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  • All sounds good, Wardi! At least whilst the temperatures are ok. Was quite chilly this evening in the hills north of Rochdale: race report below!

    Dr Ron Hill's 78th birthday race (birthday is Sunday, 25th). Thought things were going to turn out disastrously when it took me over two hours to get there (40 minutes to return!). Only got there at 6:10 for a 6:30 start, and had number and commemorative mug to collect, go to the loo, get changed before I could even think about warming up! Only 2k completed, and as it was quite chilly I wanted I was going to experiment by running a kilometre hard after the warm up. That didn't happen! 

    And so to the race. The start has 450 metres up an increasingly steep hill before flattening out around a reservoir: 2 laps of this then back down the hill. The lap is entirely off road and stony. Accurately measured.

    Yet again I found the hilly start difficult, and breathing was a struggle and it took until almost one k before I was in my stride, such as it is these days! 1k: 4:48. With the same effort the next k came up in a surprising 4:15 and I was able to hold this sort of pace, or faster, for the remainder of the race: 21:39, so have to be pleased with that given how I felt earlier in the week. Suspect I could have run more quickly! A very similar time to the Sale Sizzlers, but a far harder course. 

    Good chat with Ron. Main disappointment was that the cask ale had run out. 

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • DT: saw your Nottingham result! Not all bad, and I would definitely do Manchester...and take it easy until then! The Manchester course is as flat as you will get anywhere, with the only slight rises over railway bridges and the like.


    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Alehouse, thanks. I am very tempted. I'm pretty confident on a flat course I could sit at 6.25 pace happily. I just need to look at logistics. Dependant on what part of Manchester it is based it is anything from a 90 min drive which is fine to 2 hours.

    1.25.33 on watch so 9 seconds off a pb. Course was far hillier than I had anticipated. Average pace was 6.29 which even accounting for the usual over distance in big city races, I was sure I'd done enough. 

    Not read back as yet so will post fully later. 

  • DT,  when you decide if you are doing Manchester message me and I will let you know where to park! Start/finish is Old Trafford, so just south of the city centre...but the best way to get there is to park some distance away and get the tram.

    And as others have said, you can't PB every time, so don't be too disheartened about today.

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    ok thanks, looks like I have until midnight to enter. As it's a 9am start I think I'd need to stay night before really, at least somewhere an hour up m6. Will that that discussion later on. 

  • Cracking run all the same DT. Well done.

    Seriously bad DOMS on Friday after the Wed/Thurs long run double ... still there on Saturday but I did parkrun anyway. 20:53 ... 55 seconds slower than last time but significantly faster than I'd have managed if I'd tried a session on my own. Hoping to sneak in a couple of faster ones during taper.

  • Dt That sounds a good run even if the course was hillier than you had thought.

    Wardi:We are all older and slower sadly ,good luck for York marathon it makes such a difference a local race and a cheap day out as well I hope training and tapering has gone to plan for you?

    Does the winter affect you a lot with the colder weather?

    Is the marathon this weekend?

    I have run [email protected] milers and hamstring seems more of an ache so seems to be getting better cold and wet here so making running a little challengingimage

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • Well done on the 10s WP. I don't mind winter running ... getting on the bike Mon-Fri is tough though.

    7.5 miles last night with 6.3 at 7:21/m, 83% maxHR. Legs feeling better at last.

  • Good training Dr Dan

    Yes especially if you have our rain at the moment 2 days of it not nice going to work wet!

    10 miles today very slow but building back uop and to be expected especially with the weather.

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    WP.. well done on the 10 miler.  York Mara is 1 1/2 weeks so tapering now.  I crammed in 64 miles last week which is a lot for my old legs - topped off by 16m on Sunday which I was pleased to get done.  Winter.. I did find some merino wool gloves which do just enough to stop my hands turning blue in cold weather - Brass Monkey half in Jan was 1-2 degrees so I wore 2 pairs to be on the safe side!

    Great half time DT & well done Alehouse, sub 22 is impressive on a lumpy course.

    Best of luck with the taper Dr.Dan, no stubbing of toes now!

  • Nice mileage Wardi.

    8 mile run home last night and a 16 mile run back this morning ... no carbs since Sunday night (and currently in ketosis). Finding these un-fuelled doubles tough work ... but hopefully it's helping my fat-metabolism to kick in. However, I think I may do my last long run next week on Monday as I have a weekend away (i.e. there will be carbs aplenty) and it would be nice to bag one long one that feels less of a slog before the big day.

  • Wardi; That sounds some great training and miles to finish your block of training.Enjoy the taper no going crazy by itimage

    Glad you found some gloves that work for you even if you needed 2 pairs!

    What time are you aiming for your marathon?

    DR Dan:That sounds like hard work with no carb fueled runs.The weekend sounds fun and at least the long run on the Monday will feel easierimage

    Running all going fine  hoping to finish the week on 58 miles if all goes to plan.....It has been a Tad wet this week!

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Well done on the 5k, Alehouse.

    I decided against Manchester due to it starting at 9am. It would mean a very early start. I have signed up for Peterborough the weekend before. Whilst it is a slightly further drive, the race doesn't start until 10.30 so much more sensible time with a long drive. Apparently the whole course only has 13m of elevation.

    Sundays half at least came with an equally high RB handicap rating to reflect the fact that it was hard going, which makes me feel better. I can't remember if I said, but at the finish I was handed one of 36 golden tickets available for free entry next year so ive signed back up.

    Sounds like you are ticking along nicely, WP.

    Dr Dan, I really don't think I could do these no carb runs. Is it Yorkshire mara?

  • Morning all,

    Seems that you are all getting in some good training and racing - good to read.

    I have had a two week hiatus of no running due to a foot complaint (not sure if bruising or pf) and going on holiday but went for a shorty last night and no adverse reaction so far.


  • WP - good going!!

    Andrew - welcome back.

    DT - Good luck with Peterborough. I'm doing Abingdon on 23rd October ... Yorkshire filled up instantly.

    Just bike commuting for me today ... pretty stiff from yesterday. Leaving for Somerset early doors, so no parkrun. Will do 20 on Monday if the legs allow.


  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    The legs did allow! Had a carby weekend and spent 11 hours driving ... despite being pretty washed out from too much rock'n'roll, the fuel and fresh legs meant today's 20 miles went much more smoothly than the un-fuelled doubles of the past few weeks. Even managed 5 miles at MP at the end.

  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    Well done on the 20 Dan - is this your last long run before Abingdon?

    A few mini runs this week, totalling 11.5 miles. No aggro from the foot, but pain around the outside of my right knee (the same as kept me out for 6 months in 2014) for some bizarre reason, so I'm taking it slowly!

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    Yep ... last big oneimage. Looking forward to a few fast ones between now and race day.

    Good to hear you're running. I get a lot of spontaneous niggles but run through them unless they persist.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    sounds good Dr Dan. 

    Same here, I tend to push on but know when not to, otherwise I'd never run consistently. I do spend a lot of time in the evening injury proofing myself though. 

    Starting to eagerly eye the weekend weather. If I'm travelling 2 hours each way, conditions need to be good. 

  • Great going Dr Dan

    Andrew: I hope it is nothing too serious  and you can trainimage

    Dt i hope weekend weather is dry for you

    Sunday 7 miles,yesterday 10 miles so all ticking along nicely especially as I always have Sunday as rest day but a window opened so I jumped inimage

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    quiet on here....managed 1.25.03 today for a 19 second pb. Course measured 13.28 which even accounting for GPS inaccuracy is a bit long!

  • Nice PB there DT ,Most of my half's measure about that distance.You are nearly under 1.25 what is the next race?

    I ran 64 miles last week with long run being 13.25 was to be 14 miles but my brain was not working at half way so a little shorter than I wanted.Today 11.69 miles done and boy it was 3 degrees outside!!

    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    Well done DT! Does seem a bit long, so sub 1.25 seems nailed on when you get onto a different course.

    WP - some great mileage going on. Doesn't seem that long ago you were sidelined with an injury, so it gives me hope that one day I can get back to decent mileage too (which for me would be half of what you are doing now!).

    Not much going on here currently, hoping to get my mojo back this week.

  • MYOXMYOX ✭✭✭
    Great run, DT. Sub 1:25 has got to be imminent.

    Lots of miles, WP - impressive!

    I've been nursing some problems with my knees and not running very much, really. Strava says I've only managed 53 runs this year (which means ever). In fact last week WelshPoppy basically ran about a quarter of my total yearly mileage!

    But I've signed up for the Sheffield 10k at the end of the month so I'm trying to train up. Currently attempting to run some faster (5k ish pace) intervals in my usual runs. Tiring! So last night ran 4.3 miles @ 7:17 with half a mile up a slight incline @ 6:07 half way through.

    Aiming for sub 40 in the 10k, any training advice welcome!
  • Well done, DT

    Myox, AD: I think the important thing is consistency. Try to get into a routine. Seems to be working for WP, and hope it is working for me! Day 800 here! Currently running around 50k a week, including some faster work. Hope to pin a number on for a 5k at the end of the month.

    Sounds like a well toughed out marathon, Wardi! Did PRF run? 

    Hope you are taking it easy, DrDan!

    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • AndrewDAndrewD ✭✭✭

    Alehouse - I know, consistency has been missing since March. Longest spell of unbroken running without an injury setback since then has been 5 weeks.

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    DT - great HM time! image

    WP - great mileage and consistency!

    Myox - consistency is the base of all training plans.

    Alehouse - congratulations on the 800!

    5.5 mi at "MP-15" on Thursday and then 5 mi easy Friday ... fried my legs on some hills on the bike too. I did parkrun on Saturday - it started OK but I faded in 2nd half and came in just outside 21 minutes. 2 weeks to go now ... may try to blast the parkrun next week if I can front-load the effort this week. 13 at MP planned for later today... no carbs since Friday night, so might be a tough one.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    My training has contained nothing too unusual in last 15 months and has been a blend of various sessions and zones. I've not added up but estimate I've had 13 pbs in that time. That is from a backdrop of nothing in over 2 years. I've lost a bit of weight but the key difference is I've gone from blocks of 6-8 weeks then nothing to pretty much 15 months of cycle after cycle with elected down weeks for recovery.
  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    Sounds like that "consistency" malarkey again DT! May be something in this...


    Well the 31.1 miles at MP wasn't tough after allimage ... in fact it came out as MP-14s at 83.5% maxHR. Who needs carbs? image

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    I'm assuming you didn't run 31.1 miles at Mp, Dr Dan?

    I'm still feeling a bit battered from Sunday. I think 3 half's, a 10k and a 5 mile in 8 weeks is quite enough. Though it's first xc fixture this Saturday. I'm hoping that given my improvement since I last ran xc and fact that a load of our best runners have all left the club, I might actually be useful!
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