at the first GNR in fact i was hoarse at the end from shouting too much image

    A couple who have given me loads of help and advice from our club were at mile 25 they shouted at me that kept me going the last 1.2 miles seemed very long didn't it?

    Thanks goodness I was still running when I went past them, they did however completly understand how I was feeling as they have been there too at some stage during the umpteen marathons they have both done..

  • I have just been trying to find info about the Bedford Half in December.  Have you all registered already and, if so, where can I find the info?
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