Entered THE GRIM...

...am I mad to want to the the Grim?!  Any opinions on it/top tips for training. Never done owt like this before but I have until December to train?!


  • Apart from the cold water i didn't find it too grim last year! make sure you get some good trail runs in before and tie your shoes on tight!
  • Oh dear, I was hoping for something tough!! Thanks for the tips...
  • Nothing more than a  bit of mud and sand and a few puddles ....  its not that Grim but it is a bit of a laugh!
  • As long as there is mud I will be happy!

    I guess the next question is...if the grim isn't very grim then which races are?!

  • Tough Guy ?     image
  • Hmm...not sure about those tunnels!!! Hehehe

  • Turbo X was grimmer than the grim, lots more mud and water and chest deep swamp, although I think it was particulatly wet when I did it!
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    When I did The Grim a few years back, the lead runners finished with blood all over their legs because they'd had to break through the ice in all the water obstacles. Serves them right for being fast, I say.
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