Mersey Tunnel 10K race numbers

Got mine in the post the other day - I'm 864.

Anyone else?


  • Hi Mike

    248, finally came mid week.. its my first 10k Mersey Tunnel....piece of cake no doubt !!!. Have you run it before ?
  • No but there were runners at today's Hoylake 10K talking about the climb out of the tunnel with a certain trepidation....
  • Now if you want to run a race with a tunnel how about joining me for the "tunnellauf"

    Which is through the Rennsteig tunnel - there and back looks like about 150 m metres climb each way (over 28 kilometres race distance).
  • errr....another time maybe, thank you :-)

    The Mersey tunnel climb lasts for about a mile - don't know exactly how much vertical ascent is involved, but it'll be rather less than 150m.....
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