Chester Half Marathon

Hi there.

A lady friend of mine in work has decided to pull out of the Chester Half Marathon. I offered to take the place off her, but after emailing the organisers I was told that they only did number transfers within the same gender.

Wiggly Worm did contact me on the forum and offered to swap a male number for the female number but unfortunately they never got back in touch.

So I'm asking other forumites, who might have a male number that they don't want. If you want to swap for a female friend that would like to run it, or just after a refund of your money I'll be happy to take it off your hands.



  • YumsYums ✭✭✭

    <sharp intake of breath>

    tut tut tut

  • hahah, Well to be honest. I hadn't planned on running this (I'll openly admit that) i wont come up with any excuses about how I've done loads of training and then was surprised when this filled up so quickly. or that all my mates are doing it and I want to as well.

    If I don't get to run it then that's fine, I'd just hate for the female number that I've got to go to waste, and when someone suggested a swap it got my hopes up, but alas that never materialised.

  • YumsYums ✭✭✭
    just go as Jamima Snizzel or are you not in touch with your femininen side image
  • Last chance for the female running number, anyone interested?
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