Great Manchester Run ASI Photos

I remember somebody asking in another thread whether the ASI photos were online. Well they are now at this link:

Just type in your bib number and go. They must have a comprehensive selection because there are 2 photos of me (bib 2795).

Are any forumites going put there bib number on so we can see them running in the Manchester sunshine? There's a bloke in front of me in one of the pictures looks in some dis-comfort!


  • Bib number 1033, I always look in discomfort, Paula bobs her head, I look like I'm about to expire !!!! we all have our own unique style

    Made it round in 48:35
  • Sorry, didn't mean to imply anthing by saying the bloke looked uncomfortable. I'm not looking too fresh myself! However he looks he's still beating me!
  • Am pi**ed off cos neither me nor hubby Kevin have a photo - even though I trawled thru 100s of "lost and found" pictures with obcured bibs. Sulk.

    -or maybe it's a good thing, as a chunky, red-faced and sweaty middle-aged lady is hardly likely to be all that photogenic, really...

  • Don't worry LyneeW, they're pricey anyway ;0)

    Did you browse the entire gallery as well, not just the lost and found. I know it's a big library to go through but you might be there. I wouldn't worry about the photogenic bit, I'm sure you'd look no worse than the rest of us!
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