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Any one else having a problem? My sister in law returned her entry, by recorded delivery, dated 16/04/2010, when she tried the tracker she was told that the letter was still at the delivery office, it still is today, we have spent hours trying to contact the marathon office, phone always engaged, the magazine said that the paperwork had to be back with them before 24/04/2010 


  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I think it actually says postmarked Dave so you should be ok.  I don't imagine old Bedford is in the office this morning sorting out deferrals!

    Recorded delivery is a bit misleading, special delivery is a lot safer with more of a guarantee of delivery.

  • Try not to worry. When I sent back my deferal form last year it was never technically "delivered" on the tracker but I was assured by the office they received it. I later spoke to Royal Mail and they admitted they rarely get signatures, I presume because of the number of items they deliver at this time of year to the office.

    Give em a call later in the week I'm sure they will let you know they got it.

  • Thanks folks I will pass this on to her, I am sure it will make her chill out a little
  • Try not to worry. I had the exact same problem as you Dave. I had to deffer my place until next  year as I was floored with a chest infection and missed about 2 months training. I sent my defferal form by recorded delivery at the end of of March and had been checking the track and trace system on the Post Office website, it has said for weeks that it is still being processed through the system for delivery. I was starting to panic a bit but I thought trying to phone the VLM offices in the lead up to Sunday would be pointless as they would have many more things to deal with from people who were running on Sunday so I decided to wait until today. I got through on the phone after trying a few times and spoke to a very nice lady who checked all my details and confirmed that my form was recieved and I will recieve an ill or injured form in May which needs to be returned before 11th June.

     I hope this helps you.  

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    Mine was recieved by tracker, butnot by VLM, VLM admiyed they had lost it..... sorted it out via email (and now have that as extra proof.
  • Thanks folks, she is going to give it a few more days but feels better knowing it 's not just her
  • I have sent back my defer form and am waiting for my ill or injured form to come through for next years entry.

    Has anyone received their form yet? I know its supposed to be sometime in May, but didn't know if its due at the end of the month or not?

  • No nothing yet , i defered a week before VLM but we should receive something before the end of the month. Hopefully image
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