Any runners in North Herts

Hi all
Wonder if you can help. Have recently moved to Hitchin and want to restart my running after a break of about 6 months. I can only run for 30 mins, 3 times a week at the moment at about 10/11 minute mile pace. All the running clubs I have found seem to be geared up for more speed work and faster running. I just want to run safely with a bit of motivation and build up my distance. Does anyone know of any groups that would be suitable for my level ? Or is there any similar runners in the area that wouldn't mind me tagging along. Have a half marathon to build up to September so would like to stay as motivated as possible !!!


  • Why not come up to Bedford and join the Harriers?

    They have a complete beginners group (going for about 6 weeks, schedule on the website), or move up to one of the next groups whose schedules are also online.

    Very friendly club - everyone welcome and meet at Newnham Athletics Track Monday and Wednesday evenings 6.15/6.30.

    I joined in October last year and ran with a couple of groups till found something I was comfortable with.

    A lot of the runners at varying standards will meet up at weekends for training runs, and there's a track/speed session every Friday evening - again with three groups depending upon how hard/easy you want to train.

    If your half marathon is Nottingham then I might see you there too!
  • I live in Buntingford - about half an hour away.

    I was running 5 miles 4 times a week until a chest infection curtailed my running about 4 weeks ago.

    So now I'm building up again from 20/30 minutes at a time.

    Buntingford maybe to far - we could meet halfway and run around Baldock?

    Ben Hewer
  • Joanne. Try North Herts Road Runners, based in Letchworth with loads of people from Hitchin. At 10/11 minute miling, you will definitely find someone there to run with.


    You will find them a friendly bunch.

    It's my first claim club, although I moved from Hitchin to Lincolnshire last year.

    Is it the Great North run you are building up for?
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