I was wondering if anyone could help...I ran a half marathon on Sunday and although it wasn't really hot, I suffer when it gets to about 17 degrees and had a tough race. Due to an awful previous week at work I didn't eat well or hydrate enough and only ate half a bowl of museli before the race (stupid I know!). After the race I felt really sick and couldn't really eat anything until Monday morning.

I am now suffering from bad stomach cramps and nausea....any ideas?



  • Its possible that you have picked up a bug, hence the nausea.  If it goes on for another 24hrs I would pop to the docs.

    As far as the half, I think you have explained why you had such a tough race, If you had an awful week beforehand this can affect you mentally and the fact you hadn't hydrated enough or eaten enough........

    Get yourself checked out if you continue to feel ill and just write off the half as a race that didn't come together on the day, and move onto the next one.

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